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from unusual city breaks thread...any recs for St Petersbury and Moscow?

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PolarBearOnARaft Fri 19-Jul-19 16:48:37

Probably going in the autumn. Any recommendations?

CondeNasty Fri 19-Jul-19 18:46:54

In St Petersburg go to the Hermitage, see the Church Saviour of the Spilled Blood, take a boat trip and maybe the Summer Palace if you have time. You also have to have tea and cake at Elyseyevs Emporium. Only ever been for a few days so my knowledge is limited!

Moscow I would see Red Square and the Kremlin, the Crown Jewels, All Russias Exhibition, the Space Museum and the cemetery whose name I cant remember! Park Pobedy and Gorki Park are nice for a wander. Go shopping for souvenirs at Izmailovsky and have shaslik for lunch there too. Take the metro everywhere, it's so easy and most stations are beautiful. If you like notebooks and quirky things go to Buro Nahadok in Smolenskaya which is my favourite shop ever! Khachapuri near Kievskaya is great for tasty Georgian food.

Both cities are wonderful for wandering around and just taking it in.

WickedGoodDoge Fri 19-Jul-19 19:08:56

Yes, definitely do the Kremlin and the diamond fund in the Kremlin. Book your tickets in advance. You can’t book the diamond fund in advance but when you get there, if the ticket booth says the tickets are sold out for the day, don’t worry. As a foreigner you’ll be able to buy tickets at the fund itself (at least you could two years ago). The diamond fund is absolutely amazing.

We also really enjoyed the Space Museum and VDNKh is worth a wander round. We also went to the museum of the gulag which was very well done. If you don’t mind a bit of cheesy touristy stuff, go to Bunker 42 (book in advance). It’s an old Cold War bunker and was one of the highlights of our trip.

I preferred Moscow over St Petersburg. We did the Hermitage etc, but also places like the Museum of the Seige, the Yusupov Palace, St Catherine’s Palace (via public transport- much cheaper than a tour) and the Smolny Cathedral. Oh, and some military museum which blew DS’ mind and where we saw the biggest motherfucker missile I’ve ever seen. grin

We took the overnight Red Arrow train between the two.Great fun.

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