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What can I get for my 13 year old ds birthday?

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Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 13:45:51

He is 13 in 2 weeks. He has high functioning autism, isn’t into sports at all but loves animals and nature, he’s quite geeky and likes anime and computers.

At Christmas he had animal adoption thingy, I will be buying him a game for the switch he wants but won’t have it on his birthday due to the release date so I really want something or couple of small things for him to actual open on his birthday?? I don’t have loads of money to spare....

Can anyone help?

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 13:53:56

He also loves to draw but has pads and pencils etc. Loves anything to do with the war but wouldn’t play with or get much pleasure from any models...

Cheesecake53 Thu 13-Jun-19 14:09:41

Would he enjoy a Monga themed sleep over at the British Museum here? Or paint pottery?

newmomof1 Thu 13-Jun-19 14:16:32

Telescope? If he's a bit geeky then astronomy may be right up his street

Littleduckeggblue Thu 13-Jun-19 14:18:49

Tickets to go and visit the adopted animal?

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 14:40:51

The adopted animal is at an animal sanctuary so we see it regularly. No he hates sleeping away form home although the sleep over is fab idea.

Painting pottery lasts about 5 minutes as he can’t ‘rub it out’ when he goes wrong and he’s a perfectionist! He did have a telescope and it was expensive but We couldn’t see a lot!

NotEnoughTime Thu 13-Jun-19 14:50:15

Where do you live?

motortroll Thu 13-Jun-19 14:52:47

My sister did an old fashioned sweet shop for her boys bday and now she has to do it for all her kids 😂 she bought some old fashioned style glass jars then sweets from Costco or home bargains to fill them and some striped sweet bags.

BlackCatsRock Thu 13-Jun-19 14:54:15

How about a 1000 dot-to-dot book?

My son has one and loves it (and so do I!)

This is an example from Amazon.

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 14:54:23

We are in the southeast. Yes sweets sound good idea! I’m looking at animal keeper for the day at the moment but it’s not something to unwrap really as it’s just a bit of paper?

JuniperIV Thu 13-Jun-19 14:55:35

I got this for my partner’s 13 year old son and he seemed pretty pleased with it!

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 14:55:49

Woah 1000 dot to dot! That looks like something I’d like! Are the dots numbered? He’s also dyslexic which interferes with his maths/numbers so he’d Probably need help with it as would lose count trying to follow it.

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 14:56:27

juniper what is it? The link doesn’t work?

bookmum08 Thu 13-Jun-19 14:59:18

Any Manga books or Graphic Novels he might want?

CantspellWontspell Thu 13-Jun-19 15:02:28

There are loads of fun card games - Exploding Kittens, Coup, Dragonwood etc night he enjoy one of those?

NotEnoughTime Thu 13-Jun-19 15:03:16

My 12 year old DS recently went to the Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham. (My DS isn't particularly sporty). There are enough different activities to do there to appeal to everyone. My DS's favourite was a shark dive!

My older DS (you need to be 13 so your DS is the right age) went with my DH to The Crystal Maze in London last year and they both said it was really good so that might be an option?

BlackCatsRock Thu 13-Jun-19 15:04:37

They are numbered but can get a little confusing so maybe a simpler dot-to-dot. There are lots of different ones on Amazon.

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Thu 13-Jun-19 15:05:19

This? It's basically build your own platform computer game £14.14 on Amazon

spiderlight Thu 13-Jun-19 15:06:18

A lightbox for drawing? My DS is currently spending hours tracing very detailed car pictures using an ancient lightbox he was given. Something like this?]]

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Thu 13-Jun-19 15:07:52

Does he like figures? You can get great models from various manga - My husband has lots of final fantasy ones. My daughter collects funko pop figures from dragonball z and we have some Tokyo ghoul ones too.

Or a picture for his wall?

Qwertee do some fantastic t-shirts- they change every day.

You can get how to draw manga books or one of the adult colouring books?

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 15:08:26

Loves bear G but would be mega expensive as such a long way away and would have to stay up there plus pay for my other dc as no one to have him. Nice idea, shame it’s not down here.

I would LOVE to do crystal maze!! Do you have to do it with strangers though? There’s just the 3 of us.

thatwould that looks cool, do you know anyone that has it? I had something similar few years back to do with minecraft and it was crap and didn’t work and they found it boring and hard work!

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 15:10:36

He had manga books for Xmas and doesn’t use them at all. He prefers to just draw by himself?

I can’t open that link to the light box? Do you have a different link? That sounds great!

No he has a lot of figures but they sit in a draw, doesn’t even display them so staying away from figures.

BlackCatsRock Thu 13-Jun-19 15:11:24

What sort of things does he like to draw?

NotEnoughTime Thu 13-Jun-19 15:14:10

The Bear Grylls was a trek but worth it. Just my DH and the birthday boy went. I stayed at home with my older DS. They didn't sleep over due to the expense so it was a very looong day but like I said it was worth it.

The Crystal Maze you do have to do with others if your group isn't big enough (yours wouldn't be). My DS and DH said the people they were put in with were good fun. I would imagine most of the people going would be up for a laugh.

Inbedbynine Thu 13-Jun-19 15:15:59

Maybe in a couple of years I could take them to crystal maze I’d love it!

He mostly makes up his own characters? Based on anime type things reallg..

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