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Just held the worst children’s party 😢

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Fairylightsandwine Sun 06-Oct-19 08:51:41

I was on here a few days ago asking for party games for my child’s birthday party today (he’s 5)
Well, the party was yesterday and it was a DISASTER and I feel really gutted about it. It was only an hour and a half so we hired a big bouncy castle, planned a few party games and I thought that would be enough with food. It was just awful. One parent complained my DH was too ‘aggressive’ in musical statues in the way he eliminated their child, two parents had coffee spilled all over them (it was one of their own children that barged into them yet somehow I ended up feeling to blame) a Mum complained that I gave her daughter juice instead of water but the worst thing that happened was that 7 children turned up who didn’t RSVP and 3 turned up with siblings! So I had 10 extra children! There wasn’t enough party bags, not enough chairs, not enough room on the table and it just felt so shambolic. I could see all the parents sort of looking at each other and I feel like it was my first big children’s party and I completely failed.
DS only started school 4 weeks ago so I only know a handful of these parents from nursery but the rest I don’t know so it was the first chance I guess to get to know them and I felt like I made a really bad impression. I’m a big worrier anyway so I’ve woken up this morning and feel shit. It doesn’t matter, does it?!

reetgood Sun 06-Oct-19 08:53:43

No, it really doesn’t matter. Did your child have a good time? That’s kind of the main priority here.

I recently attended my first child birthday party and it was chaos, I thought they did really well!

AtillatheHun Sun 06-Oct-19 08:54:08

Don’t worry, 5 years later and hardly anyone remembers the time that I hired a magician who insulted half the parents and nannies who were there and then taught the kids how to do a trick involving a pencil appearing to go up their nostril

BarbarAnna Sun 06-Oct-19 08:54:40

It really doesn’t matter! Bet the kids had fun and that is the main thing. People turning up on you siblings and not RSVP-big are so annoying. Put it out if your mind and have a lovely Sunday.

Laquila Sun 06-Oct-19 08:54:57

It’s absolutely FINE. Believe me, no-one focuses on these kind of things - all the parents are just glad to get to the end of a kids party still sane/alive (and glad they’re not the ones hosting it). I hope the people who didn’t RSVP felt suitably guilty, btw - so rude!!

But honestly, no kids’ party runs perfectly/whiteout a hitch - there’s always someone crying because someone won’t let them on the bouncy castle/the cheese is sliced and not grated/they got a blue balloon instead of a green one. You can’t win so just be kind to yourself and be glad it’s over for another year 😃

dudsville Sun 06-Oct-19 08:55:20

Did your child enjoy it?

TroysMammy Sun 06-Oct-19 08:55:22

No it doesn't matter at all. Did your son enjoy his birthday party because that is all that matters?

You've found out quite early on that people are twats.

Justasecondnow Sun 06-Oct-19 08:55:49

People turning up without RSVP-ing & bring siblings without asking should be the ones who feel bad - but they won’t. Buggers.

All the concerns raised are from parents. Did the kids have a good time? Bouncy castle & musical statues sounds like they did. If so then focus on that!

Velveteenfruitbowl Sun 06-Oct-19 08:56:51

I really doubt anyone cares.

MsTSwift Sun 06-Oct-19 08:58:31

My worst one I tried to cancel as dd2 had bad vomiting bug but as it was after school the parents had cancelled childcare so they all wanted it to go ahead. Dd2 went upstairs to bed. It was a craft party dd2 had invited all boys which I had queried but she assured me they loved craft. They didn’t. I was on my own burnt the pizza boys ran riot. In the middle the deputy head of the school turned up as the friend I had asked to collect dd1 had not done so. She was in tears as uncollected. Apparently I had “not answered my phone”. No shit!

BeanBag7 Sun 06-Oct-19 08:58:53

It's not your fault, but the fault of those who showed up uninvited/without responding to invite. Such a selfish way to behave especially when it is so easy to contact people these days. It would take them about 4 seconds to text you and say "Billy will be coming" or ask "is it ok to bring Susie's little sister?".
I suppose in future you will know to chase RSVPs, or expect to cater for more children than you invited.

BeanBag7 Sun 06-Oct-19 09:00:21

they all wanted it to go ahead
Why didn't you just say no!?

