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Just held the worst children’s party 😢

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Fairylightsandwine Sun 06-Oct-19 08:51:41

I was on here a few days ago asking for party games for my child’s birthday party today (he’s 5)
Well, the party was yesterday and it was a DISASTER and I feel really gutted about it. It was only an hour and a half so we hired a big bouncy castle, planned a few party games and I thought that would be enough with food. It was just awful. One parent complained my DH was too ‘aggressive’ in musical statues in the way he eliminated their child, two parents had coffee spilled all over them (it was one of their own children that barged into them yet somehow I ended up feeling to blame) a Mum complained that I gave her daughter juice instead of water but the worst thing that happened was that 7 children turned up who didn’t RSVP and 3 turned up with siblings! So I had 10 extra children! There wasn’t enough party bags, not enough chairs, not enough room on the table and it just felt so shambolic. I could see all the parents sort of looking at each other and I feel like it was my first big children’s party and I completely failed.
DS only started school 4 weeks ago so I only know a handful of these parents from nursery but the rest I don’t know so it was the first chance I guess to get to know them and I felt like I made a really bad impression. I’m a big worrier anyway so I’ve woken up this morning and feel shit. It doesn’t matter, does it?!

Joyfulincolour Sun 06-Oct-19 09:07:34

I’m not surprised it was tricky - 10 extra kids turning up is not on. No wonder it was a struggle. Don’t give it another thought. Congratulate yourself for being brave enough to host a party and make a mental note of how you will tackle these cheeky sods if you want to invite them next year!

AJPTaylor Sun 06-Oct-19 09:07:41

Aw bollocks. Parties are something to get through with gritted teeth.
Me and my sil still laugh about my nephews bowling party when he was 6. He is 31 now. A child somehow trapped themselves in the ball returner and it ended in a food fight. In a public place.

TerribleCustomerCervix Sun 06-Oct-19 09:10:07

You’ll remember it much longer than any of the guests will. Seriously, people have very short memories about things like that.

If I’d been there as another parent, at most I would have thought that you had your hands full and offered to help.

memaymamo Sun 06-Oct-19 09:10:41

I think you're a champion for going to all that effort to give your child a great birthday.

All the little things that went wrong will be long forgotten, and how rude are those parents for bringing uninvited children angry. Not your fault.

ReginaGeorgeous Sun 06-Oct-19 09:11:08

Birthday parties bring out the worst kinds of CFs.
I had a soft play party for my four year old last year, nursery provided a list of the kids names in her room and we invited them all.

We had one kid turn up, whose mother had not RSVP'd. I'd never met this child nor his mother before. She announced that she needed to run some errands and disappeared - I was 37 weeks pregnant and in no position to rescue her son from the play frame if required!

I'm sure your child had a wonderful time and that's all that matters.

LeekMunchingSheepShagger Sun 06-Oct-19 09:11:32

Please don't worry about it op. I bet most of us on here have got a party disaster story or two to tell!

Party games never seem to go well these don't seem to be able to cope with not being the winner any more.

BeyondMyWits Sun 06-Oct-19 09:13:01

We had a bowling party - age 7! Never again... one child dropped the bowling ball on their foot - broke a bone and a toe, their parent was there telling them not to be so daft nothing was broken and bent down to help, caught their forehead on the ball return thing and sliced their forehead open needing 24 stitches and plastic surgery.

Everyone remembers that party...

FlipFlopChipShop Sun 06-Oct-19 09:13:07

My advice is always take back up! Grandad, Aunties, Uncles. I give them jobs like cake duty, party bags, make adults drinks, carry the gifts to the car. Share the load. Rope in friends if you have no family close by.

PotPlantKiller Sun 06-Oct-19 09:13:54

Children's parties bring out the worst in people. So rude to turn up without rsvps or with siblings. Happens EVERY TIME though. I only ever do parties at a venue now where you pay per head. No rsvps, no entry and the venue staff sort it for you. Soft play, trampoline Park. Swim party, that kind of thing.

