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Biff and Chip - who knew?

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Mominatrix Sun 22-Sep-19 21:42:09

Despite having gone through the ORT twice, I never picked up on this. Why was I never told?

ALoadOfTwaddle Sun 22-Sep-19 21:43:34

I knew this. No one would name their daughter Biff.

OpiesOldLady Sun 22-Sep-19 21:44:39

Bloody hell. I've been through it four times and didn't know it either!

RickOShay Sun 22-Sep-19 21:44:57

That’s explained a real mystery to me

SlightlySleepy Sun 22-Sep-19 21:48:25

I didn't know this! I agree that Biff is a terrible name and even worse for a girl.

Trenchcoated Sun 22-Sep-19 21:50:57

Biff is a general child nickname for Elizabeth, though. I know an American Biff in her sixties. Again, her family were calling her ‘Beth’ as a child, but a younger sibling couldn’t get his tongue around the ‘th’.

My problem is that I could never remember which was Biff and which was Chip. Mind you, I think my reception-age son pointed out that Kipper is the dog...

Sweetpotatoaddict Sun 22-Sep-19 21:51:40

My 4 yr old told me this and I asked him if he was sure blush

Jamhandprints Sun 22-Sep-19 21:51:58

Cute. I didn't realise they were true stories. ;-)

greasyspooncafe Sun 22-Sep-19 21:52:16

What does it say!?

Mominatrix Sun 22-Sep-19 21:53:05

DS (15) is in shock.

TabbyMumz Sun 22-Sep-19 21:57:37

I thought they were American.

Dizzywizz Sun 22-Sep-19 21:58:00

I thought kipper was the dog!!

almostn9ne Sun 22-Sep-19 21:59:17

@greasyspooncafe - can you click on the pic? It should show it bigger. x

SallyLovesCheese Sun 22-Sep-19 22:01:23

Isn't the dog Floppy?

As a teacher, I thought they'd only chosen those names due to the graphemes contained within them. To think there's actually a made-up back story...

Iwantacookie Sun 22-Sep-19 22:03:18

Christ on a bike are they still going? Surely they should be grown up by now?

Leeds2 Sun 22-Sep-19 22:04:00

I never realised that Biff and Chip were twins.

greasyspooncafe Sun 22-Sep-19 22:04:22

Not able to enlarge pic on phone

stillathing Sun 22-Sep-19 22:06:49

That's made my evening! I love it!

Mooncupblues Sun 22-Sep-19 22:07:59

I knew about the names but didn’t realise they were twins

Ohyesiam Sun 22-Sep-19 22:09:31

Biff was a girl?

Sewrainbow Sun 22-Sep-19 22:10:50

I've just seen this on Facebook- a revelation!

But I'm pleased the childwerent given those names at birth! grin

BustedDreams Sun 22-Sep-19 22:12:58

@Ohyesiam yes Biff is a girl. You can see a bow in her her long hair. Not that boys can’t have long hair and bows too.

theconstantinoplegardener Sun 22-Sep-19 22:16:45

I knew that Biff's real name is Elizabeth. The children's dad is my secret crush though blush so I know quite a lot about the books.

fedup21 Sun 22-Sep-19 22:23:16

Biff’s real name was NEVER Elizabeth! It was Barbara-it’s in the teacher’s guide.

They are rewriting history...!

Witchend Sun 22-Sep-19 22:31:41

I knew this.

I had a Great-Uncle Biff, and the teacher had to explain to me that Biff was the girl.

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