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Emergency doctors appointment

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gingajewel Thu 13-Jun-19 13:30:13

I have a doctors appointment for ten days time as I have been having a burning\tingling pain in my head for the past week. On the advice I had from some people from here yesterday I went and checked my blood pressure today and it is 136/82 and my pulse was 97.
At three o clock I can call the docs for an emergency appointment (same day appointment) trouble is I have no idea if that blood pressure and pulse rate warrants an emergency appointment or if to wait for the appointment I have made, advise me please!!

Steph2541 Thu 13-Jun-19 13:43:02

Phone them at 3 and tell receptionist and she will advice, they are the better ones to talk to

dontfollowmeimlosttoo Thu 13-Jun-19 13:54:06

Your pulse is slightly high should be between 60-100 . Your BP is on the verge too as should be 90-140 top number and 60-90 bottom. Your pulse and BP aren't emergency numbers but depends how else ur feeling

dontfollowmeimlosttoo Thu 13-Jun-19 13:54:58

The burning tingling pain will need investigating so I'd try n get one today smile

gingajewel Thu 13-Jun-19 13:58:51

Thankyou, I have no clue about blood pressure etc and google was sending me down rabbit holes!!! I wasn’t sure if it was high or fairly normal!

Footle Thu 13-Jun-19 15:25:28

It's not one size fits all. Doesn't look high to me. How old are you, for a start?

QueenofPain Thu 13-Jun-19 15:31:06

BP and HR seem fine. HR is a bit high but if you’re stressed and worried that something is wrong it might explain it. BP certainly wouldn’t warrant any intervention or treatment whatsoever. You don’t really need an emergency appt based on the information you’ve given here.

Why don’t you see if your surgery do phone triage instead of taking a face to face appointment?

PaddyF0dder Thu 13-Jun-19 15:38:55

Just to reiterate some above posters...

- BP is reasonably normal. Certainly not a crisis or emergency.
- Pulse is at the high end of normal. But it IS normal. Anxiety is oribably pushing it up a bit.

Based purely on those numbers, there is no emergency.

gingajewel Thu 13-Jun-19 16:08:37

Thanks all, I’ve got in with practice nurse later on, as a op said I asked the receptionist what she thought and she booked me in with them. I’m 33 so not sure on what blood pressure should be etc. Thankyou

gingajewel Thu 13-Jun-19 18:49:53

Just an update, I went to the practice nurse who took me into the doctor and I have shingles! He said bp was on the high side of ok but that is what has been causing my head pain!

Fortheloveofscience Thu 13-Jun-19 18:55:04

That makes sense, OP. Your heart rate is probably up because your body is fighting the virus. Shingles is miserable, have you got anti-virals? Hope your mind is at ease now you’ve got a diagnosis and the pain starts to subside soon flowers

gingajewel Thu 13-Jun-19 18:58:49

@fortheloveofscience Thankyou so much, it has definitely put my mind at ease! He has given me antivirals and amtripiline (sp) and hopefully it will help with the weird pain!!

Constantsarechanging Thu 13-Jun-19 19:15:33

Oh dear shingles is rotten, hope you feel better soon. Definitely worth getting checked!

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