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Just held the worst children’s party 😢

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Fairylightsandwine Sun 06-Oct-19 08:51:41

I was on here a few days ago asking for party games for my child’s birthday party today (he’s 5)
Well, the party was yesterday and it was a DISASTER and I feel really gutted about it. It was only an hour and a half so we hired a big bouncy castle, planned a few party games and I thought that would be enough with food. It was just awful. One parent complained my DH was too ‘aggressive’ in musical statues in the way he eliminated their child, two parents had coffee spilled all over them (it was one of their own children that barged into them yet somehow I ended up feeling to blame) a Mum complained that I gave her daughter juice instead of water but the worst thing that happened was that 7 children turned up who didn’t RSVP and 3 turned up with siblings! So I had 10 extra children! There wasn’t enough party bags, not enough chairs, not enough room on the table and it just felt so shambolic. I could see all the parents sort of looking at each other and I feel like it was my first big children’s party and I completely failed.
DS only started school 4 weeks ago so I only know a handful of these parents from nursery but the rest I don’t know so it was the first chance I guess to get to know them and I felt like I made a really bad impression. I’m a big worrier anyway so I’ve woken up this morning and feel shit. It doesn’t matter, does it?!

FlyingSquid Thu 10-Oct-19 10:53:03

I reckon any party that doesn't result in X-ray can be counted a success.

A memorable one was the ice-rink open fracture (not our child's party but one they attended), closely followed by the dry ski slope dislocated finger (DN) and the roller-skating collarbone (DS).

Top tip: have enough adults with you to take all children back home, or at least supervise the non-A&E-going contingent while you phone round the parents.

Nettie1964 Wed 09-Oct-19 15:52:33

Learning curve people are selfish. If you have a children's party selfish parents think "Just one more won't matter. If you don't want the stress don't have a big party but if you do extra party bags plenty of food and wine usually work😁I once hired a dj he sounded fine on the phone but he looked and slimed like a total paedophile 😁none of the kids wanted to be in the room😅 you will laugh at the memories don't try to compete and just e joy yourself life's to short x

memaymamo Wed 09-Oct-19 09:20:18

@Cecilandsnail I want to go to your parties!

MuseumOfYou Wed 09-Oct-19 07:59:45

I've got 4 DC's and in all those years of parties, I can't remember ever having an unexpected sibling turn up. My eldest is 30 - perhaps people have got cheekier over the years.

buttonz Wed 09-Oct-19 04:33:26

I've had so many party nightmares!

One woman brought extra siblings and they trashed my house whilst she did nothing.

Another time, one woman said her child didn't like the venue I had booked in advance and could I change it?! I didn't.

I've had extra kids turn up, which is always annoying. One woman put her extra kid in front of a plate of food intended for an invited child she I had to tell her that the plate was for one of the invited children!

Bluewavescrashing Wed 09-Oct-19 03:56:15

I took a party to a football match in a city some distance away. My younger son walked into a post at half time and, after vomiting, lost conciousness on the train home. He had to be removed by stretcher and taken to hospital by ambulance. I went with him, leaving 7 9 year olds in the care of the train guard. They were taken up to the front of the train and sat in the compartment behind the driver, their parents were messaged to meet them off the train. I spent a sleepless night by my son's bed until we were sent home in the morning. When the birthday boy went to school on the Monday his friends said it was the best party they had ever been to.

Good Lord.

Mummaofmytribe Wed 09-Oct-19 03:45:35

God this thread brings back memories I thought I'd successfully repressed 🤣
I think the worst we had was my youngest DS 6th birthday. Party at home. Two uninvited siblings, one child with dire food allergies which mother hasn't mentioned. But ok, dealt with that. Not my first rodeo.
Brought out the pinata, still a novelty in those days.
First child to have a go slipped over. No biggy. Until he stood up with his forearm so badly broken it was almost at a right angle halfway down. I could have happily fainted 🤢
Called ambulance but could not track down his mother.
So I ended up spending the rest of the day at a&e.
Party ended at 6.00.
Mother surfaced at the hospital smelling of drink at 9.15 and I then had to drive her and the poor boy home.

FluffyAlpaca19 Wed 09-Oct-19 02:57:54

I attended one where another parent went up to the birthday boy & his mum & asked if her son could open some gifts. The poor woman was a bit shocked by the request and let the cheeky fucker's son open a gift.

Cecilandsnail Tue 08-Oct-19 21:29:07

My worst party was all my fault. DD had some friends over and I got more excited than the kids, i went waaaay overboard on the sweets and cakes (there was one point where I was pouring sherbet into a child's mouth!!!) Suddenly they were all high and the house was ABSOLUTE CARNAGE. I found solace at the table with a 7 year old who had several older siblings and as a result had seen far too much age inappropriate Netflix. We sat around and discussed the merits of various marvel series while the rest of them pinballed around the house and climbed the walls. My DC are ridiculously chill and relatively unaffected by sugar so I had no idea that other people's DC could be so, err, not chill confused. They had an absolute blast but I had to do so much apologising to parents as I handed their sugar fuelled swivel DC back. Their faces and hands were literally stained with various food colourings. Lesson learned!!! The party was legendary though!

