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Things you eat from the packet/pot that you shouldn't?

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SamBeckettslastleap Fri 18-Oct-19 18:10:36

Nutella is the obvious one, straight from the spoon but my sil just called me weird for eating coleslaw straight from the pot.

Am I the only one who does that? Is there anything else that is best straight from the pot.

notmytea Fri 18-Oct-19 18:11:27

Lotus biscuit spread

Feelingpoorlysick Fri 18-Oct-19 18:11:43

Cold baked beans out of the can!

iamNOTmagic Fri 18-Oct-19 18:12:15

oxo cube, I break a corner off to eat before crumbling it.

HowlsMovingBungalow Fri 18-Oct-19 18:12:36

Mayo and hummous - lovely great spoons of it.

WizzyBee Fri 18-Oct-19 18:12:45

Hot chocolate powder
Peanut butter grin

IDontDrinkTea Fri 18-Oct-19 18:13:33

I eat tinned mandarins out the tin

Celticrose Fri 18-Oct-19 18:18:53

Peanut butter
Cold beans from can
Cold vegetable soup from container fresh not canned

WombleishofThigh Fri 18-Oct-19 18:27:52

Rice pudding. I prefer it cold most of the time, so what's the point of dirtying a bowl?

Shadow01 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:28:36

Baked beans taste better eaten cold from the can smile

TheMarzipanDildo Fri 18-Oct-19 18:28:38

Currently eating dried tortellini

Killerqueen2244 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:28:42

Chick peas and marrowfat peas! grin

GoldLeafTree Fri 18-Oct-19 18:30:18

Instant noodles before I've added hot water

wouldyouadamandeveit Fri 18-Oct-19 18:32:39

Garden peas, coleslaw, sweet corn, baked beans, tinned new potatoes amongst others!

It has to be done, doesn't it????

Imicola Fri 18-Oct-19 18:32:46

Horseradish, mayo, coleslaw, dip.

DontCallMeShitley Fri 18-Oct-19 18:33:45

Baked beans
Potato salad
Used to spoon Nutella from the jar but not now it is mostly palm oil.
Tinned grapefruit
Marrowfat peas
Tinned tomatoes

MrsGrindah Fri 18-Oct-19 18:36:16

I eat paxo stuffing uncooked ( once it’s mixed with the hot water).

RitmoRatmo Fri 18-Oct-19 18:37:19

Frozen oven chips straight out the pack/freezer blush

CileyMayRhinovirus Fri 18-Oct-19 18:37:52

There's almost nothing I like that I can't eat cold with a fork or spoon. I've been known to drink baked beans or tinned fruit when I'm hangry

CileyMayRhinovirus Fri 18-Oct-19 18:38:36

Sorry sent too soon

When I'm hangry and can't find an appropriate utensil

SunshineAngel Fri 18-Oct-19 18:39:42

Tuna, ice cream, tinned fruit, sweetcorn, sometimes soup.

Twirlypoos Fri 18-Oct-19 18:43:43

Tomato purée

surlycurly Fri 18-Oct-19 18:45:00

Blue cheese. Straight out the packet. But I'm posh, I use a fork 😉

Shagged Fri 18-Oct-19 18:45:29

Longley Farm cottage cheese
Big pot yoghurts
Dry breakfast cereal

SamBeckettslastleap Fri 18-Oct-19 18:48:33

Turns out I'm more normal than I thought! Oxo/tomato puree/horseradishshock wtf dried tortellini, I thought the Japanese used that as a form of torture in ww2??

Nutella palm oil sad I shall cross it off the list.

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