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Plane spotting/aviation geeks look here!

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BuzzShitbagBobbly Thu 13-Jun-19 12:40:48

Somewhat similar to Flight Radar is

Pick an airport/airline/city etc and it shows you the relevant live info. But you can then also track where a particular aircraft came in from by clicking the "track inbound plane" link.

Example rabbithole:
EK89 from Dubai DXB to Geneva GVA

Before that route, it was on a Vienna VIE to Dubai DXB leg

And before that, it was DXB - VIE
And before that, randomly, it came from Malé MLE - DXB!
And so on.

It's nerdily interesting to see where more short haul jets have been zipping to/from, rather than the long-haul single daily services, but even that is quite interesting if they are e.g. doing repositioning flights.

spiderlight Thu 13-Jun-19 12:50:19

My son will absolutely love that! He's been glued to flight radar recently. Thank you!

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