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What have you eaten today? Part 2

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AwkwardSquad Wed 18-Sep-19 20:18:49

Shiny new thread, continuing from here

A diary thread for our daily meals, to record, share, glean menu inspiration and chat, but no judging each other’s food choices.

Phycadelicsilhouette Fri 20-Sep-19 19:20:19

Breakfast - porridge with raspberries

Lunch - a slice of marmalade on toast, a lemon fool and some more raspberries

Dinner - butternut squash and red pepper soup with crusty tiger bread and a small piece of chocolate fudge cake with pouring cream.

Snack - nature valley peanut sandwich bar.

I have leftover soup and no fridge or freezer until next week... will it be ok to eat tomorrow or would you get rid of it? Such a shame to throw food away if it’s the latter.

369thegoosedrankwine Fri 20-Sep-19 19:41:22

Love these threads...

I've spent 6 hours on a train today then hours in a meeting so not great;

Breakfast - low fat yogurt

Lunch - fruit pot and half a ham and cheese sandwich

Dinner - M&S crayfish salad another fruit pot and a packet of crisps

4 cups of tea loads of water.

Swishswish26 Fri 20-Sep-19 19:49:58

I love these threads too!

Breakfast: Sausage and marmite bagel

Lunch: Ham and coleslaw wrap

Snack: Mini peperami

Dinner: Venison burger, roast potatoes and corn on the cob

**Psychadelic I would say you don’t need a fridge for the soup and would be able to eat tomorrow.

KondoKonvert Fri 20-Sep-19 19:56:13

Breakfast: two boiled eggs and half an avocado, coffee with double cream

Lunch: low carb veg soup, prawns, feta and olives

Dinner: takeaway chicken kebab without pitta with extra salad.

Two very large G&Ts

Kim82 Fri 20-Sep-19 20:01:54

I love these sort of threads, they appeal to my inner nosiness!

I’ve had:

Breakfast: a banana and a cup of tea

Lunch: ham and scrambled egg on a wholemeal roll

Mid afternoon: a nectarine and an apple

Dinner: steak and jacket potato with fried mushrooms and onions

I’ve just finished my dinner now so I probably won’t be hungry again today so thankfully no unhealthy snacks for a change.

AwkwardSquad Fri 20-Sep-19 20:02:23

I’d second that the soup should be fine, as long as it wasn’t made with meat stock and has no dairy, and you reheat it really thoroughly.

B - muesli, flaxseed, kiwi, yoghurt
L - a bit beige - selection of buffet bits and pieces
Snack - four crackers and some flaked almonds
D - a not entirely successful pak choi, courgette and tofu concoction with spring onions and a sauce of peanut butter, ginger, lime, honey and soy sauce; a small windfall apple

weekellye Fri 20-Sep-19 20:02:57

B: Aldi knock-off Cheerios with oat milk, satsuma
L: leftover 3-bean chilli with sweet potato, tortilla chips
D: yellow Thai curry with tofu and whatever bits of veg were rolling around the freezer, rice noodles.

Snacks: Koko dairy-free yogurt with raspberries and blueberries
A banana
Bag of "Ape" brand cheese balls
Copious mugs of tea

Phycadelicsilhouette Fri 20-Sep-19 20:13:50

Thank you @Swishswish26 and @AwkwardSquad!
It was made with stock cubes and tinned coconut milk so I’ll re-heat for my tea tomorrow evening!
Would have for lunch but we’re out with friends for the day so it’s a picnic lunch.
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys the September sun!

onlyhereforthefood Fri 20-Sep-19 20:37:58

I've still got a horrible cold and cough and sore throat and all I want is carbs!

Protein porridge pot
Pink wafer biscuit
Chicken salad sandwich, pom bears
1/2 waitrose bakery chocolate chunk cookie
Half an Aldi BBQ chicken pizza, salad
2 crumpets with rhubarb and vanilla jam
A mini twister lolly and an Aldi knock off fab

...and copious throat sweets.

snufflebuns Fri 20-Sep-19 20:38:24

B - 1 fig
L - half a cucumber and handful plum tomatoes, 1/3 tub of humous
D - 4 figs and a peanut bar thing

Was dying for a coffee from my local coffee shop as I've recently discovered oat milk but the barista wasn't in after work...

AwkwardSquad Fri 20-Sep-19 20:43:20

Hope you feel better soon, @onlyhereforthefood - the ice lollies sound like a good plan, very soothing!

Bloodybridget Fri 20-Sep-19 21:17:07

Middle of the night: cup of tea, toast and marmite
B: scrambled eggs and a bagel, black coffee
L: leftover chilli con carne, spicy green beans, bit of brown rice, bit of nan
Supper: tuna steak, herbed couscous, tenderstem broccoli; apple crumble and cream
Also a cappuccino, cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit

JapaneseBirdPainting Fri 20-Sep-19 21:20:48

I;m on an 800 cal diet (michael mosley)

banana and greek yoguut

ham slices and side salad and a kiwi fruit

steak and kale

PrivateSpidey Fri 20-Sep-19 22:52:45

B - yogurt, pear, granola
L - cheese and chutney sandwich
D - fish pie, peas, corn on the cob, garlic bread, glass rosé, 4 squares chocolate

JingsMahBucket Sat 21-Sep-19 03:23:28

I was wondering where everybody went. Thanks @AwkwardSquad!

