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Anything going on with Thomson / tui

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Dowser Mon 23-Sep-19 10:12:50

We are booked to go to Tenerife next month
We normally use Thomas Cook in October
For some strange reason we are going with tui / Thomson

I’ve got a nighle that sometimes tui use Thomas Cook planes, I may be wrong
Tried to ring tui
Both numbers go dead and we only got the email a short while ago

Holidays 0203 636 1931
Flights 0203 451 2688

Anyone else tried to ring them

Dowser Mon 23-Sep-19 10:13:22


Finfintytint Mon 23-Sep-19 10:21:55

Tui does use Thomas Cook for some select holidays.
Doesn’t your booking state what airline is being used.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 23-Sep-19 10:24:45

It should say in your booking who your flights are with (route, times, flight number). Thomas Cook was MT, but I think it can be TCX too, probably depends whether scheduled or charter. Whatever letters it says, google to check who the flight operator is.

Sometime packages are with different airlines, but hopefully yours is with Tui?

If you're not travelling until October, they're probably too busy dealing with the people who need help today/this week for you to be a priority to them now if you are affected, but if it's a package on a TC plane, you'll be put onto another flight or offered a refund.

EnglishGirlApproximately Mon 23-Sep-19 10:28:07

Tui are fine but call volumes will be huge today. Check your flight number, if it’s with Thomas Cook they’ll be trying to allocate alternative flights and will contact you but they’ll be working in date order and prioritising guests currently overseas.

Katy180 Mon 23-Sep-19 12:21:16

Hi I'm in a similar boat. Next Friday we are going on a TUI holiday but our flights are with Thomas Cook. I asked them on Saturday about what would happen and they said to keep an eye on our emails and they would keep us up to date. He said we were covered with ATOL and that most likely our flight would either get replaced with a TUI plane or we'd get put on a different flight, possibly from another airport but then they would cover transport to there. But yes, as others have said, in all your booking confirmations it should say who your flight is with. I'm hoping that ours is sorted so we know what's happening this week since our flights next Friday!

crosspelican Mon 23-Sep-19 12:23:52

I wouldn't try to call today. I strongly suspect that a lot of people will mix up Thomas Cook & TUI and be calling TUI frantically today.

TUI will have known that this was coming for weeks and have contingency plans that kicked in at 2am this morning - October is far enough away for them to sort out replacement flights etc. IF you are booked on a TC plane. Check your booking!

StephenKing Mon 23-Sep-19 12:36:20

The Tui website is not functioning properly this morning, cannot search and get a price for hol for next year. It was working yesterday

chocolatesaltyballs22 Mon 23-Sep-19 12:38:18

I have a TUI holiday booked for next year. My booking confirmation states that it's a TUI flight. Check your booking.

OublietteBravo Mon 23-Sep-19 12:39:35

My colleague spoke to them this morning - apparently their systems are struggling to cope with the high volume of traffic caused by TC collapsing.

SayOohLaLa Mon 23-Sep-19 12:44:20

Someone was on the radio news this morning with a Tui holiday package using TC flights. They'd arrived at the airport to be told no alternative planes were available so the holiday was cancelled. sad

Check your booking details, not all Tui holidays will be TC flights, they ahev their own planes.

NaturalBornWoman Mon 23-Sep-19 12:45:09

I read this morning that TUI holidays with Thomas Cook flights between now and 31st October are cancelled. No one should go to the airport. After that they hope to rearrange flights and will update.

TheFairyCaravan Mon 23-Sep-19 12:54:46

There's posts on TUI and first choice's fab pages regarding this.

TheFairyCaravan Mon 23-Sep-19 12:55:32

FB not fab

UnfamousPoster Mon 23-Sep-19 13:04:25

It looks like your holiday will be cancelled if the flights were originally scheduled to be with TC, even if you booked through Tui.

Check your original booking details though - what's your flight number? If it begins with "TOM" I imagine you'll be fine.

regularbutpanickingabit Mon 23-Sep-19 13:05:21

The TUI site says this:

As a result of this announcement we unfortunately had to cancel TUI, Marella Cruises and First Choice bookings featuring Thomas Cook flights for any customers due to travel from Monday 23rd September until 31st October. The advice is not to travel to the airport. We will be organising full holiday refunds for these customers and will process these as quickly as possible. For any TUI, Marella Cruises and First Choice customers with Thomas Cook flights due to travel after this date, please bear with us as we look at other options and alternatives for you as a priority.

amusedbush Mon 23-Sep-19 13:11:58

I didn't realise they used Thomas Cook for some packages. Just checked our booking for next month and it's TUI flights both ways. Phew.

Ginfordinner Mon 23-Sep-19 13:30:10

It doesn't help that the Boeing 737 Max planes are still grounded. I believe that Tui owned quite a few.

TheTeenageYears Mon 23-Sep-19 13:34:14

I suspect the priority in the short term will be getting everyone back to the UK rather than putting much effort into fulfilling bookings which haven't already left. For people travelling reasonably soon the only option may well be to know you'll get a refund. I cannot believe the number of people this effects immediately. Loved the story all over the news on Friday of the women who was concerned she wouldn't get back from holiday on Monday in order to take her medication as she only took enough to last until the day before she was due to return. Who in their right mind does that? If you need medication to live, you make sure you have enough with you to cover delays on your return!

justasking111 Mon 23-Sep-19 13:39:42

Holy mackerel. ripples in a pond. Looks like many more holidays are in the wind than first thought.

GabsAlot Mon 23-Sep-19 13:48:45

I didnt even know they used tc for flights hope its not cancelled

Crockof Mon 23-Sep-19 14:53:52

The grounding of the 737is definitely causing issues, Tui have used TC loads more since then as do not have enough aircraft.
It's made more complicated that the call sign for tui is TOM so people are thinking that they are booked on a TV flight when actually it's a TUI
A Thomas Cook flight will have TCX or MT

OrangeCinnamon Mon 23-Sep-19 15:01:15

You should be able to log on and check your booking with your booking ref - it will show clearly if it is Thomas Cook - I had the same in the summer .

kateandme Mon 23-Sep-19 15:03:40

oh dear.good luck op.fingers crossed your checking your booking and its not with them

pelirocco123 Mon 23-Sep-19 15:03:59

Tui use all sorts of planes , however a friend of mine is flying with them next week and its no longer with Norweigan, she hasn't been told who with yet though
Apparently Tui share prices have shot up

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