Daisymaybe60 Tue 08-Oct-19 20:18:30

In the days of yore when parties were just at home and parents didn’t stay, I had around 12 children to feed and entertain on my own for DD2’s 4th birthday. One boy walked into the kitchen and threw up on the floor. Another turned up with a younger brother in training pants who kept peeing everywhere. One child new to the area refused to let go of my hand for the duration. Jehovah’s Witnesses turned up. Then a rather odd bloke I was doing some typing for, wanting to talk about spacing and punctuation and oblivious to the chaos around him. I kept glimpsing my DS (18 months old) toddling past in just a (cloth) nappy hanging round his knees - who knows where his clothes had gone? Eventually one child ran to tell me DS had fallen down the stairs, no doubt nappy related (he was fine).

The birthday girl and her friends had a great time. grin

havingamadmoment Tue 08-Oct-19 19:48:40

If it makes you feel better OP I once has a party where Dh decided to turn up the radiator in the dining room (where the party was set up) and the pipe burst - dirty radiator water all up the walls ceiling all over the food etc .

AlpineCoromandel Tue 08-Oct-19 19:35:04

One year i did a trampoline party that had a maximum of 12 kids set by the leisure centre, so i wrote a note on the invitation saying that they'd set a limit so unfortunately we wouldn't be able to accommodate siblings

AlpineCoromandel Tue 08-Oct-19 19:33:41

I had the numbers of people in my kids' classes, so a few days before the party i used to text them and say I was about to buy food and party bags and were they coming? They did reply then.

AlpineCoromandel Tue 08-Oct-19 19:31:21


Greyhound22 Tue 08-Oct-19 19:03:44

OP it's my son's party this weekend. It's at soft play - what could go wrong?

Well so far I've invited 24 and 10 have replied and I've ended up in hospital having emergency surgery Thurs so DH 😬 is in charge. I'm pretty sure more will turn up - prob plus siblings. I'm washing my hands of it.

It has peed me off the non RSVPs to be honest. I know MN likes to spout that people are far too busy but I only asked for a text yes or no.

Sounds like you did fine. At my brother's party about 35 years ago a lad tried to jump the fence to get the ball that had gone over and slipped and slit his throat open. Silver linings and all that.

MAFIL Tue 08-Oct-19 18:52:17

My ILs went to the wrong funeral once. Double whammy of realising that they were at the crematorium bidding farewell to a complete stranger and having missed the one they were supposed to be at.
I did turn up at a soft play place for a party on the wrong day once but fortunately we were a day early rather than late, and the woman on reception saved me from further embarrassment by stopping us getting into the party that was underway. I sent my husband with the kids the next day so I didn't have to face her again.

Grannybags Tue 08-Oct-19 17:47:12

My mil is a ‘professional funeral goer’. She reads the obituaries in the local paper and if there is a chance that she once met them, the funeral scarf goes on and off she goes.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Tue 08-Oct-19 16:50:33

There was a wee woman in Glasgow (ages ago - I remember my dad telling me about her) who was rather famous for dolling herself up and throwing on a fur stole - then rocking up to strangers wedding receptions.

Everyone would assume it was some great aunt from 'the other side' of the family. She even got into the wedding photos.

AlpineCoromandel Tue 08-Oct-19 16:47:57

Actually we had someone we didn't recognise at our wedding. Someone's girlfriend had dropped out, so we invited someone in their place, but didn't realise the person whose girlfriend it was invited a friend instead! Poor guy had no place on the seating plan so had to hang around in the bar!

AlpineCoromandel Tue 08-Oct-19 16:44:35

wibdib Oh i see. That's funny!. I was imagining a poor hungry waif who lived near a party place and had worked out a way to get fed at weekends!

ScrimshawTheSecond Tue 08-Oct-19 16:16:16

The pain is real, Deadringer.

The OTHER thing I would like to complain about while we're here, is how mummy's birthday involves a 6 am wake up with presents helpfully opened for you over your half comatose face and broken before you've even seen them. And you have to smile graciously and thank them for it.

Deadringer Tue 08-Oct-19 16:11:03

Oh yes Scrimshaw you think you have done a nice thing organizing a party for your DC only to be told you have ruined their life! 😂

wibdib Tue 08-Oct-19 15:31:53

I think that it was more that her parents would take her to the soft play, sit and read/relax and she would join in for her meals when she saw a group the right sort of age being gathered up and was hungry...

Genius as you say - but really annoying too!

ScrimshawTheSecond Tue 08-Oct-19 15:22:27

Also, it is traditional and right for the child whose birthday party it is to hate it and cry right through it and refuse to take part in anything/be ill on the day and thereby share the gift of puke with all guests.

Rites of passage. You just have to grit your teeth and get through it. The one massive saving grace, which I think should apply to all parties forever, is that they last a max of 2 hours.

AlpineCoromandel Tue 08-Oct-19 15:12:04

Wow. It makes you wonder if she was neglected if she looked a similar age to the reception party kids and was allowed to wander out the house to a party each week!

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