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anyone else looking forwa rd to autumn?

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CoffeeBeam Fri 19-Jul-19 08:08:11

I'm done with summer. Im looking forward to nice boots, psl, and crisper air.

Anyone else with me?!

LoseLooseLucy Fri 19-Jul-19 08:09:33

I am, I love Autumn.

Elvesdontdomagic Fri 19-Jul-19 08:09:48

I love autumn but can never understand why people wish summer away! Wish winter away yes but summer?!

Banananas Fri 19-Jul-19 08:13:01

I love autumn too! Some leaves have started to fall and I'm so excited, a little prematurely this year. I can usually contain myself until September.
Crisp air, crunchy leaves, smoky bonfires, toffee apples, boots, and jumpers!

SallyWD Fri 19-Jul-19 08:22:13

Noooooo! I mean I do like autumn but summer's so much better!

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 19-Jul-19 08:23:17

Yes, summer is my least favourite season.

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 19-Jul-19 08:26:53

I mean I like summer if it's not too hot, I
like school holidays and long days, but I hate prolonged periods of temperatures over about 21°C, like last year.

StumpyinSomerset Fri 19-Jul-19 08:28:03

Yes me. The smells and colours are so much nicer. The air feels crisper and fresher. Summer is just hot,muggy,sticky and I hate it.

DinoEggz Fri 19-Jul-19 08:31:02

I’ve spent about 25 years in education at school/university so autumn always holds that feeling of new beginnings. New books, pens, friends and opportunities, being busy and engaged, starting over. Plus it’s time to start planting your flower bulbs for the spring!

Bezalelle Fri 19-Jul-19 08:31:53

I love the first whispers of autumn in late August/early September, and then the first chilly morning when it really kicks in. Days getting shorter, misty walks in the park, then home for cosy cups of tea on the sofa....

cheezy Fri 19-Jul-19 08:32:16

I am. I just love autumn above all other seasons.

Emmabryant123 Fri 19-Jul-19 08:32:26

I'm looking forward to winter 😁

Thatsalovelycuppatea Fri 19-Jul-19 08:37:25


Crimson72 Fri 19-Jul-19 08:39:26

Not yet. Come late August I will be!

Hotterthanahotthing Fri 19-Jul-19 08:39:59

Still waiting for a bit of summer here not this cloudy weather.
I like summer because even now it's warm enough to not wear socks,coats and jumpers.I like the very low fuel bills.The only down side is having to iron things .

SnuggyBuggy Fri 19-Jul-19 08:43:08

Yes, I love autumn. I love the colours of the turning leaves, the smell, blackberries and cinnamon.

Pinktinker Fri 19-Jul-19 08:55:23

I enjoy summer when it’s not unbearably hot for weeks on end like last year. This years has been ok, I haven’t minded it as much. It certainly makes the school run far more pleasant when it’s not belting it down or freezing!

spiderlight Fri 19-Jul-19 09:34:40

I love love love Autumn. Can't wait!

flouncyfanny Fri 19-Jul-19 09:36:26

Ahh, I have found my people.
although next wk here is supposed to be 27 angry

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 19-Jul-19 09:38:29

Yes, I'd like to fast forward past next week if the forecast is to be believed. I do miss the light evenings when autumn comes though, I love being out and about in daylight late into the evening.

MarshaBradyo Fri 19-Jul-19 09:41:07

Not yet still enjoying summer

But I love it by the time it arrives

tmh88 Fri 19-Jul-19 09:41:23

Yes can’t wait! Summer is my worst season envy

HeadintheiClouds Fri 19-Jul-19 09:43:44

Can’t wait!

flouncyfanny Fri 19-Jul-19 09:46:05

See, I don't mind losing the light evenings. It's a good excuse to put the fairy lights on grin and the garden has a few solar lights and lanterns.
This is a good website for daylight hours etc. Handy for forward-planning smile

MrsBungle Fri 19-Jul-19 09:46:56

Me! I love autumn and winter. Spring is lovely too but Summer is my least favourite season. I like crisp coolness, bonfires, Christmas, coats and boots. I hate being hot!

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