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Anyone know what I need to attach an xbox 360 to this tv?

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lucysmam Fri 19-Jul-19 16:57:06

I have an adapter thingy but it doesn't work confused

Does anyone know what sort of adapter I do need so I can order one please, so dd2 can Minecraft on it? smile

Ijwlad Fri 19-Jul-19 17:04:04

What adaptor do you currently have and what do you mean by it doesn't work? Have you tried:

lucysmam Fri 19-Jul-19 17:07:59

I forgot the pics blush

I have two of the adaptors in the next pic, with blue, green and red but there's nowhere on the tv to plug the single bit in

Jellybeanduck Fri 19-Jul-19 17:09:36

My sons uses a HDMI cable

Oldraver Fri 19-Jul-19 17:15:37

Yes just a it standard HDMI, just bought one for DS to use on his.

P1nkHeartLovesCake Fri 19-Jul-19 17:16:36

HDMI cable I think is what you need.

lucysmam Fri 19-Jul-19 17:19:42

Just a hdmi?

I can't get the pic to post but it has three bits with holes on one end & one headphone jack type end, the adaptor that I have.

Dead technical blush

lucysmam Fri 19-Jul-19 17:20:40

Oh, the xbox 1 has the hdmi, I mean the old 360 with the big grey power pack thingy.

Shplot Fri 19-Jul-19 17:21:34

You can use hdmi or scart lead for the 360

lucysmam Fri 19-Jul-19 17:24:11

Right, I'm off back upstairs with my random assortment of wires to see if I can connect them.

transformandriseup Fri 19-Jul-19 17:34:03

Our 360 is still connected to the TV. Yes it’s just a HDMI cable and the power cable. I do have the red/blue/green thing but that’s still connected to the PS2 grin.

Magentabubble Fri 19-Jul-19 17:59:38

You can get a HDMI cable for a couple of pounds. Don't get an expensive one, it's a scam, they're all the same.

lucysmam Fri 19-Jul-19 22:05:52

Turned out I didn't have an hdmi wire, so I have added one to my list for when we go to town on Wednesday. I've looked at the back of the 360 though & am not sure where to put it (I'm so bad at this kind of thing it's embarrassing sometimes).

Shplot Sat 20-Jul-19 09:05:35

It’s under the scart socket on the 360, should say hdmi near it but the writing is the same colour as the Xbox so you might have to look closely smile

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