Starlight456 Sun 06-Oct-19 09:15:42

Child out in musical statues will end up with a bratty child who can’t cope with losing, coffee spilt no one remembers, juice ... meh my Ds only drinks water so I would of asked for water instead but it wouldn’t of been a complaint.

I wonder if some of this you heard as a complaint as you were stressed like many are . Siblings would not of got party bags,

It really doesn’t sound like a bad party

Penguin34 Sun 06-Oct-19 09:17:43

Fgs aren't we all supposed to be on the same team? If I was at a bday party and the mum was struggling a bit I'd be helping, not tutting. Cows

I'm sure the kids didn't notice and they had a great dime x

Letthemysterybe Sun 06-Oct-19 09:17:50

Seriously don’t worry. All 5 year olds are like very drunk adults at a party. I’ve not been to a 5 year olds party yet that isn’t chaotic and noisy and full of kids running around doing unexpected things. I promise that no parents will have been judging you, but they just mighty have looked slightly pained as they realised that they have their own kids parties to host very soon!

mummmy2017 Sun 06-Oct-19 09:18:05

All the mums you want to befriends with will be there for you .
Right now in their eyes your a hero.
Remember lots will have bigger children and have been there .
Make a joke out of it and humour will mean you can all enjoy it for what it was , a kids party.

SummerHouse Sun 06-Oct-19 09:18:35

I always get PPA (post party anxiety). I fixate over a small issue that I feel everyone has noticed. It's illogical though. I have never been to a party and felt anything other than grateful for my child having been invited, fed and had a good time.

picknmixer Sun 06-Oct-19 09:19:19

A child lost their finger at a party DS attended in year 2, yours sounds great OP. Stop worrying.

GetOffTheTableMabel Sun 06-Oct-19 09:21:22

picknmixer 😱 You win!

sandyfoot Sun 06-Oct-19 09:23:33

This is a great thread! Always amazing how badly people behave!

OP Don't worry, sounds like a standard party and am sure kids had a ball. Just be glad it's over for another year and enjoy your Sunday.

AssangesCat Sun 06-Oct-19 09:25:22

DS had a soft play party where a child had to be taken to A&E. His last party was his 10th birthday and it was the first one where no one has cried. We considered it a great success on that basis alone.

You've got post party anxiety. You'll get to know the other parents and in time you'll laugh it off.

theendoftheendoftheend Sun 06-Oct-19 09:25:52

How was your DH too aggressive in eliminating children? what did he dooo???! Mine swoops in and carries them off over his shoulder was it something like that?

cptartapp Sun 06-Oct-19 09:26:29

Two boys ended up scrapping at DS1 sixth birthday party at soft play. One ended up with big red scratched welts all down his face. Lots of tears. All the kids distressed. That was fun.

Ohyesiam Sun 06-Oct-19 09:27:26

Oh love, you’ve got mum imposter syndrome, I remember it well.

Non of that was your fault. The whole rsvp and sibling thing is a nightmare. They can’t expect their kids to be catered for if you didn’t know they were coming.

Toastymash Sun 06-Oct-19 09:27:34

People turning up having my RSVPed, or not even being invited in the first place, is very rude. They should feel bad, not you.

I really wouldn't worry about people judging you. People tend to be so focused on their own child's behaviour that they don't worry much about things like how many chairs there were or who spilled a drink. The ones who are judgemental are in the minority.

EasyLifer Sun 06-Oct-19 09:28:55

Please don't stress over this. They go to so many parties at this age, probably all at the same venue, so they all blend into one in parents minds. Nobody will remember what happened at which party.

Maniak Sun 06-Oct-19 09:29:00

The only time I ever judged a Mum badly for a party, she asked for money instead of presents, then had NO food or drink for anyone in 3 hours, and there was a breastfeeding Mum who ended up going down the shop to eat something. She just left the doors open and kids were running in and out no supervision or organisation of any kind. There were about 50 kids there. THEN she tried a second birthday for the same child six months later!

FlipFlopChipShop Sun 06-Oct-19 09:29:14

One party entertainer I saw didn't get people out in games, he said he was making a mental note of who was out and at the end declared the winner as X. Worked really well, everyone got to join in the whole game without tears.

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