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Can you help me open this tin? Maybe a bit of science required ...

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Shoeshelpplease Wed 14-Aug-19 11:56:24

We got this lovely spice tin as a wedding gift years ago. I finally dig it out of the garage to use it, put it through the dishwasher and stupidly put it all together with lid on while still warm.

Now I can't get the lid off. Maybe it's created a bit of a vacuum inside or maybe the metal, being warm is just wedged together.

Any ideas as to how to get it off.

It should kind of pull and twist bit it's just wedged. I've tried heating it, nothing. I've tried inserting knife then trying to twist to kind of lever it off, nothing.

Husband with his big hands has had a go at twisting it off but he gave up fairly early on.

chatwoo Wed 14-Aug-19 11:58:51

stick it in the freezer for a while and then try?

BoreOfWhabylon Wed 14-Aug-19 12:00:54

Try sticking it in the fridge/freezer for a bit. Then bang it down hard on countertop/hard surface and try again to twist lid off.

Chocmallows Wed 14-Aug-19 12:02:36

Cool down, then heat the lid to see if it will expand like jam jar lids

purpleleotard Wed 14-Aug-19 12:03:09

how did you heat it, to what temperature?

Chocmallows Wed 14-Aug-19 12:03:15

(Heat lid with hot cloth or upside down in hot water.)

Shoeshelpplease Wed 14-Aug-19 12:04:52

Yes, freezer sounds like a good idea. I'll try that.

Shoeshelpplease Wed 14-Aug-19 12:05:53

Really no idea as to why I didn't actually think of that!

LIZS Wed 14-Aug-19 12:09:28

Stand it in cold water and use a rubber glove to get grip.

walksen Wed 14-Aug-19 12:14:08

if the above doesnt work. Couple of things you could try.

1)Put in back dishwasher and try to open again when still very hot. The lid is obviously slightly wider than thread so should expand more.... Also means it has contracted more when cooled which is why it wont come off at room temperature.

2) i guess you are limited as to how hot you can heat the lid without damaging the finish but upside down in hot water as pp said might work. In theory you could use a saucepan with 1cm of hot oil to get it even hotter. Oil has lower heat capacity but higher boiling point than water but obviously be careful with this.
3) if you have one will it fit in a pressure cooker?

Chocmallows Wed 14-Aug-19 23:19:00

OP...suspense is killing me, did anything work? grin

RezCowgirl Thu 15-Aug-19 07:39:59

Stick in a freezer for a bit then wrap the rim around with an old rubber cord (old cable charger will do) hold the two ends of the cord together and twist as if the cord is a giant spanner

Shoeshelpplease Thu 15-Aug-19 12:19:36

Tada the lid is off.

In the freezer overnight and came off like a breeze this morning.

Thanks all for the tips. Glad I did t have to resort to the pressure cooker trick as that sounded a little dangerous.

Chocmallows Thu 15-Aug-19 20:26:40

Great news, pressure cooker idea really could have gone...with a bang!

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