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What's on your menu this week?

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lucysmam Tue 13-Aug-19 17:38:02

So far I've randomly clicked £44 worth of shopping into my Tesco basket, but probably only have two meals in there along with assorted treats hmm

Both girls answered with "don't mind" when I asked what they want to eat this coming week, which is brilliant. So, inspire me with your menus please smile

HebeMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-19 12:43:34

Bumping this for you OP (because I'm nosy and also hungry for my lunch!)

Mmmmdanone Wed 14-Aug-19 16:10:56

Nothing exciting here; spag bol, curry (shop bought), tortellini with pesto are 3 I have planned this week. It gets exhausting trying to think of food for everyone!

ifyoulikepinacolada Wed 14-Aug-19 16:22:50

Order dependent on my mood but:

Dahl and rice
Puy lentil, roast butternut squash and goats cheese salad
Big frittata with whatever leftover veg and cheese i have to hand
Stir fry with leeks, peas, edamame beans and tofu, eggs or prawns/chicken if i remember to buy some
Pasta puttanesca
Crispy cannellini beans with broccoli and avocado - turned into a warm dish with potato and leeks or a summer one with peas and green beans depending on the weather!

As476 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:28:32

We’ve got chicken, bacon and white wine sauce pies, with veg and mash,
some cod fillets that I may or may not batter with chips and peas,
a roast dinner,
sausages, mash and beans,
and probably a pasta with any leftovers such as sausage or just vegetables with a tomato based sauce 😊
If it’s warm I’ll do fish and salad, roast lamb and a fancy salad with new potatoes, etc etc. I’m heading for the stodgy potatoes with every meal because I’m really feeling cold this week!

Lucywithout Wed 14-Aug-19 16:46:25

We are having a freezer week. We are just two so I buy larger packs and freeze half. Gammon joint roast on Sunday.
Cottage pie with frozen lean mince and onions Mon.
Risotto with chopped gammonTues. (Some thin slices made sandwiches for lunch.)
Today thawed pork chops from 4 bought last week.Cooked surrounded by some shallots and with left over Sunday veg from frig.
Tomorrow good quality sausages from a twofer.
Fri Salmon from a threefer £10.
Sat dont know maybe frozen Pizza - I like Dr Oetkers. Or we may go out - lots of lovely pub meals around.
Sunday Roast chicken big enough to feed cat and chihuahua all week.( this week I bought 6 thighs for £1.70 two for us for tea with salad and 4 for cat and dog. Proper protein not whatever goes into tins of petfood.) Dog also gets broccoli and carrots he spits out peas and beans. Cat has some cat food as well as the fresh chick
I have BBQ ribs from Aldi which we really like as a spare in frig and shall start again next week with twofers.
We buy fresh veg as and when and are eating our own runner beans at present though I still have 2017 ones in freezer!

Starlight2004 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:47:09

We are really enjoying kebab type things at the minute. We are none meat eaters so have Oumph vegetarian spiced kebab with hummus and Tzatkiki and salad in a flat bread or a large pitta. Could have sliced marinaded chicken in it instead though?

Meatball subs go down well with the none veggie teens and I'm also really liking anything in Katsu curry sauce with rice noodles lately!

Visioncroquet Wed 14-Aug-19 17:00:34

Here's my menu for this week:

Monday: Jackfruit & black bean tacos with salad & guacamole.

Tuesday: Home made Curried Pie with steamed broccoli & beetroot.

Wed: I go the gym so I'll do the kids a quick pesto pasta with garlic bread. When I get back we will have a vegan kebab with salad & pitta

Thursday: Veggie Tikka Masala with Paneer, green beans & chick peas. Chapatis & shop bought onion Bhaji

Friday: Chinese style tofu and red pepper chow mein with noodles and edamame peas

Sat: Takeaway

Sun: Tapas everyone can just help themselves. Hummos, falafal, cheeses, sliced peppers/cucumber/etc, cherry toms, cous cous, olives, capers, artichoke, sun-dried toms...

Snog Wed 14-Aug-19 17:09:55

Roast chicken and salad
Hot prawn and chorizo salad
Lasagne and broccoli
Chicken curry
Shepherds pie and green beans
Chicken or prawn salad
Marrow and chick pea curry

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 14-Aug-19 17:13:10

M Butterflied Lemon, Garlic and herb chicken breasts with broccoli and green beans
T Tuna steaks for a real nicois
W Baked butternut squash falafel in pita with yoghurt and mint yoghurt and salad
T Linguine with crab, chilli, cherry toms and courgette
F Sweet potato, cauli, red pepper and chickpea curry
S Veggie chilli
S Roast gammon in chilli and pineapple glaze with as much veg as pos! Sunday for me is all about the veg, much to despair of the rest of the family.

Impatientwino Wed 14-Aug-19 22:57:08

Fairly dull week here

M - got back from holidays late afternoon so breaded fish from freezer and baked beans
T - Chicken curry and rice - batch cooked in freezer
W - salmon fillets, potatoes, broccoli and carrots
T- bashed out chicken breasts with med veg tray bake with spices and brown rice
F - chicken cacciatore (my own bastardised version) and brown rice or salad
S - aubergine curry, tandoori chicken and flatbreads - love making Indian food!
S - tbc depending on the weather but possibly omelettes and salad - DS1 current fave

Hadenoughofitall441 Thu 15-Aug-19 00:00:46

Monday was what we call “shit from the freezer” which is basically odds and sods in the freezer... I had homemade bruschetta and some sesame chicken strips.
Tuesday was McDonald’s
Today was Mexican chicken with peppers and red onion and rice
Tomorrow is spat Bol
Friday most likely random day,
Saturday will be something substantial as having dinner out Sunday as everyone is off doing own thing. DS and DP going to Eastbourne airshow, sis is away and so is just me, dd and my mum and we are taking her out to Brighton for the day 😊

Adversecamber22 Thu 15-Aug-19 00:46:56

Tuna steaks marinated in soy sauce, honey, chilli, lime juice, garlic and ginger. Steamed rice and stir fried veg x5 types.

Steak with a creme fraiche and mushroom sauce, spicy potato wedges, salad, coleslaw and peas

Ham, mushroom and cheese omelette with salad and coleslaw

Crispy sweet chilli belly pork with steamed rice and stir fried veg x6 veg

Chicken and vegetable noodle soup

Chicken and vegetable korma with poppadoms and yogurt and mint dip

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