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Missing blanket please help!

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lostinlegoland Thu 10-Oct-19 08:26:29

My 8year old son left his comfort blanket in our hotel room at legoland on the weekend. He has autism and is very attached. Almost 5 days in and legoland have no record of ever finding it. Hoping someone somewhere has one stored in a cupboard but it's approx 10-20 years old. It's a blue star cot/pram blanket in jersey fabric. It's made by ladybird and is approx. 1m square.

Does anyone have one anywhere? Please! Thank you!!

TheSunAlsoRises Fri 11-Oct-19 05:03:50

Bumping for you. Hope you can track one down.

TiredandHangry Fri 11-Oct-19 05:14:23

Have you tried calling Lego land again? Ask to speak to the head of housekeeping as that is the kind of thing that would easily get mixed up with their laundry.

movingonbackwards Fri 11-Oct-19 05:52:01

Bumping again for you. Hope you get it sorted!

gavisconismyfriend Fri 11-Oct-19 06:08:36

You could try asking LittleBlueCup for help finding one. It was set up by a dad whose son has ASD and who would only drink out of one particular blue cup. When he was struggling to get replacements, he realised other people had similar issues with favoured items and knew the distress it could cause not being able to replace them, so he set up this organisation as a way of helping source items. Their website is being updated at the mo but you’ll find them on Facebook and Instagram. Hope they can help!

ittakes2 Fri 11-Oct-19 06:18:42

Bumping for you too.

Aridane Fri 11-Oct-19 06:40:16


Also try writing to Legoland if so far you've just been phoning

lostinlegoland Fri 11-Oct-19 11:19:00

Thanks all, have spoken to legoland twice a day every day this week and filled in the online form and sent photos. Currently trying work out what it is about the blanket that makes it more special than other blankets but he's struggling to explain. I feel like we could replace it if it's about the way it feels maybe. I don't know sad

Will also try little blue cup. Thank you!

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