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struggling to stay asleep

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sausage1968 Thu 13-Jun-19 02:09:22

I have just been advised to try cbd to help me get a proper nights sleep. I fall asleep ok but usually wake up around 4 ish and cant drop back off.
I work 12 hour shifts as a support assistant so as you can imagine I'm shattered

KooMoo Thu 13-Jun-19 03:08:23

sausage1968 I’m the same tonight. Went to bed shattered. Fell asleep quickly. Now suddenly wide awake. Still shattered but alert iyswim.

No advice but watching with interest.

I hope you get back to sleep!

BenWillbondsPants Thu 13-Jun-19 03:17:39

Me three. I'm so fucking exhausted and can't stay asleep longer than about 3 hours.

sausage1968 Thu 13-Jun-19 05:11:59

just woke up again so just 3 hours and that'll be me done now ....I could cry...please if anyone knows anything about this oil !!!!! desperate ladies 😫

Magmatic80 Thu 13-Jun-19 05:14:05

For me, waking up early and not being able to go back to sleep is directly related to amount of time I’ve spent looking at phone day before.

Alicewond Thu 13-Jun-19 05:22:16

Have you tried herbal remedies?

JourneyToThePlacentaOfTheEarth Thu 13-Jun-19 05:24:43

For me when I couldn't sleep past 4am I was diagnosed with depression. Could you look into trying herbal St John's Wort?

sausage1968 Thu 13-Jun-19 05:38:31

I haven't tried herbal no...any suggestions

Alicewond Thu 13-Jun-19 05:45:12

Google it, take some responsibility. You aren’t a child. If you want to change only you can make it happen

MyOtherProfile Thu 13-Jun-19 05:47:40

@Alicewond gosh how helpful. Don't you think it would be better to actually recommend something you have experience of? Herbal stuff could include anything!

supercee Thu 13-Jun-19 05:57:03

Another one here.

Today will be day 3 of me on CBD oil. It's mainly for anxiety but I've always been a bad sleeper (and the two go hand in hand) so hoping this will sort out both problems.

I go to bed fairly early, wake up constantly, wake up properly at 3/4 and struggle to get back to sleep. If I do then I then struggle to get up for work. Really high hopes for the CBD oil!

sausage1968 Thu 13-Jun-19 05:58:39

WOW Alice we could all use a friend like you ...what I didn't mention was my husband walked out 3 months ago said he wasn't happy anymore ( 28 years married) some days I feel strong and other I just want to curl up and die !!

MyOtherProfile Thu 13-Jun-19 06:16:50

OP you're fine. You came on here to ask for advice and hopefully you will get some helpful input.

MustardScreams Thu 13-Jun-19 06:20:37

Ignore totally unhelpful poster.

Try 5-htp. I use it and it has changed my sleep, I feel much better in the morning also. I get mine from Holland and Barrett.

TheBrockmans Thu 13-Jun-19 06:25:13

I listen to radio 4 podcasts. I think having a different voice to focus on replaces the voice in my head if that makes sense. If I don't fall asleep at least I am learning useless information! I listen through a speaker pillow so it doesn't affect anyone else. I find that the more I do it the more effective it is.

Eastpoint Thu 13-Jun-19 06:27:44

Sausage looking at your user name & subsequent posts you could be hit by the hormonal changes that happen to women. HRT is supposed to help with sleep. Look up which GP at your practice has had extra training in women’s health and see if you can get an appointment with them. If you have other perimenopausal symptoms write them all down & take the list with you. Good luck with getting help brew

sausage1968 Thu 13-Jun-19 06:49:44

thankyou everyone for all your help..I'll certainly look at the 5-htp and yes I agree could definitely be connected to the menopause..
supercee...good luck with oil.
Possibly slight depression due to my husbands shock exit ( thinking mid life crisis )

LittleKitty1985 Thu 13-Jun-19 06:57:13

What do you do when you wake up? I know it's boring but the absolute best thing is to just keep your eyes closed and wait to fall back to sleep. If you allow ANY light in (even just glancing at the time)
then it tells your brain to stop producing melatonin and you'll properly wake up. So also, if you have to use the loo you should do it with the lights off.

sausage1968 Thu 13-Jun-19 07:00:35

I've tried this mind just goes into overdrive

BigmouseLittlehouse Thu 13-Jun-19 07:04:56


Another one in the same boat - am
knackered again this morning. One trick I was recommended ( doesn’t always work but I have found it does calm my mind) is to go through the alphabet naming day a fruit, or town or something for every letter - so apple, banana, cherry etc. Apparently this activates a different bit of the brain that assists with sleep/is calmer.

LittleKitty1985 Thu 13-Jun-19 07:07:55

@BigmouseLittlehouse I do this too! I'm running out of new categories though haha

sausage1968 Thu 13-Jun-19 07:26:04

I'll try that one tonight big mouse...a friend has just given me a sleep serenity spray ( Avon) to spray on my pillows x

BigmouseLittlehouse Thu 13-Jun-19 07:43:14

* @LittleKitty1985* my problem is sometimes I get to a letter and can’t think of anything which sort of defeats the purpose! I really have to resist googling ‘fruit beginning with H’ in the middle of the night grin

sar302 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:05:02

For short term use, you can buy phenegan (sp?) over the counter. It's an old school antihistamine and has gently sedating properties.

Also check your screen use, get some black out blinds, eye mask, ear plugs etc.

Unfortunately I know that both my mum and MIL have experienced poor sleep / early waking as part of the menopause sad female biology can be shit at times!

TheGirlOnTheLanding Thu 13-Jun-19 08:21:16

I also suffer from this, and on a friend's recommendation am about to order Menopace Night which has helped my friend - it's a herbal remedy. I also use Buddhify app to do a 'can't sleep' meditation which does help but would prefer not waking up in the first place!

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