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How can I possibly still have a UTI :-(

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aliceknight Fri 19-Jul-19 16:16:31

Treated three or four weeks ago for a UTI with nitrofurantoin for a week . Stopped that, within a couple days UTI straight back . Given a weeks worth of coamoxiclav ... stopped that on Monday ...

Been to nurse today - peed about 30 times in last 24h - and yet again, fever and infection . She’s given me another course of nitrofurantoin but I’ve also got to get kidney bloods done , an internal exam and see the GP - all on Tuesday morning .

They’ve also phoned the urology team as concerned , I’ve got long term bladder problems anyway and waiting on an op but this is quite a new issue . I self catheterise so they aren’t sure if that’s making it worse .

I’m so pissed off (haha) and in pain, constant need to pee . I get three or four days of relief and then as soon as I stop the meds the symptoms come straight back .

Have done all other usual suggestions eg peeing frequently , drinking water , no pants at night , shower instead of bath , avoiding fabric softener etc , no difference at all .

Would appreciate any advice at all , I’m going slightly mad with it all . Heat doesn’t help !

StormTreader Fri 19-Jul-19 16:18:36

Are you super-finicky about the sterility of your catheter if you self-catheterise?
Otherwise you'll be killing off the bugs with antibiotics and then just sticking a load straight back in...

aliceknight Fri 19-Jul-19 16:47:44

Usually but because my urethral opening isn’t visible to eye , it’s quite difficult ? Have to go by touch - it’s quite far into vagina itself so even with the best mirror you can’t see it . Hospital/GP have usually needed 2/3 pairs of hands for inserting catheters . Plus the tubes feel too small , I’m having to push them in quite far . Very difficult not to bump it at all .

I’m beginning to wonder if asking for an indwelling for a short period would be an idea, I’ve had them a lot before .. don’t suppose they can do that with an active infection though .

LettuceBeFree Fri 19-Jul-19 18:02:14

Hi @aliceknight please try d-mannose smile

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