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Shittest thing someone has ever done to you

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madcatladyforever Wed 16-Oct-19 19:00:45

Well probably not the shittiest but some people have such low social skills you wonder how they get through life.
I was in labour in hospital with DS and exH got a phonecall from one of his university friends a woman called Louise, I knew her, she was an idiot so I didn't maintain contact.
ExH took the call and told her I was having the baby and she said can I stay at yours tonight as I'm in the area and haven't got anywhere to say.
Of course the idiot said oh ok instead of it's not convenient today.
Anyway off he went to pick her up from the station and didn't drop her off at our house he brought to her to the fecking hospital.
There I was in labour in agony having been induced and they are on the labour ward asking me stupid questions and talking about university.
Finally I said can you please fuck off now Louise as I'm clearly not in the mood for your banal chit chat and I just want to be alone with my husband for obvious reasons, she started crying and exH said look you've upset her now and they both went off only for him to reappear 24 hours later after the birth to tell me off for being so nasty to her that she had gone back home again [:-s]
I mentioned that he now and father and would he like to see his son, he took a look and pissed off again.
Not surprisingly we divorced very shortly after.

madcatladyforever Wed 16-Oct-19 19:02:00

That was 37 years ago but I still find it astonishing to this day.

EggysMom Wed 16-Oct-19 19:03:58

Reported me for a security breach which resulted in a full disciplinary investigation at work, one of the most stressful periods of my life. I was exonerated. What she'd seen me do on the computer, was my actual job. She just didn't know what my job was, and hadn't bothered to find out.

PatMustardsBigTool Wed 16-Oct-19 19:04:27

Speechless at that! What a prick. Well, both of them, actually!

Itsfineactually Wed 16-Oct-19 19:04:40

What a wanker

usersouthcoast Wed 16-Oct-19 19:09:47

My best friend and bridesmaid kissed my fiancé shortly after we got engaged.
I haven't spoken to her in years and called off the wedding months later. Lucky escape!

Autumnchill Wed 16-Oct-19 19:11:11

Went into someone's unlocked computer at work and onto the company internet and posted that I was stealing petty cash. I had no access to the petty cash tin, didn't even work in that department so everyone knew it was bullshit. She went onto write other things about other people such as when she didn't get a new position that it was obvious how the other person had got the job. Couldn't definitely point the finger but elimination narrowed it down to her. She left soon after. Very bizarre

LightandShadowsByTurn Wed 16-Oct-19 19:20:31

Found my best friend, at the time, in bed with my supposed boyfriend. Walk out her flat, never spoke to either of them again.

Craf7azE Wed 16-Oct-19 19:22:08

My child was in a summer camp with her cousins. They spent the week hanging out having fun. On the last day dropped my daughter off. spent the day with my sis . Headed down to pick up my daughter and sis husband there. Out come kids & husband announces he taking his kids (my nephews) and their friends to soft play. My daughter couldn't understand why she wasn't invited. Couldn't believe she would do that to her niece or spend the whole day with me & not mention her plans. Was fuming

NerdyCurvyInkedandPervy Wed 16-Oct-19 19:26:05

Married me without telling me he was a paedophile. I found out 28 days later but had to wait for a year and a day before i could apply for a divorce.

user1471453601 Wed 16-Oct-19 19:27:31

This might seem minor but it has a major affect on my mental health. I was a manager of a high profile project. I came into work one day to be pulled aside by my line manager. Someone who worked for me had been to see my line manager and requested an immediate move from my team to anywhere else.

Line manager asked what I wanted to do. My main concern was the mental health of the person who had worked for me until this point, so I agreed that the person must leave if she felt so uncomfortable on the team.

I was left in no doubt that the person concerned, and My Line manager knew I was the reason for the leavers unhappiness..

My Line manager, and the person who left, refused to tell me what it I had done to provoke such a reaction from the person who left.

Over ten years later, I still go over every transaction between me and the leaver, trying to figure out what I said or did.

I hope leaver is on this site, and finally feels able to.tell me what on earth happened

SleepyKat Wed 16-Oct-19 19:34:43

My now ex left me while I was at work with no sign or warning. I came home to find he’d cleared his stuff and left me a note. He did it to me 3 times in total as he’d come back and say he was sorry and then did it again. After the 3rd time I saw the light and refused to let him back again (he did try).

SleepyKat Wed 16-Oct-19 19:37:57

@matcatkadyforever. That’s unbelievable, had he shown signs of being an arse before? Did he go on to be an ok dad to his DS after the divorce?

handbagsatdawn33 Wed 16-Oct-19 19:38:02

2 friends at our house (H&W). Wife brags about having screwed my (D)H, I yelled & threatened her.

She ran, hotly pursued by her angry DH.

My DH then said I was very rude to our guests

stillcausestears Wed 16-Oct-19 19:38:46

nc for this.
Someone made a malicious allegation to social services about me. It was fully investigated and the process was over fairly quickly (SW was lovely and allegations deemed unfounded and malicious).
However, I developed ptsd and became depressed as a result. I’m a lot better now but still very jumpy (especially if someone knocks on the door or I have an unknown call on my phone) and distrustful of people. I was happy and sociable person before but now I struggle socially in new situations and my self esteem had plummeted.
It’s taken some of the joy out of being a mum and that breaks my heart.

