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Do you like this bed?

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Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 21:37:01

I’m rubbish with colours. I tend to shy away and go for safe neutrals, but I really want a new cosy bedroom. We are getting new wardrobes, blinds, paint carpet and everything -so it’s a blank canvas
So do you like this bed? Perhaps teamed with an orange comforter (I don’t like the rather insipid pink they have used).

foreverhanging Wed 12-Jun-19 21:37:43

I love it! It's a real statement

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 21:38:36

Oh, and I prefer the colour of the bed in the third picture (with the tiger cushion) but they don’t do that one in an ottoman style, and I really need that.

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 21:39:26

Ohh, forever that’s great! I showed it to two people in real life and they both weren’t keen!

dontticklethetoad Wed 12-Jun-19 21:39:35

Love it!

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 21:40:47

The new wardrobes and cupboards will be from Ikea and will be mirrored or white gloss

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 21:42:06

Yey, another yes! Thankyou tickle

Chocmallows Wed 12-Jun-19 21:42:17

I'd like it in grey or dark purple. Not sure if I'd go off green, design is amazing.

Does a green bed fit in your bedroom?

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 21:45:42

Thankyou choc. It’s a blank canvas really as we are replacing everything. When I looked at the stylised photos of grey beds they are always accompanied by lots more grey in the room which to my eyes looks cold and quite ‘bachelor’ like.

Dogsaresomucheasier Wed 12-Jun-19 21:46:12

Love the green, but wouldn’t want another strong colour with it. Delicate floral with little, dark green leaves maybe.

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 21:56:40

That sounds nice dogs. What colour carpet would suit that do you think?

Whatsnewpussyhat Wed 12-Jun-19 21:59:17

I love it. Prefer teal to green.

WifOfBif Wed 12-Jun-19 22:02:00

It’s beautiful!

VenusClapTrap Wed 12-Jun-19 22:02:04

I like it. Green is great in a bedroom, very relaxing. I’ve just bought an antique chaise longue for mine, and I’m getting it recovered in green velvet.

hugoagogo Wed 12-Jun-19 22:04:03

No I'm not keen on padded headboards.
It's a nice colour, but not for a bed.

Thecowinthemeadowgoesmoo Wed 12-Jun-19 22:04:40

It's a yes from me!

LarryGreysonsDoor Wed 12-Jun-19 22:06:45

I love it and have similar in grey. However everything else in the room is white.

With a bold colour like that you’d need to be careful of the way you dress the rest of the room.

Laurajjj Wed 12-Jun-19 22:08:44

Yes. Looks cosy.

TheoriginalLEM Wed 12-Jun-19 22:08:54

Its a no from me

BlueSkiesLies Wed 12-Jun-19 22:09:00

Love it!

But it needs v neutral (white) wall and floor - stripped floorboards or a neutral carpet

Justmuddlingalong Wed 12-Jun-19 22:10:49

I like the colour but not the shape.

MeganChips Wed 12-Jun-19 22:12:34

I love it!

tinyradish Wed 12-Jun-19 22:12:56

It's beautiful!

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 22:13:08

Hmm, a couple of no’s creeping in now. Those who like it what colour carpet would you choose (floorboards too hacked about to look good)?

Just2MoreSeasons Wed 12-Jun-19 22:14:44

Do you think the shape is a bit Art Deco-esq?

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