DocusDiplo Sun 06-Oct-19 09:01:38

The people who were complaining sound very rude! Very kind of you to invite people and cater for them flowerscake Don't worry at all. You'll laugh it off in a years time. It's OK,you sound like a lovely caring mum - enjoy your child x

Mixingitall Sun 06-Oct-19 09:01:52

Ahhh, don’t worry what others think. In a few years you’ll be a pro!

I never do party bags, I have a big basket and either put books or toy cars in there, with some haribo.

I do write on the invites no siblings, and after 6 tell parents it’s a drop off party.

I also hold parties between 3-5, the children don’t seem to eat much! Hot dogs and veg sticks or pasta pesto with a lolly is the easiest food to make rather than a buffet.

ChildminderMum Sun 06-Oct-19 09:02:06

Kids birthday parties are always a bit shambolic.

People are rude and you always need to chase up non-responders.
I write names on party bags and do boxes for food so siblings get nothing!

nevergotthehangofthursdays Sun 06-Oct-19 09:02:07

It's not your fault. Next time, go for one of the soft play places where you have to have an RSVP to be admitted and they provide the food (which the kids never touch anyway). Or maybe by then your DC will know who they want to invite so you can take three or four of them to a film and pizza, or something.

BTW I believe the new series of Motherland is coming up - the first series may well be on catch-up if you fancy a laugh. It started with a disastrous children's party.

FlipFlopChipShop Sun 06-Oct-19 09:02:39

I helped organise my sister's party, she must have been about 5. The children started a chant of 'we want fun, we want fun' for what seemed like ages. 😨 I ran out of party games within the first half. They ended up sitting with my Dad reading a story. My sister still talks about it now. 😟

Gogreen Sun 06-Oct-19 09:02:49

Yh they as parents probably think it’s bad and are judging...but just wait until they throw their kids first party from school...they will get a taste of it and think actually...I get it.

FWIW, With young kids, you don’t tell them they are out, you keep going and tot it up in your mind then declare who the winner is for party games like musical statues

Maniak Sun 06-Oct-19 09:03:02

Ugh birthday parties are the worst! I used to think older Mums were killjoys for saying that but no. They are always awful! Some worse than others, but the kids love them. Good news: 5 is the turning point. After that, parents don't stay thank god

Mumoftwoyoungkids Sun 06-Oct-19 09:04:11

We’ve had vomiting, a twisted ankle, a mum called because her daughter felt sick who then made a miraculous recovery and was tucking into ice cream when frantic mum turned up, party child crying because she lost musical chairs, people complaining to me because some children were not passing the parcel properly.

All in all they’ve gone pretty well I’d say.

FlipFlopChipShop Sun 06-Oct-19 09:04:14

My favourite sort of parties are softplay or activity party.

In, play for an hour then home. No food, no fuss. Tires them out and then I take them home.

WineGummyBear Sun 06-Oct-19 09:04:41

Doesn't matter at all. Hope your DS enjoyed it.

Poor you, any of things can happen in isolation but 10 unexpected children!!! (What a group of rude parents you had)

Vintagegoth Sun 06-Oct-19 09:06:15

Did your DS have fun? If so, forget the rest.
I had a party like this for my DD's 5th. Invited 23 children, 20 said yes, 27 children turned up. Had 9 year old uninvited siblings grabbing party bags, so invited guests had none. One child tried to blow out the candles on DD's cake before she could. It felt chaotic and exhausting, but DD looks back on it fondly.

Some parents are always going to be precious about their DCs or a bit snobby. Next year can be a drop off party and you won't have to worry about them!

TheGirlWhoLived Sun 06-Oct-19 09:06:27

At dd1’s first party at school (October birthday so very new to the school) we booked a big hall, everything was ready to go.... until the key didn’t work. We couldn’t get in contact with anyone to open it, it was a nightmare! We managed to get the vicar from the local church to contact a friend of a friend which happened to be the MAYOR of the city- and he had a spare key to the village hall. It was such a pallaver- I was in tears (dd had a wonderful party- the parents, many of which are my best friends now, just found it both hilarious and relieved it wasn’t theirs!)

MsTSwift Sun 06-Oct-19 09:06:28

Beanbag she vomited 10pm the night before the parents all cancelled their childcare due to the party parents my friends mostly working parents would have totally dropped them in it

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