Friday was a wonky day. I felt a bit rushed during the day.

B: 3 M & S oatcakes, stick of M & S reduced fat cheese, a few slices of roast beef, and 2 prunes

L: met a friend for lunch at a diner in Manhattan. A bowl of Manhattan clam chowder to start, half of a huge mushroom and steak quesadilla with some of the salad. I packed up the other half.

S: most of an apple and peanut butter
S #2: a KIND bar

D: the rest of the quesadilla, some its salad, the rest of the apple & peanut butter, and another reduced fat cheese stick.

I’m feeling really full. I can’t wait to get some high fiber cereal in me again.

Phycadelicsilhouette Sat 21-Sep-19 10:17:17

That rhubarb and vanilla jam sounds heavenly @onlyhereforthefood! Was it home made or shop bought?
I’m crossing my fingers it was shop bought from a chain and not a little farm shop so I can source some and eat piles of jam on toast with tea while I get over this cold!
I see it’s making its rounds (the cold.) Is it just me being a wimp or is this cold a particularly bad one? I’m so achey and heady and just... weak!
Pushing myself to get out and about today with the DC and friends but looking forward to fish and chips on the beach!

onlyhereforthefood Sat 21-Sep-19 12:48:59

@phycadelicsilhouette I got it in a little gift shop type place in Cheddar, it's delicious!

P1nkHeartLovesCake Sat 21-Sep-19 18:29:36

B- a piece of flapjack. Coffee

L- beetroot and cheese salad wrap. 3 mini Jaffa cakes

Dinner will be coq au vin with butter baby potatoes and green beans. Couple of glasses of red will be had too

AwkwardSquad Sat 21-Sep-19 19:43:10

B - muesli, flaxseed, kiwi, yoghurt
Handful of grapes
L - two boiled eggs, mixed leaf, cucumber, beetroot and apple salad, beetroot chutney, a few olives
Very generous slice homemade apple cake
D - lentil and mushroom pasta sauce, wholewheat penne, grated cheddar

bellalou1234 Sat 21-Sep-19 19:52:02

Woke up had the urge for chocolate so had a mars bar. Then decided i must eat bettet so rejoined weight watchers.. b scrambled egg on one slice of toast. L bolagnaise with added mushrooms. No pasta/ cheese/ garlic bread
D chicken stir fry. One of those m&s stirfry meal deals.

Snacks kiwi, satsuam and grapes.

MaryPopppins Sat 21-Sep-19 20:02:31

For breakfast I had:

Raspberries and nectarine with Greek yogurt and some honey.

Lunch: Jacket potato and beans.

Dinner:cheeseburger pasta (slimming world recipe, one of our family favourites) with veg.

Once DC asleep I have a Fibre One brownie with my name on it to have with a tea.

Trying not to snack and back on Slimming World as I've gained weight over the summer and already had plenty to lose as it was.

Phycadelicsilhouette Sat 21-Sep-19 20:27:23

@onlyhereforthefood it sounds it! Sadly no trips planned to the cheddar gorge sad
@bellalou1234 the mars bar and then the re-joining of weight watchers really made me laugh grin

Didn’t end up getting fish and chips on the beach so...

Breakfast - nothing, felt too ill.

Lunch - picnic lunch of tuna sandwich on seeded bread, some graze bbq crunch, medjool dates (packed a banana but it got too squashed and black to eat sadly)

Small handful of rhubarb and custard drumstick squashies while walking

Dinner - butternut squash and red pepper soup with 2 slices of seeded bread and butter. Triangle of cheese, salami and veg quesadilla DS couldn’t Finnish.

Having a movie night with DC and have a bowl of treats. Made up of Ferraro rocher, kinder, a small flake and a couple of banana skids chews. Plus a hot chocolate with squirty cream and mini marshmallows.

Nuttyaboutnutella Sat 21-Sep-19 20:31:49

B: scrambled eggs on toast, tea
L: baked potato with leftover Bolognese l, broccoli

Still waiting for dinner. DP is upstairs with toddler who's not 100% and wanted to go to bed early.,..but still awake 🤪
I've had two pieces of toast (one with blackcurrant jam, the other with chocolate spread) with a glass of wine classy
Hopefully have spaghetti carbonara at some point Tonight!!

Bloodybridget Sat 21-Sep-19 20:42:56

Middle of the night: tea and toast
B: Fruit and Fibre with blueberries and milk, toast, black coffee
Late morning: cappuccino, half a toasted teacake
L: a sausage roll
Dinner: beef and veg stir fry with noodles, apple crumble and cream

onlyhereforthefood Sat 21-Sep-19 21:09:11

Wholemeal roll with bacon and mushrooms
Chicken and mustard sandwich, pom bears
A few squares milka chocolate with oreo, a pear from our tree
Lightly dusted fish fillet, micro chips (classy) and green veg
2 mini twisters, some greek yoghurt and a couple of hobnobs.

Pinnacle of health today!

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