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anyone awake? Please chat with me for an hour

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WLmum Tue 10-Sep-19 04:40:23

Hello, is anyone awake and willing to chat with me about anything at all.
I'm waiting for daybreak, and then for school drop off time, so I can go and be with my truly amazing, so loved dm while she passes away. I am heartbroken. Been awake most of the night wondering if she's going to hold on long enough for me to with her.

Anyone else up? Tell me what you're up for and help me pass the time. Please.

proseccoaficionado Tue 10-Sep-19 04:41:33

I'm up, OP. I am so sorry to hear this. I'm offering a hand hold.

proseccoaficionado Tue 10-Sep-19 04:42:06

Tell me anything you'd like!

Brenna24 Tue 10-Sep-19 04:42:49

Hiya. I am sorry about your mum. I hope that you get to say goodbye. I am up because breastfed baby had a good feed, then rolled around for a bit and woke me fully. Hopefully I will drop off again soon.

GrandmaSharksDentures Tue 10-Sep-19 04:45:11

I'm up - on a night shift.
Has anyone read any of the first reviews of the Downton Abbey film? I'm wondering whether I should book tickets for this weekend?

HeartshapedFox Tue 10-Sep-19 04:45:50

I am also up OP, so sad to hear your situation flowers I’m sitting waiting for the right moment to try and wrangle my 2yo back into his cot.

EllebellyBeeblebrox Tue 10-Sep-19 04:45:50

I'm up and sending love. Currently hooked up to breast pump in hospital which is exactly as glamorous as I'd always imagined it would be.
Hope you are with your mum when she passes and that she is comfy.

proseccoaficionado Tue 10-Sep-19 04:46:22

@GrandmaSharksDentures I was thinking the same. Let's do it!

Op, tell us anything!

WLmum Tue 10-Sep-19 04:46:27

Thank you so much. I'm on my phone so difficult to check back to name check but thank you.
She has been such a huge part of my life, I can't even begin to imagine how I'll get by without her. As a mother, I know there is no love like it. As lucky as I am, with a good dh and 3 lovely dds, I know no one will ever love me the way she did. Be genuinely interested in all the minutiae.
I've been balancing the last few days the needs of my dds to have me supporting them while they face the loss of the adored gm, with my own need to be with her in her final days.

WLmum Tue 10-Sep-19 04:48:10

Those breastfeeding nights can be so long and exhausting but I look back on them with fondness. I enjoyed it being just me and that one dd in the moment. Like a secret club.

proseccoaficionado Tue 10-Sep-19 04:48:19

@WLmum I can only imagine how difficult this might be. My mother is my best friend and I know that eventually that horrid day will come.

How old is your mother, if I may ask?

proseccoaficionado Tue 10-Sep-19 04:48:40

@WLmum tell us something about your beautiful dds. How old are they?

bombcyclone Tue 10-Sep-19 04:49:56

I'm sorry you're coping with this. It's a terrible thing to go through.

Would you like to talk about her, or something else?

WLmum Tue 10-Sep-19 04:50:18

prosecco she's 74. She's had terminal cancer for 4.5 years so we knew this day would come but in the end it's come so fast. We've been lucky in that she's been relatively well for much of her diagnosis but in the last 2 weeks her body has just given up.
She's also my best friend.

Longlivepenguins Tue 10-Sep-19 04:50:39

Handhold through the night for I'm trying to decide whether to make a career change so sleepless, going grey overnight, etc.

ememem84 Tue 10-Sep-19 04:51:08

I’m up. Feeding Dd (6weeks). She’s just fine a massive poo. So we’ve done an early morning emergency bath.

I’m so sorry about your mum.

Am also listening to the handmaids tale. Haven’t watched any of the show yet. But it’s on my maternity leave watch list.

maidenover Tue 10-Sep-19 04:51:14

Sorry to hear about your mum @WLmum
This time of night always seems to be the hardest to be awake. I’m also feeding a baby. Do you want to talk about her or be distracted?

@GrandmaSharksDentures I gave up on Downton a few years ago so can’t help there. I did once go to a party in the grounds of Highclere Castle though.

HungryForSnacks Tue 10-Sep-19 04:51:14

I'm awake OP. We are on holiday so 2 hours ahead. My one year-old is making noises downstairs so no sleep-ins for us... 🙃

So sorry about your Mum, OP. Such a harrowing time for you. I lost my mum 10 years ago and I still think about the morning she died all the time. It was so painful yet bittersweet as she was really unwell.

Thinking of you today 💐

proseccoaficionado Tue 10-Sep-19 04:52:46

@WLmum sending all my good thoughts and prayers for your mom and your family! You're so brave and everything will be okay in the end! You sound like such a kind personthanks

WLmum Tue 10-Sep-19 04:52:53

Dds are 12,9 and 6. Telling them on Saturday evening that we were losing her was the hardest conversation I've ever had. They visited Sunday and yesterday after school and said their goodbyes. They were amazing. They stroked her gently and told her they loved her. They left a couple of favourite toys to watch over her.

proseccoaficionado Tue 10-Sep-19 04:54:37

@WLmum you have raised 3 amazing, kind and selfless daughters. This must be so nice! I don't have any children yet (we are getting married next year), but I am dreaming to have two daughters

WobbleTime Tue 10-Sep-19 04:55:19

I’m awake. My son had a nightmare so he’s now in my bed and I’m wide awake googling because I have a first date on Wednesday and I’m a bit nervous and don’t know what to wear.
Holding your hand, my mum died of cancer years ago now so I appreciate what you’re going through flowers

Longlivepenguins Tue 10-Sep-19 04:56:36

Oh well done WLmum DC. Brave, caring and compassionate.

QOD Tue 10-Sep-19 04:56:46

Oh op have a hug from me.

WLmum Tue 10-Sep-19 04:56:51

Db is with her overnight and has promised to call if he feels she's slipping away. I only live 5 minutes from her so could run over.
The bit I'm most anxious about is after dh goes to work at 6 and then I'll have the dds until after drop off, so I'll get to dm about 9.15. I won't be able to run to her during that time.
Dhs work are arseholes and he's been debating whether to go in or call emergency leave.

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