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So we should be washing our pants at 60 degrees.

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BenWillbondsPants Mon 15-Jul-19 12:23:35

This morning cleaning expert says our pants should be washed at 60 degrees. How does that work then? If you've to wash the rest of your gear (apart from towels etc which I wouldn't wash with ma pants anyway) at a lower temp, are we just supposed to save up 50 pairs of dirty pants until you have a full load of dirty knickers? It's all very confusing you know ...

PristineCondition Mon 15-Jul-19 12:24:55

Everything get mixed and goes in at 40 here.
Clothes are clean and no one is dead yet.

Joopy Mon 15-Jul-19 12:26:07

I know and Bras washed everyday?!!!!

dementedpixie Mon 15-Jul-19 12:26:49

As long as I'm not eating my pants I don't think it matters what temperature I wash them at. Normally washed at 40 degrees like most of my other clothes

Joopy Mon 15-Jul-19 12:27:06

Is it that bad to wash knickers and tea towels together?

NoBaggyPants Mon 15-Jul-19 12:27:28

In what way are they an expert?

EskewedBeef Mon 15-Jul-19 12:27:40

I wash them with other things that can be washed at 60, like towels, bedding and shirts. Why wouldn't you wash pants and towels together?

dementedpixie Mon 15-Jul-19 12:27:51

I make up washes from all sorts of clothes, towels,etc

PerspicaciaTick Mon 15-Jul-19 12:28:07


Surely it buggers the elastic?

usernameuser Mon 15-Jul-19 12:29:00

What a lot of old tosh. Cleaning expert indeed 🙄

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Mon 15-Jul-19 12:31:55

I wash pants and socks at 60 and always have. I have a lot of them so that I can put on a full load every 3 weeks or so. The elastic in them is fine. I also wash towels and tea towels at 60.

LimitIsUp Mon 15-Jul-19 12:33:11

I wash pants, bedding and towels at 75 degrees actually....

Barbarafromblackpool Mon 15-Jul-19 12:33:28

I wash everything at 30 all mixed in.

LaurieFairyCake Mon 15-Jul-19 12:33:56

I couldn't wash them with towels and bedding as pants are black and bedding is white

I just wash everything at 30 or 40 for the last 25 years. Fanny still fine, no infections.

So won't be doing any different

LimitIsUp Mon 15-Jul-19 12:34:00


thefirstmrsdewinter Mon 15-Jul-19 12:36:07

Did they say why specifically? I thought we were all meant to be washing on cold now?

You can wash pants with Napisan or bleach, or to get them visibly cleaner pretreat for stains. Ironing the gusset is meant to disinfect for thrush. Or I guess if anyone is hung up on the idea of hot water you could put them in a bowl and pour a kettle of boiling water on them before washing on cold.

My mum washes everything in hot water and adds bleach to whites, which means most of her clothes look prematurely knackered and she has bleach marks on a third of her clothes from the bottle sloshing about.

DappledThings Mon 15-Jul-19 12:36:17

I've only started doing a 60 wash since DS started potty training and we need to get the remains of accidents out of his clothes. Now we only have accidents about once a week so I find other pants, socks, pyjamas, tea towels etc that will take a 60 wash to make one up. Otherwise shove everything in unsorted at 40.

ColdTattyWaitingForSummer Mon 15-Jul-19 12:37:11

I wash clothes at 20, bedding and towels at 40 (my machine doesn’t have a 30 setting). I’m pretty sure that the care labels on most modern clothes don’t recommend washing at any higher temperatures than that. Oh, and I don’t wash my bras every day either!!

LimitIsUp Mon 15-Jul-19 12:39:38

I don't use bleach as I have a bio sewage treatment plant for my waste water

cheeseypuff Mon 15-Jul-19 12:43:17

Adding bleach to a wash is pretty useless anyway as it's supposed to be used with cold water so unless you're washing whites on a cold wash setting it will reduce the bleach's efficacy.

You can buy specific laundry disinfectant if you have concerns re bacteria in the wash. I use this for washing all our sports kit & gym/ cycling stuff. It definitely gets rid of the "sweaty" smell so polyester sports wear can pick up - especially husband's sweaty cycling shorts!! Pants etc are just washed on a normal 40 degree wash though. I do towels & sheets at 60, that's all.

QuantamBaby Mon 15-Jul-19 12:57:51

I wash underwear, gym kit and towels on a 40 wash with a cupful of Dettol Laundry cleanser - cleans them, gets the sweaty smell out of everything and doesn't ruin the fabrics and elastics.

drowningincustard Mon 15-Jul-19 12:58:34

I like to line dry as much as possible and I swear there is witchcraft in uv sunlight as it seems to be the best thing for tomato stains. In a similar vein I hope that uv is doing the same witchcraft on my dishcloths, towels, knickers and socks so they all tend to be done at 40.

Chloemol Mon 15-Jul-19 13:04:36

More mollycoddling. Mine get washed at 30 or 40 in with everything else, being doing this 30+ years and am still here healthy and fine

IntoValhalla Mon 15-Jul-19 13:09:43

Wtf? hmm
I wash all the “normal clothes” mixed in together at 40.
Bedding/towels in on their own at 60.
If DH has any mega minging work uniform it goes in on its own at 60.
Cloth nappies and wipes go in together for a cold rinse then a normal 40 cycle.

And seriously washing bras everyday?!! hmm How often does she think I can afford to replace my awkward-as-arse sized bras when they inevitably get fucked up from being chucked around a washing machine everyday?!! Even in one of those special lingerie bags, I can’t see a bra lasting all that long if it’s being washed everyday confused

Abra1de Mon 15-Jul-19 13:11:20

Hang them out in the sun to help get rid of bacteria.

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