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Original Syndol is back on sale

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Cocolapew Fri 19-Jul-19 14:42:27

Thank god.

Gingernaut Fri 19-Jul-19 23:39:01


jessicawessica Fri 19-Jul-19 23:47:36

Thank goodness for that. Nothing else really touches the pain.

Kummerspeck Fri 19-Jul-19 23:54:44

When DD was revising at uni she had dreadful tension headaches and Syndol was the only thing that helped, to the point that I bought the doxylamine online from the USA to take with co-codamol when it became unavailable.
It is a good product when taken as directed for the shortest possible time

Apparently Migraleve Pink is back too although I'm not a fan of that

ByeByeMissAmericanPie Sat 20-Jul-19 07:07:36

I’ve been buying Doxylomine separately online. I take it as a sleep aid.

I discovered it accidentally when I first took Syndol for a particularly bad headache on the advice of a pharmacist. Luckily I’d just dropped the DC at school as I had to go home to bed!

Rachelover40 Sat 20-Jul-19 14:03:20

I have ordered two packets of Syndol on line. I used to have it years ago and it was good so am delighted it is back on the market in its original form. Before anyone says, I know it should not be used regularly for a long period because it can cause addiction, however I took a lot of Syndol at one time and had no problems.

Mitebiteatnite Thu 26-Sep-19 18:49:33

Sorry, I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I saw Syndol in the pharmacy today and was so pleased. Was about to start a thread on it but thought I'd search first! Goodbye killer migraines.

It's the doxylamine that does it, it does have a sedating effect but it's also a muscle relaxant which is what makes all the difference. I've had a spate of really nasty migraines in the last few months and just had to make do with co-codamol because I can't take nsaids. Sods law I won't have one for ages now, which is a good thing obviously, but I feel better knowing I've got it to fall back on in case.

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