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Not so white feathers

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hellosally Wed 14-Aug-19 17:02:14

I lost my brother over 2 years ago, and my father at Easter, and miss them so much as they both meant the world to me. today at work out of the blue, a friend of my brother's had tracked my work address and sent me a lovely letter as he had lost my phone number. I had the window slightly ajar at work and when I came back in the room after getting a drink, a white/grey feather had blown in. I work in a basement with a brick wall next to the window and never had this before.I immediately felt my brother laughing sending me a grotty coloured feather instead of a white one. I've now just got home and an identical coloured feather is on my doorstep, I live on a main road and never had this either. hoping its my dad this time.
I've always thought saying a white feather was from a loved one was nonsense but today I am feeling a bit different. has anyone else had similar or is it just wishful thinking?

ButterflyOne1 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:06:00

Yes I think like this too. I lost my DH 8 years ago and still at times think of him if I see a white feather. I also look up to the sky and talk to him when the time feels right.

Do what feels right for you.

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