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Tips for making my life easier when condensing work hours to fewer days

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shitwithsugaron Wed 14-Aug-19 12:40:45

I'm starting a college course in September resulting in me managing to move my 4 day, 19 hour week into 3 longer days. I'll be working one 5 hour day and two 7 hour days, after breaks are taken away. I currently work four 5 hour days, Monday to Thursday afternoons. So I know I'm going to miss my mornings pottering around the house, preparing dinner for me and DD (nearly 4), getting housework done, sorting birthdays and so on.

I'm looking for ways to make my life easier, because I'm going to have less time with work, and a college course (one full day per week) to boot.

Is it as simple as meal planning, which I already do within an inch of my life, planning clothes the night before, making sure nursery uniform is sorted, lunchboxes and so on. Get everything done the night before so the mornings aren't stressed and rushed? Luckily I'll still have one full every week to get my house shipshape, so that's not worrying me as such...

shitwithsugaron Wed 14-Aug-19 12:41:20

One full day each week to get my housework done blush

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