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What have you eaten today?

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P1nkHeartLovesCake Sun 07-Jul-19 16:03:43

I love a food thread and normally pick up some new ideas as well smile

Breakfast, poached eggs on toast. Lots of coffee

Lunch chicken salad & party rings with the dc

Dinner later will be sausage and butter bean stew & a bottle of red for me and dh
Dessert home made strawberry ice cream ( the ice cream maker has turned out to be a great buy)

moomoogalicious Sun 07-Jul-19 17:10:51

Small bowl muesli
Humous, pitta bread and carrots
Mini snickers
Bread and jam

For dinner later:
Beef stew and dumplings
Lemon cheesecake

Lots of sugar as ever but in my defense I've run 5k!

SallyWD Sun 07-Jul-19 17:14:08

Breakfast: blueberries and strawberries followed by cheese and onion toastie.

Lunch: big roll with cheese, salad and mayonnaise, 1/2 Brownie

Dinner: very big bowl of Mackerel salad.

LoafofSellotape Sun 07-Jul-19 17:15:34

Boiled eggs this morning.

Strawberries and cream and cake.

Steak on the BBQ with salad later.

MaMisled Sun 07-Jul-19 17:17:13

Ready brek pancakes, raspberries from my garden, kiwi and squirty cream.

Salad with pasta, cheese and bacon, tomato snaps crisps, satsuma, apple and an Alpen Light.

Minted lamb shank, peas and mashed potato, swede butternut and carrot.

SinglePringle Sun 07-Jul-19 17:18:07

Breakfast: toast and marmite x 2
Lunch: chicken and coleslaw sandwich

2 squares of chocolate (I’ve discovered Tony’s and it’s amazing).

Dinner is going to be chicken salad followed by strawberries and mango.

Wish I’d not had the bread but it was lower carb and I only eat it once a week.

itsallafiddle Sun 07-Jul-19 17:19:09

Overnight oats with fruit, beans on toast, an ice lolly, and some cheesecake. Going for a curry later...I have been to the gym tho 😂

MissMogwai Sun 07-Jul-19 17:20:31

I'm getting over a recent stomach bug and still have no appetite (unheard of)

Breakfast was 2 rich tea biscuits and a coffee

No lunch

DP has just tried to tempt me with strawberries and cream, which I did eat and now feel a bit off!

WontLetThoseRobotsDefeatMe Sun 07-Jul-19 17:25:15

800m Solidarity fist bump here. Having a self medicating day with food and hoping it gives me a bit of mental relief.

Coffee and blackcurrant jam on toast.
Pack of mozzarella sticks with extra salt.
3 marks and sparks cocktails.

@Soola - Ooh how do you scramble tofu? I've had the block type but that sounds totally different.

Nautiloid Sun 07-Jul-19 17:27:53

So far just a chocolate cornflake cake made by the kids and a diet coke (and water). confused

Got a ham cooking though with quiche, new potatoes and salad. Will probably force some fruit down later, don't like it much to be honest but I do try.

Frith2013 Sun 07-Jul-19 17:29:02

Not long back from holiday so haven’t driven to town yet.

Lunch - baked beans and cheese on toast

Tea - Jack Monroe’s carrot and kidney bean burgers on sliced bread with gherkin, tomato and lettuce

Flapjacks are in the oven.

TheyCallMeMellowYellow Sun 07-Jul-19 17:32:36

Got up late so no breakfast.

Ham sandwich on crusty bread with lettuce & cucumber

Bag of quavers
Feast ice cream lolly

Homemade cottage pie with broccoli and green beans

Coffee, tea and some vimto!

sparklefarts Sun 07-Jul-19 17:36:02

I might win some award today...

Slice of buttery toast
Bowl coco pops
Another slice of buttery toast
A biscuit (chocolate)
A kinder chocolate bar knicked from my three year olds stash
Chicken and Mayo in a sourdough baguette
Bag beef hula hoops
A small snack size Milky Way
A square of dairy milk
Large fries from McDonald's

And later I will have..
Minted lamb kebabs with Pitts bread, salad and cous cous
Some more chocolate biscuits with tea

I'm not proud of myself, but we've been up since 5.45 (which is normal to be fair) but it's been a bad day and long week and I think I'm just eating to try and stay awake. Unfortunately hiding in bed all day wouldn't work with a three year old.

