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Just had a major fright in the toilet

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DreamingofSummer Wed 11-Sep-19 12:14:27

Then I remembered I'd had a big beetroot meal last night!

KurriKurri Wed 11-Sep-19 12:33:02

grin - that happened to my XH once - he was all for calling an ambulance until I reminded him he'd eaten a lot of beetroot.
I wonder if red cabbage has the same effect ? <thinks about large red cabbage sitting in veg rack waiting to be eaten >

Sgtmajormummy Wed 11-Sep-19 12:47:01

Beetroot turns my pee (red+yellow=) orange.
Completely harmless but a bit scary the first time I noticed.
Low carb diet means beetroot features heavily but I’ve always liked it. It’s hard to describe the flavour of the simple boiled stuff... I ended up telling DC2 “It’s tasteless, a bit like like eating glass”.

WalkersAreNotTheOnlyCrisps Wed 11-Sep-19 12:50:39

grin I had it with my then 20 month old daughter when changing her nappy, my heart dropped out of my chest. (MIL had been giving her pickled beetroot).

IScreamForIceCreams Wed 11-Sep-19 13:02:32

I wolved down a bag of chocolate covered raisins. I was convinced I'd had bloody blobs the following day. Ah no, it's the undigested raisins....

ImpracticalCape Wed 11-Sep-19 13:05:13

@Sgtmajormummy um, beetroot isn't low carb...

Sgtmajormummy Wed 11-Sep-19 13:16:28

I work it into my daily allowance just fine.

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