BearFoxBear Wed 16-Oct-19 19:51:55

One of my best friends brought a new (needy as fuck) woman into our very close friend group. I didn't fawn over her enough apparently (I'm a married mother with a full on career, no time for bullshit drama), so she went for me. Physically attacked me outside a bar, ran inside crying and told everyone that I attacked her, and some of them believed her. She'd been planting the seeds of doubt for a while apparently.

5 years later the whole friend group has crumbled after almost 20 years and she even fell out with the original friend who brought her in.

Utterly self-centered, needy bitch.

Crunchymum Wed 16-Oct-19 19:54:38

Wow mine pales into insignificance to the OP's but it was pretty crap.

Has a LDR with a lovely guy I met whilst I did a summer abroad (he was on holiday but came out a few more times to see me during the 3 months I was there). Continued LDR when I got back for a year or so then he moved to London [his choice]. He got a job, flat share, started college. He completely pursued me and was exemplary in his behaviour and morals.

We had a lovely 6 months as a proper couple, were looking at flats and had a 2 week "dream holiday" booked and paid for. All very idyllic.

One day - out of the blue - I get a call from him, he is on the train back home.... FOR GOOD. He hated London / it wasn't me / he missed his family. Told me he'd bagged up my stuff and I could collect it from his flatmate shock

Then he turned his phone off (or binned it??) and that was that. This was before the days of FB / WhatsApp / smartphones.

All I had was his parents address and home phone number (which to my shame I did call looking for him, to be told by his lovely mother that he had "moved on"). Debated flying up to put the fucker on the spot but it wouldn't have helped. Of course the holiday had been on my CC and had to be missed as he fucked off literally 2 weeks before and I couldn't change it.

Still fucks me off best part of 2 decades later!!! What a spineless prick.

crosser62 Wed 16-Oct-19 20:05:47

23 years employed in the job of my dreams. I absolutely loved my job and was fucking good at it.
10 years trying, 7 miscarriages I finally had my long awaited healthy baby.
Working out the childcare costs for my 9-6pm daily job was over £700 per month.
We just couldn’t afford it.
Newish manager, who I approached about changing to shifts, still full time.
She refused. Told me that my job was office hours. I told her my financial issue, she refused.
I had to hand in my notice and leave.

That was the shittyest thing anyone has ever done to me.
6 years on I still have not recovered professionally.

WatchingFromTheWings Wed 16-Oct-19 20:07:47

My 'D'M made a series of false allegations about me to the police. Second time round they twigged she was lying but came to speak to me anyway. She got a telling off for that. 12 months later she makes false allegations to the police about someone else. Gets another telling off. Been NC with the witch since the first allegation.

catswhiskers15 Wed 16-Oct-19 20:21:00

SIL was having an argument with hubby and decided to throw the loss of our baby at us.
We still don't speak to her to this day.

Jayaywhynot Wed 16-Oct-19 20:24:26

Bullied for approx 2 years by my own sister and her then husband, not speaking, telling lies to anyone who'd listen, her husband was physically abusive on several occasions, basically made my life miserable, we all worked in the same place too. My family turned a blind eye, my mum and other sisters. I was basically ostracized from family events. Eventually they broke up and she pretended it had never happened, refused to discuss it etc. It had a profound effect on my mental well being as well as letting me know that my position in the family was tenuous. I was 40 yrs old at the time. They divorced and she has lent on me ever since, constantly needing things like money, she seems to think it's my duty to do / give what she desires. Her demands are endless, never pays anything back as shes on benefits. Final straw, did her yet another favour at the weekend, apparently I moaned about it so she put a post on FB to shame me. Never again, I'm do done

Fairylea Wed 16-Oct-19 20:27:23

Ex dh going to stay with his mum in London for the weekend which wasn’t unusual as we lived a fair way away and he’d often visit alone as we both worked conflicting shifts... and whilst he was there having an affair with an ex. Lovely. He eventually left me for her.

darkriver19886 Wed 16-Oct-19 20:34:05

I am trying to make a choice of which one of the many shitty things the woman who gave birth to me has done. Its hard to pick out of all the crap

I was 17 when I reported my abuser to the police, she called me a liar and we didnt speak for at least 4 years. She split up with him at one point so I thought we could talk to each other and then about 7 years ago I get a phone call from who her out the blue.

Her: Hello, guess what I got some amazing news. I am getting married.
Me: confused as she had been single as far as aware. Oh, Who to?
Her: Who do you think?
Me: Oh.
Her: Well I was wondering whether you would like to be a bridesmaid?
Me: Are you fucking kidding me? No way.
Her: But why?

As punishment, she refused to come to my wedding because he wasn't invited.

Unbelievably it took me seven years to finally go NC

DisneyMadeMeDoIt Wed 16-Oct-19 20:37:22

DH, for taking advantage of our wonderfully romantic honeymoon to impregnate me.
I’ve had HG (and every other sodding side effect) for the past 16 weeks.

- Not sure I’ll ever forgive him 😬😭

wineconnoisseur Wed 16-Oct-19 20:38:53

I had been seeing a guy for a couple months, it was beginning to get more serious (let's call him James) so I had invited my friend (we'll call her Sarah) to come with me to meet James in town. I was going to meet Sarah at her house and then walk together to town to meet him. Sarah had never met james nor spoke to him before 🤔. I got to Sarah's house and she wasn't home. I tried ringing her for ages and she finally answered. Turns out she was in town already with James! She had gone and messaged him on Facebook and arranged to meet him on her own behind my back 😐 I walked to town to meet them, very confused at this point. When I got there they were acting all weird and I was fuming and made it very known. I ended up leaving them there together and they ended up being in a relationship for years after that..

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