I'll be better tomorrow

BlueMerchant Sun 07-Jul-19 17:40:04

Breakfast- 2 satsumas 2 wholemeal toast & marg.
Lunch- large slice of pizza, tomato pasta.
Snacks- slice of melon, 1 pickled onion crisps sandwich with lettucehmm, 2 mini bags of malteasers.
I am having no dinner as I feel like I've never stopped eating!

joystir59 Sun 07-Jul-19 17:41:46

Porridge banana yoghurt
Fruit tea
Small coffee Icecream
Small wholmealwrap, avocado, haloumi,salad
Seabrook crisps,small packet
Large glass Prosecco

Lovetunnocks Sun 07-Jul-19 17:42:45

Breakfast - two sausages, fried egg, fried tomatoes, slice of toast with marmalade.
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - left-over couscous with garlicky prawns and a green salad.
Lots of cups of tea with oat milk and a glass of Nosecco.

mackerelsandwich Sun 07-Jul-19 17:47:03

Eggs & avocado on seeded toast
Chocolate cake at Church
Tuna mayo wrap
Corneto (out with kids)
Pringles Bbq and original
Black Jack and Fruit Salad sweets
Having gammon new potatoes and veg for tea

Feel like I've eaten wayyy too much sugar but haven't been feeling well all weekend

chocolateneededrn Sun 07-Jul-19 17:47:55

Breakfast - two crumpets with butter and low fat Greek yoghurt with frozen berries.
At work - ate two roast potatoes that were going spare
Dinner - three sausages and a whole broccoli, half a cauliflower and half a pack of fine beans with a little bit of butter. Cherry mullerlight yogurt and a handful of cherry tomatoes.
Have some toffee and sea salt milk chocolate that I'll have later with some fruit.
Drinks - lots of water, three black coffees and a sugar free monster.

MadameRenard Sun 07-Jul-19 18:04:32

B: apple and pear and a coffee
L: avocado on toast with bacon medallions
D: mac and cheese ready meal (just about to eat)

Snacks: a share bag salt and pepper party mix crisps, an ice lolly, another banana

notso Sun 07-Jul-19 18:24:52

B- two cups of tea, a cappuccino and some strawberries

L- a scone with jam and cream and a cup of tea
A cracker and cheese

D- homemade steak pie, broccoli and peas. Might have mashed potato too but have guilt from the scone.

onlyhereforthefood Sun 07-Jul-19 19:02:27

B- Cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese

L- ham and cheese toastie from Costa

S- a peach, bag of french fry crisps

D- 2 vegan kebab stick things, pita bread, salad

S- going to have a magnum ice cream later.

Sparkle733 Sun 07-Jul-19 19:04:48

B- x1 toast and cheese
S- banana and snickers bar
L- Turkey roast dinner
T- Chicken kiev, jacket and salad

starfishcoffee Sun 07-Jul-19 19:10:36

Breakfast - coffee (didn't fancy cereal)
Lunch - bread, hummus, potato salad, salami, coleslaw, cucumber sticks, cake (was at a children's party)
Dinner will be fried mince with peppers, carrots and mushrooms, mixed in with rice in a soy based sauce.
DS (13 months) had 2 fish fingers, potato, carrot and peas followed by a kiwi and some blueberries.

CakeNinja Sun 07-Jul-19 19:32:33

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs midday.
Just waiting for a roast chicken dinner now.
(2 beers. It’s nearly the summer holidays and I’m celebrating early.)

Passthecake30 Sun 07-Jul-19 22:19:54

2 poached eggs and toast
Seeded thins (crackers), smoked mackerel, tomato and a banana
1/2 a ripple
Pork burger, chips, corn
Little bowl of popcorn and a baileys.

Hadenoughofitall441 Sun 07-Jul-19 22:36:05

Half a cherry onken Yogurt for breakfast
Maccy D for lunch
King prawn bucatini for dinner
Some pickled onion crisps and a piece of choc gateau

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