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Weird household rules you had growing up.

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habibihabibi Sat 06-Jul-19 18:14:42

A number of odd rules but most memorable:
My mother did not allow us to sit ot lie on beds unless in our pj's ready to sleep.
Not allowed in bedrooms during the day unless poorly.
If we had friends over we had to play in the garden/playroom.
We were not permitted downstairs in pjs ever.
Straight from bath to bed and immediately washed and dressed on waking.

Hit me with your strange rules grin

Bumblenut Sat 06-Jul-19 18:17:43

I think they’re quite good rules! Wish I was a disciplined...

PancakeAndKeith Sat 06-Jul-19 18:18:41

I can understand the ‘no day clothes on the bed’ rule. PJ are clean and for bed. Day clothes have all the outside on them.
I’m not saying I agree in the slightest, but I understand.

My mother was very odd. But not too many odd rules. I’ll have to think.

topcat2014 Sat 06-Jul-19 18:19:19

What did any of those rules achieve though?

My house was the reverse - so all my repressed friends used to enjoy coming to ours!

topcat2014 Sat 06-Jul-19 18:20:40

"day clothes have the outside on them" huh.

I can understand shoes off (if that's your thing) but not quite with you there.

mimibunz Sat 06-Jul-19 18:21:16

We weren’t allowed to close our bedroom doors. And pjs were for bed, not for lounging.

PancakeAndKeith Sat 06-Jul-19 18:21:42

"day clothes have the outside on them" huh.

Like if you leave your washing on the line overnight it’ll get dark on it.

Lostpurplehoodie Sat 06-Jul-19 18:25:03

We were rationed loo paper. 2 sheets allowed for a wee, three lots of three sheets for a poo. No provision for periods.

It wasn’t as draconian as it sounds - the loo roll was in the bathroom but we were quizzed on it if it was decreed that it wasn’t lasting long enough. I remember a holiday in my teens when my father went spare because we’d got through the loo roll we brought with us and local stuff wasn’t good value.

Sugarplumfairyfartface Sat 06-Jul-19 18:30:24

Hmm can't remember ever having any rules at all tbh! Maybe that's weird! Told me off for smashing a hole in the fence when I forgot my key once does that count?!

DNAwrangler Sat 06-Jul-19 18:30:35

We weren't allowed to get the bath mat wet. Not even slightly. You had to lift one foot, dry it while wobbling about, step over the bath and deftly turn around to dry the second foot before it touched the mat.

My DM would be horrified at DH. He leaves the mat dripping wet.

They are both weird imo.

RebootYourEngine Sat 06-Jul-19 18:31:02

So glad we didn't have any weird rules.

I don't see the big deal about clothes on bed. Shoes yes.

floraloctopus Sat 06-Jul-19 18:33:48

No sleeping over at other people's houses.
Only second hand clothes/parents old clothes.

Sugarplumfairyfartface Sat 06-Jul-19 18:34:04

Oh and yes your rules sound like a good idea it gets on my nerves when kids say they r having a PJ day and sit around all day doing nowt bedrooms for sleeping playroom and garden for playing get up get dressed sounds great would NEVER happen in my house though kids would just laugh in my face! (Teens)

Afteryoux Sat 06-Jul-19 18:36:28

We always kept our shoes on in the house (and still do when we visit) as my mother prefers that to bare feet or sweaty socks.

Dontgiveamonkeys1350 Sat 06-Jul-19 18:41:29

Not allowed to eat out in the street. Even now when I eat something walking down the road it makes me happy 😂

MyDcAreMarvel Sat 06-Jul-19 18:43:16

We also had toilet paper rationing , my parents were the war generation so assume connected to that.

Baguetteaboutit Sat 06-Jul-19 18:45:29

Did you or any of your siblings have hayfever habibihabibi?

That sounds like someone trying to keep pollen out of bedrooms.

GummyGoddess Sat 06-Jul-19 18:49:16

Once up for bed you can't have a drink. Now I have children, she admitted that it was to stop us coming downstairs constantly for a drink/cuddle/loo/story and I can understand exactly why she did it!

dottiedodah Sat 06-Jul-19 18:51:29

Never had any rules much ,except TV dinners were NOT allowed ever!.Also remember being about 14/15 .Not allowed to watch Monty Python(But did anyway when Mum went to her evening class!).Or The Sweeney(Too violent) .!.

Crunchymum Sat 06-Jul-19 19:00:55

I assume this thread was inspired by the "child who lay on the bed in their outdoor clothes" thread??? grin

mig58 Sat 06-Jul-19 19:02:20

No eating in street. Still cannot do it. No whistling or chewing gum. Allof these because they made our lady blush!

No friends outside the family. They were all you were supposed to need.

floraloctopus Sat 06-Jul-19 19:08:39

Oh yes, drinks. No drinks after 6pm - not even water. If bed time was 10pm you still couldn't have a drink after 6pm.

homemadegin Sat 06-Jul-19 19:11:24

No eating unless at the table.
No cutting cheese or anything else on the floorgrin
No playing in school uniform ever.
No playing on the bales.

ReganSomerset Sat 06-Jul-19 19:13:54

Bedrooms had to be immaculate before visitors. Ceilings sometimes had to be repainted first, for example. No crossing on stairs. Drinks drunk in one- no putting cups down.

WeakAsIAm Sat 06-Jul-19 19:14:41

Only allowed to play between specific times in the evening.

Had to choose 2 evenings a week with no playing at all.

Not allowed to watch Grange Hill or east Enders (kind of agree with east Enders today). But Grange Hill ???? Was actually a programme for kids.

Think I've gone too far with my kids tho, hardly any rules but I'm sure they will say different when older grin

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