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Anyone let out their house for a tv programme?

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tomboytown Fri 19-Jul-19 13:20:28

They've been filming locally, and they put a letter through the door, anyone ever done this? Was is worth it, loads of hassle?

DonkeyHohtay Fri 19-Jul-19 13:28:08

We did. Not for a TV show but for a commercial/ad campaign. It was all fairly low key. They had one day doing photography in the garden for the billboard posters and internet banners, they were only here about 3 hours and it was fine.

The filming day was BEDLAM, about 60 people in the house as they were shooting three commercials in the same campaign at the same time, every room in the house had people in it. I stuck around for the first couple of hours to answer all their questions about where things were, DH took the kids out for the day. The location manager was very good about cleaning everything up once they had finished and they brought everything they needed right down to loo roll. They spent about £100 at the local Co-Op on sweets, biscuits and snacks and left what they hadn't used, the kids were delighted. They also wanted to put curtains up in the lounge (we have blinds) and left them when they were done, they are now in MIL's house.

We got £600 in total, £400 for the day's filming and £200 for the photography. Would definitely do it again for a short couple of days shoot.

A friend of a friend had her house used in a major BBC drama and they put her up in a hotel for about a month while they filmed and paid her about £500 a day too. Not something I'd consider with kids.

Purpletigers Fri 19-Jul-19 13:29:16

Not for filming but half of the north coast in NI have rented out their house this week for the golf open . Depends on how much they’re offering tbh.
You’d need to factor in alternative accommodation, then the hassle of moving and any tax owed . Might be worth it ?

tomboytown Fri 19-Jul-19 14:12:40

Yeah, we get offers for the Wimbledon tennis players, but I never want to leave the house then!
It would be nice to go on holiday and leave then to it, if they’re trustworthy

ComingtoKent Fri 19-Jul-19 19:21:19

My house was used on The Bill - they put a flyer through several doors in our road. It was one day of filming, but they also came to prepare. They moved furniture about, took pictures down, fitted loads of hidden lighting, took a door off and replaced it with one that could be kicked down!

Filming day was mad - as another poster said, at least 30 people coming and going. Several actors and crew all squished into the living room at one point. They put plastic on the hall carpet and cleared up after themselves - they came back the next day to put the door back on.

This was about 14 years ago and they paid £1000!

Everyone was very friendly and my son and I watched the filming, which was very interesting. They even rigged up massive lights outside so it looked like daylight inside, after dark had fallen.

Our bit lasted less than five minutes in the finished programme.

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