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AnneKipanki Thu 03-Oct-19 20:37:01

To start new thread : Hunter Moon , Kate Rusby

everywhichway Sun 10-Nov-19 15:42:29

Personne d'autre- Francoise Hardy

AnneKipanki Sun 10-Nov-19 18:32:45

I Want Candy , Aaron Carter

everywhichway Sun 10-Nov-19 19:29:01

A Horse With No Name - America

secretmeetingsundertrees Sun 10-Nov-19 21:01:51

first and last and always - the sisters of mercy

AnneKipanki Sun 10-Nov-19 21:16:12

Release Me , Engelbert Humperdink

everywhichway Sun 10-Nov-19 22:16:03

Lady Fantasy - Camel

secretmeetingsundertrees Sun 10-Nov-19 22:20:04

daydreamer - menswear

everywhichway Sun 10-Nov-19 22:30:45

Scales of Justice - Living in a Box

AnneKipanki Sun 10-Nov-19 22:45:21

Guilty, Bee Gees

secretmeetingsundertrees Sun 10-Nov-19 22:47:21

hive - the fatima mansions

AnneKipanki Mon 11-Nov-19 08:20:21

Castle on the Hill , Ed Sheeran

secretmeetingsundertrees Mon 11-Nov-19 19:32:27

die laughing - therapy

AnneKipanki Mon 11-Nov-19 20:00:13

Hy*dr*o , Tech N9ne

secretmeetingsundertrees Mon 11-Nov-19 21:55:50

no distance left to run - blur

everywhichway Mon 11-Nov-19 22:12:09

I can see for miles - The Who

secretmeetingsundertrees Mon 11-Nov-19 22:48:40

am i loud enough? - bis

AnneKipanki Tue 12-Nov-19 07:25:52

Shout , Lulu

secretmeetingsundertrees Tue 12-Nov-19 07:59:28

smart - sleeper

AnneKipanki Tue 12-Nov-19 08:10:13

20th Century Boy , Marc Bolan

everywhichway Tue 12-Nov-19 13:21:19

You've got a Friend - James Taylor

AnneKipanki Tue 12-Nov-19 14:30:43

Simply The Best , Tina Turner

secretmeetingsundertrees Tue 12-Nov-19 21:26:01

you can't put your arms around a memory - johnny thunders

AnneKipanki Wed 13-Nov-19 07:57:28

Hit Me With Your Rhythmi Stick , Ian Dury. And the Blockheads

TractorTartofThigh Wed 13-Nov-19 08:16:24

Rambling Man - Laura Marling

secretmeetingsundertrees Wed 13-Nov-19 08:17:03

get down and get with it - phones b sportsman band

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