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Shittest thing someone has ever done to you

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madcatladyforever Wed 16-Oct-19 19:00:45

Well probably not the shittiest but some people have such low social skills you wonder how they get through life.
I was in labour in hospital with DS and exH got a phonecall from one of his university friends a woman called Louise, I knew her, she was an idiot so I didn't maintain contact.
ExH took the call and told her I was having the baby and she said can I stay at yours tonight as I'm in the area and haven't got anywhere to say.
Of course the idiot said oh ok instead of it's not convenient today.
Anyway off he went to pick her up from the station and didn't drop her off at our house he brought to her to the fecking hospital.
There I was in labour in agony having been induced and they are on the labour ward asking me stupid questions and talking about university.
Finally I said can you please fuck off now Louise as I'm clearly not in the mood for your banal chit chat and I just want to be alone with my husband for obvious reasons, she started crying and exH said look you've upset her now and they both went off only for him to reappear 24 hours later after the birth to tell me off for being so nasty to her that she had gone back home again [:-s]
I mentioned that he now and father and would he like to see his son, he took a look and pissed off again.
Not surprisingly we divorced very shortly after.

TateWorm Fri 18-Oct-19 03:10:22

When I was a single mum after leaving ex I was in a lovely wee council flat with DC and Ddog. Ddog had recently been diagnosed with diabetes so his treatment hadn't been stabilised yet so vet visits were frequent until we found the right level of insulin he needed.

I hadn't realised the overflow from the bathroom had been leaking and because it was winter kept freezing over and made steps at an entrance I rarely used rather icy.

One day I had been out for lunch with family and came home to make sure DDog was fed and had the insulin on schedule to find him collapsed, incredibly weak, unable to move or even drink water from my hand.

I was just about to phone the vet to arrange to have him taken in urgently, when the housing officer came to my door to ask me to phone there and then to have someone fix the leak as I hadn't been in any time they'd been around (because no-one had told me about it or any apparently planned visits). I told her that I couldn't as my dog had collapsed and needed to phone the vet, I even showed her my dog shaking on the floor and she refused to even let me phone the vet before I phoned the company to arrange a time for the repair to be made.

DDog ended up having to stay at the vet for a good few days for fluids and treatment and thankfully was more stable when he came home. I lost him a few years later but I had never forgiven her for that, when I met DH and we went in together on a bigger private rental was one of the best times knowing I would never see her again.

StrongerThanIThought76 Fri 18-Oct-19 05:41:31

Old friend ruined a big family event held for me by sulking in a drunken state the whole evening then creating a massive drama and argument with another friend. Went very low contact.

18m later she sent me a pages-long rant on fb messenger about how rubbish her life was (mostly due to her own alcohol/drug dependency difficulties and absolute refusal to engage with any support offered by many many professionals). I replied that my DP had just been diagnosed with cancer and her reply was "things are a bit shit for you too then".

Not spoken to her since.

Jimdandy Fri 18-Oct-19 16:10:41


RyVeeta Fri 18-Oct-19 16:33:44

Refusing to visit me in hospital three days after having twins because he was exhausted looking after the twelve year old and two year old, even though my mother was there and he'd actually done bugger all and the hospital had called him because they thought the visit would do me good.
Actually he's done a lot worse, but I've left and I'm happy.

BearSoFair Fri 18-Oct-19 16:48:28

This is the shittiest thing I'm happy to post, a different incident that stands out would be very outing!

Interviewed me for a job, told me it was permanent and I should hand my notice at my current employer, then 3 days later informed me it was actually temporary. I'm still trying to clear up the resulting mess, and now even more stressed than I was when I decided to look for a different job in the first place.

IfIHadAPenny Fri 18-Oct-19 16:54:14

My father opened a window upstairs and told me to jump out of it, as I'd be better off dead and everyone would be happier. I was ten at the time.

Wotta guy!

Perpetuallyperplexed27 Fri 18-Oct-19 17:10:50

After a very horrible few months of family troubles, the break up of my relationship and lots of stress and upset a male colleague pursued me. I wasn't looking for a relationship but being in a vulnerable state of mind I think I was more susceptible to him than I usually would have been. He assured me he just wanted to be there for me and wouldn't hurt me bla bla bla.
Turned out to be the single biggest love rat, narcissist and abusive liar I have ever met. The list of things he did is too long to go into but he was vile. I still have to work with him and I hate him with a passion.

