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How old do you want to live to...

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Fastloveinyoureyes Wed 17-Jul-19 23:55:16

Disclaimer: I work in a hospital setting which sees an awful lot of elderly people. Before I started working there I would've said 'as long as possible'

Two years down the line...not so much.

I'm sure we all know someone who's 101 and living a fabulous life, but for the majority, 85 and upwards is no bloody fun at all. A slow descent into falling apart, increasing hospital admissions, more and more meds, falls, dementia and then death in some hospital bed because you fell over and hit your head and nobody noticed you were more confused than normal.

I'm going for 75-80. After that I think i'd be happy to shuffle off this mortal coil

Soola Thu 18-Jul-19 00:02:01

I want 20 more years and to go before my husband.

BackforGood Thu 18-Jul-19 00:03:42

I have no desire to 'be kept alive' for a long time.
I want to be able to "live" whilst I am alive, and then I want to go.

Wish humans were offered more choice, and given more dignity.

Tolleshunt Thu 18-Jul-19 00:06:42

About 80, assuming reasonable health up until then. Younger if not. My only concern would be DD, as I didn’t have her till 41, and would hate to leave her too young. But then I wouldn’t want to be a drain or a burden to her, either. If euthanasia still isn’t legal here by that age, I would be prepared to go to Switzerland if I were degenerating into an illness that robbed me of quality of life.

2018SoFarSoGreat Thu 18-Jul-19 00:07:53

85. That's enough for me.

may also have been the age my financial adviser told me I would be when my money would run out smile

Tolleshunt Thu 18-Jul-19 00:09:46

Meant to say, OP, that I totally get where you are coming from, having seen a grandparent suffer crippling pain from arthritis (completely inadequately controlled) and mobility issues, coupled with a slow slide into dementia, for years prior to death at 91. On the other hand, another grandparent lived until 95, in relatively good health until the last 6 months. In the latter circs i’d hang around a bit longer, but it’s so hard to tell how it will go.

Bloodybridget Thu 18-Jul-19 01:01:12

65 with cancer, hopefully treatment will be successful, but I wanted at least another 20 years.

Mintjulia Thu 18-Jul-19 01:18:35

My gran made 102 and was fairly cheerful all the way to the end, so I’d like the same.

But I also think Dignitas has the right idea on allowing people to decide when their time has come.

isitwhatitis Thu 18-Jul-19 01:20:53

As long as possible but I think I've only got five years or ten at a push

Jenasaurus Thu 18-Jul-19 01:22:04

16 more years for me. I think 70 is the right age. My dad got cancer at 72 and suffered terribly until he died at 80. My mother developed Alzheimer’s at 73 and cancer at the same time. She spent the last few years
Not knowing who her family were and having chemo and surgery until she could no longer swallow and died at 80. So if I go just before the illness develops or cut short the time after diagnosis so my family don’t suffer and it’s not prolonged I want to go about 70. I may change my mind if my health remains ok and if I have a focus in my life like grandchildren or maybe a romance lol. I’m not looking forward to spending my retirement alone in my flat unable to get up the stairs without a chair lift.

Buddywoo Thu 18-Jul-19 01:26:37

I am 72 and any time soon would suit me. I certainly don't want to be around in another 5 years.

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 18-Jul-19 01:36:37

It all depends. People in my family tend to have massive heart attacks and die young. I'd rather not. Better that though than DH's family who live a long time but have bad and deteriorating mental health.

groundanchochillipowder Thu 18-Jul-19 02:07:43

Maybe 20 years max. I'm well sick of this.

Strokethefurrywall Thu 18-Jul-19 02:13:58

As long as I'm sound of body and mind, I want to go as long as possible still enjoying rollercoasters, sunrises and simple pleasures.

Anywhere north of 85 would suit me. Gives me another 44+ years to enjoy. Granted those years will see the loss of my parents and close family but hopefully those that have come after me will keep me happy and full of life.

Ferfeckssake Thu 18-Jul-19 02:40:55

It all depends on quality of life really. I have a 90 year old living with me. Not too bad healthwise, but he tells me that outliving your friends and being unable to live independently is not ideal. But he doesn't fancy the alternative which is dying.

1forAll74 Thu 18-Jul-19 02:56:07

I am 77,and sometimes think about,,how long have I got now ha ha.
Various people in my family.have lived until 86 and up to 99 years, but that's nothing to go by really,anything can happen..So not going to worry about it at the moment..

My son,and daughter, in their 40's now,do not like me talking about I am going to live until I am 200 or something ! so I have made my own plans for whenever, and they won't like my plans!

wheresmymojo Thu 18-Jul-19 03:58:22

80+ for me....perhaps 85 or so?

DH's parents are in their 70s now and travelling all over the world, they're fitter than me and just did the world's biggest zip line in Costa Rica.

I don't want to have a horrible decline so hoping to stay in reasonable health to 85 or so and then pop my clogs.

Rachelover40 Thu 18-Jul-19 04:08:03

When I was young I l always had a feeling I would not see old age and imagined myself dying in my fifties - I wasn't miserable about and didn't dwell on it but just thought it at times. Fifties came and went. I'll be seventy this year and there is nothing wrong with me; a couple of things have gone wrong in recent times but were sorted and I'm OK. However I now do have insight, from first hand experience, into what life can be like for someone who is helpless and it's scary.

I wonder how I will be able to fill the next few years and don't have much enthusiasm. I cannot put an age on the limit to how long I want to live because, frankly, I don't know how I'll feel if and when I get there. It depends how fit and independent I am I suppose but I often find life a bore and feel hopeless. Mid eighties is probably about right.

Sorry I'm a bit gloomy. Woke up a little while ago and feel introspective which happens at times, always has, but I'll be OK later. I just wish I could embrace life, it could be good because I don't have a lot to worry about really. My experience of being in hospital for eight days earlier this year has definitely had a negative psychological effect on me, it was so awful.

AlbertWinestein Thu 18-Jul-19 04:11:37

My parents are both in their 80s and are for as a fiddle, as were both their sets of parents who all died around 90-92. The decline at the end was swift for all of them though. I would love to carry on this particular family tradition.

AlbertWinestein Thu 18-Jul-19 04:12:00

*fit obviously not for

Birdie6 Thu 18-Jul-19 04:32:33

Both my parents had a wonderful life, both remained fully independent and active until they were 86 and 89. Both "dropped dead" from aortic aneurysms - Dad was brushing his teeth at the time, and Mum was sitting watching her favorite TV show. Neither of them would have known anything was happening.

I fully intend to maintain the family tradition !

Cailleach Thu 18-Jul-19 04:50:11


BiteyShark Thu 18-Jul-19 05:40:53

I hope it's until I am no longer healthy and independant.

My DM died age 74 and she was struggling to live independently for several years due to ill health. With this in mind I plan to retire early and enjoy my 60s with a view that health wise it may change at any time.

BitchQueen90 Thu 18-Jul-19 05:41:13

Totally depends on my health. My grandfather is pushing 80 and fit as a fiddle - lives alone, drives, has many hobbies and holidays.

I don't want to get to the stage where I can't do things for myself so before then.

joystir59 Thu 18-Jul-19 05:48:00

For as long as I feel healthy and genuinely alive. My partner is a carer and I do not want to end up having my arse wiped and never doing anything useful or fun any more.

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