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Is it a big kerfuffle to get an electronic pelvic floor toner on the NHS?

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TensAndTens Thu 13-Jun-19 12:28:03

I'm sick of pissing myself. When I sneeze, laugh, jump and now during sex sad

I don't even want to be intimate.

I try to do pelvic floor but the sensation makes me feel sick, like when you go over the top of a roller-coaster.

Years ago before it was this bad I bought a pelvic toner and I could tolerate it much easier than manual ones but I didn't keep up with it.
I then went on to have a 4th child.

I can't afford to buy one now. My circumstances have changed a lot.

I don't want to go through 9 months of physio that I can't do to get a pelvic toner.

Do they just prescribe them or do you have to do lots?

Or can I hire one?

TensAndTens Thu 13-Jun-19 12:46:29


TensAndTens Thu 13-Jun-19 17:14:29

Sad, leaky bump 😢grin

fiorentina Thu 13-Jun-19 21:16:18

I believe from needing physio after my last DC there’s the ability to buy one through women’s physio, or hire one. They weren’t free.

escapade1234 Thu 13-Jun-19 21:24:43

Go and talk to your GP (a female one if that’s easier for you). Ask for a referral to a women’s physio. They will examine you and teach you how to do pelvic floors possible. I’ll be frank, the examination is internal. They will put a couple of fingers inside while you squeeze so they can check you’re doing it properly. Then they’ll give you exercises to do at home.

It needs to be a specialised women’s physio. There is so much they can do to help you. You don’t need a machine.

I’ve been seeing someone for a few months and she has made a big difference. We all think we know how to do pelvic floors but there’s a skill to doing them properly.

If you’ve had four children, the examination won’t bother you.

TheHallouminati Thu 13-Jun-19 21:33:30

You can get something called a kegel8 on prescription. It's not electronic though. I work in a dispensary and have never come across an electric pelvic toner on script. There are a couple of different manual pelvic toners that effectively "teach" you to use your pelvic muscles properly in order to exercise effectively and strengthen them.

flowers to you op, I know how crap it feels. I have a bit of a leaky issue. I was dismissed out of hand when I spoke with my GP about ten years ago. I was about a stone and a half overweight so told to lose weight and sent away. I was only 21yrs old and I felt miserable with it. I've since had two more kids and put on ++weight. My pelvic floor certainly hasn't improved, that's for sure.

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