Woolyback Fri 18-Oct-19 19:21:09

After years of hearing about the girl that had his baby and how much she had hurt him. I miscarried 'our' baby. It was pretty bad and left me in hospital and infertile.
He told me to pretend it hadn't happened it probably wasn't his etc. I got out of hospital he gave me the son story of how skint he was. I could hardly walk was heartbroken, felt I'd let him down etc. I let him take me to the cash machine so I could get money out for him. I handed the money over and he left me there. I struggled back on my own.
Turns out he needed the money to take his new gf out.
Then I could tell you about the really bad things he did to me

MulticolourMophead Fri 18-Oct-19 20:10:45

Elbowedout Why didn't your DH just override his mum and just take the DCs, he's the parent there, MIL wasn't.

I don't think much of him, putting his mum over you that day.

Dowser Fri 18-Oct-19 20:15:21

I want you to be very gentle with me as I wasn’t on Mnet at the time and as my 30 year marriage was crumbling beneath me I think I was suffering some kind of ptsd..I certainly wasn’t very with it.
So , my miserable fat bastard of a husband tells me he loves me but isn’t in love with me, which I know now that ‘old chestnut’
There’s no one else...he’s trying to find his way back to me...someone please give me a sick bucket

So it’s Easter and we are going up to Edinburgh. 2 days before our trip, in the evening, he tells me he’s found someone else. The next day I’m up and out early to my friends, crying all over her.
The next day, like a zombie in a dream we set off for Edinburgh. He barely speaks to me...he’s wearing ear buds and listening to wailing women on his how my daughter describes it.

So we have two days in Edinburgh..all passes fairly well
We set off for home on the Easter Monday and as he’s driving, he tells me he made it up...he wasn’t having an affair.

I didn’t know about gas lighting then. I honestly thought we were back on track.this hot and cold behaviour continued for an astonishing 6-7 months when he finally tells me on Christmas Eve, yes he is seeing someone else.
If you think of the scene from love actually, Emma Thompson going into the bedroom to cry...well that was me as I didn’t want to spoil my children’s Christmas

On Boxing Day I gathered my children together to tell them and my sons tell me they already knew. They’d seen him with her.

Completely and utterly wicked.

Dowser Fri 18-Oct-19 20:17:39

Oh my god abbey
What a nasty piece of work
Can’t believe a sister would do that with someone’s pet 😱

Littlewhitedove Fri 18-Oct-19 21:59:59

Our first child, a daughter was very sadly stillborn. It was a truly unimaginably sad time for us. We were very lucky to have our son a couple of years later. One day when he was a baby I came home from somewhere with him to find a card in the post from the local NHS Health Visitor team inviting us to attend our deceased daughters 3 year development check. I remember sitting with the bloody card in my hand shaking. I eventually calmed down enough to call the number on the card and explained (choking back the tears)to the woman who answered what had happened. I'll always remember the silence down the phone as she processed what I was saying. That was 20 years ago and I still get upset thinking about it.

Chesntoots Fri 18-Oct-19 22:17:11

After 5 years together he decided it was a better idea to take his ex away for 2 weeks than to take me... don't even get me started!

nevergotthehangofthursdays Fri 18-Oct-19 22:45:32

The so-called friends who told me the friendship 'wasn't working' two days after my 21st birthday as we weren't connecting in the right way apparently. hmm

The ex boyfriend (not H thankfully) who talked about interrailing plans with me and his best mate for weeks, then told me that he didn't want me on the trip as it would 'spoil the atmosphere'.

The other ex-boyfriend whose response to my crushing disappointment at my degree grade (I was on my own for a host of circumstantial reasons and could really have done with some company) was 'I've got to go - I'm meeting someone at eight.' I yelled at him ' That's right - run away like you always do' and then, you'll be pleased to know, dumped him by letter. (This was a good decade or two before e-mails and texts.)

And finally, a so-called best friend in school who regularly used to freeze me out and verbally wind me up. I remember her roundly abusing me for making a suggestion for the school Christmas fair one year, and finding her reaction incomprehensible.

That felt good. None of them were crimes of the (last grin) century, but boy does it feel good to let it out.

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