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RSPCA Home visit

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Puppylove24 Mon 12-Aug-19 22:33:58

I am hoping to get a rescue dog from the RSPCA but there is a pile of rubble in our garden, it is tidy and apart from the rubble out garden is perfect. Will they have a problem with the rubble (only temporary)?
Also what will they look for on the home visit


Wolfiefan Mon 12-Aug-19 22:36:43

Would climbing the rubble enable the dog to jump the fence? Is it made up of sharp or hazardous material?
Think fencing and sleeping arrangements etc.

Puppylove24 Mon 12-Aug-19 22:45:25

Thanks @wolfiefan
No climbing the rubble wouldn't help her jump the fence. It is made of stone (some bits broken but not many)

Wolfiefan Mon 12-Aug-19 22:48:03

They will mainly be looking at safety and suitability. So if you live in a bedsit and want the Great Dane then it’s an issue! When we were planning for our animals I thought through the day. Where would they eat and sleep and play and rest?

Wolfiefan Mon 12-Aug-19 22:48:17

Oh and good luck!!

ThisIsMyBuick Mon 12-Aug-19 22:49:56

Can’t you get rid of it? Sorry that’s a bit of an obvious question! Presumably not.

They look at fence height and where the dog will sleep.
They ask you about where you will walk the dog and what you will do if you want to go on holiday. And about leaving dog.

They ask you how much insurance and feeding the dog will be and if you know where there is a vet.

Wolfiefan Mon 12-Aug-19 22:51:45

Cover it with a tarpaulin and book to have it removed? wink

Medievalist Mon 12-Aug-19 22:54:13

As you say the rubble is temporary I can't think it will be an issue. We have dogs from Labrador Rescue and home visit questions have focused on:

Whether you have a dog proof garden (can they get over/under the fence, is the gate secure etc)
As you rightly identified, any hazards in the garden
Where they will sleep
How long they will be left alone
How much walking they will get and where
What experience you have with dogs
Will you be able to meet any training needs
Any other dogs/cats in the house
Will you insure them
Have you identified a local vet

Just basically questions designed to satisfy themselves that you'll be a good owner. smile

Exciting for you - hope it all works out!

Puppylove24 Mon 12-Aug-19 22:58:25

Thanks @ThisIsMyBuick and @Wolfiefan smile
Unfortunately I can't have it removed as my father in law is using it to build a stone pillar in my garden however I do have some tarpaulin i could cover it with.

If they mainly look at fence height, vets and the dogs lifestyle then i presume it shouldn't be too much of a problem (especially since it's only temporary)

Thanks again guys!😀

Wolfiefan Mon 12-Aug-19 23:04:44

It will be gone though! wink
Maybe an estimated time FIL will finish the work. Oh and of course as you’re so close he will be available to pup sit. grin

Puppylove24 Mon 12-Aug-19 23:12:07

Thanks @Medievalist

-The gate and fence are high and secure
- She will sleep in the kitchen on her bed
- We have plenty of fields, walks/trecks and a park 15mins away. She will be taken on a 25-30minute walk first thing in the morning, 30 mins after eating, again around lunchtime, and again 30 mins after eating tea, but she will also be taken to the park mid afternoon and let out for 5 mins of so last thing at night. (She is a Labrador x border collie)
- Both me and my husband have had collies before
- We both have house trained and leash trained dogs before and there are training classes near by
- We have no other pets at the present
- She will be insured
- We have found 2 local vets

Thanks again @Medievalist smilesmilesmile

Puppylove24 Mon 12-Aug-19 23:15:33

Good idea @Wolfiefan. I don't know about PUP though she's 3 years old and the most mischievous dog you ever saw! 😂

Also, yes, I will give them an estimate. Thanks

Wolfiefan Mon 12-Aug-19 23:17:02

Ha mine isn’t 3 yet and is still mummy’s baby puppy. grin

Puppylove24 Mon 12-Aug-19 23:19:40

Haha 😂

Medievalist Tue 13-Aug-19 07:13:48

Sounds great! Be careful about taking her out too soon after eating though. We generally wait an hour with our dogs to avoid any risk of bloat/torsion.

She sounds like a very lucky girl!

captainprincess Tue 13-Aug-19 07:36:21

Good luck and how lovely you are rehoming a dog that will be so grateful.😊

Puppylove24 Tue 13-Aug-19 18:33:25

Thanks @Medievalist - I will take that into account

Puppylove24 Tue 13-Aug-19 18:33:45

Thanks @captainprincess

MrsTommyBanks Tue 13-Aug-19 18:54:40

You sound perfect! Good luck, I'm sure you wont need it. Nothing like getting a new rescue. All that love waiting to happen smile

Medievalist Tue 13-Aug-19 19:29:19

Don't be surprised op if she takes a while to bond.

One of our rescues had clearly been mistreated and was very suspicious of us initially. Another was a bundle of fun and loved everyone. And I mean everyone. She'd happily try and follow complete strangers home on walks. Took quite a while before she realised we weren't just more people casually passing through her life!

But when they bond - they really bond smile

Puppylove24 Tue 13-Aug-19 21:26:31

Thanks @MrsTommyBanks and @Medievalist

SunshineCake Tue 13-Aug-19 21:29:30

That's a lot of walks and it's ridiculous to walk her half an hour before and after breakfast imo.

Summerunderway Tue 13-Aug-19 21:30:09

Tell them your fridge has
a lock as Labradors are greedy!!

Medievalist Tue 13-Aug-19 21:40:19

That's a lot of walks and it's ridiculous to walk her half an hour before and after breakfast imo.

She's a lab/collie cross. The lab part needs the exercise to work off calories (believe me, however tightly you try and control their intake, they're food thieves); the collie part needs as much exercise and stimulation as is humanly possible since they are working dogs.

Not sure why it's ridiculous to walk before breakfast?

Agree best to wait an hour after eating, but the op has already acknowledged that.

JapaneseBirdPainting Tue 13-Aug-19 21:48:17

At our RSPCA home visit (for a cat) the volunteer doing the visit (lovely chatty retired gentleman) walked in- took one look at JapaneseBirdCat sleeping in her cat hammock and pulled out his phone, called the office and said 'These people are fine'.

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