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Things that disappeared, without you realising?

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jennymanara Sun 09-Jun-19 00:03:38

What things have disappeared in society, and you did not notice until much later?
So when I was young in every shopping street you would see old women wearing coloured polyester macs and headscarves. And then one day I suddenly realised that I had not seen a woman wearing this kind of clothing for a long time.
The same with plastic rainhoods. You used to see these for sale in newsagents, and elderly women would wear them when caught unaware by the rain. Again disappeared.

Drogosnextwife Sun 09-Jun-19 00:05:16

Phone boxes. I'll think of more.

fedup21 Sun 09-Jun-19 00:06:53

White dog poo.

Peachsummer Sun 09-Jun-19 00:08:48

Hoods and head squares disappeared when those short helmet hairstyles made with rollers went out of fashion. Most of the people who wore that sort of thing 50-60 years ago are dead now.

I remember when everyone was installing home bars and dado rails in the 80s. When I was looking to buy a house it was surprising how many had bars that needed ripping out. Vertical blinds too - I was surprised how many houses had those because they’d never been updated for 25 years.

BornInAThunderstorm Sun 09-Jun-19 00:09:56

Travel brochures. I was browsing Florida holidays in local travel agents and none had brochures available, they redirected me online

OhioOhioOhio Sun 09-Jun-19 00:10:15

Hahaha white dog poo!

OhioOhioOhio Sun 09-Jun-19 00:10:47

The phone book.

ssd Sun 09-Jun-19 00:11:11

I've got vertical blindsblush, what's in for blinds now then?

jennymanara Sun 09-Jun-19 00:13:16

Flat caps for men. I remember elderly men would often wear flat caps.

IJustHadToNameChange Sun 09-Jun-19 00:14:10

Red and white striped workmen's roadside tents.

Usually saw at least one a day, usually telecoms works.

Soola Sun 09-Jun-19 00:14:50

Comb overs.

I used to work with a chap in the 1980s that has a comb over starting at the back of his head that went right over the top to the front and was plastered down with brill cream.

His nick name was Flip Top after the flip top bins that were all the rage back then.

Haven’t seen a comb over in years!

zen1 Sun 09-Jun-19 00:15:02

Morning Coffee biscuits. Suddenly, within the last five years, all supermarkets seemed to stop selling them.

jennymanara Sun 09-Jun-19 00:15:12

Peachsummer Yes you are probably right. But the idea of a cheap plastic fold up hood is a good one.

LaLaLamp Sun 09-Jun-19 00:16:15

my mum still has a plastic rain hood grin

jennymanara Sun 09-Jun-19 00:16:27

Soola My FIL has a very large combover. But he is very ill and housebound.

Peachsummer Sun 09-Jun-19 00:17:28

I remember elderly men would often wear flat caps
Flat caps are totally in - all the hipsters wear them!

jennymanara Sun 09-Jun-19 00:20:14

Kids with gloves attached to a string around the child's neck and through their coat sleeves. These used to be common with young children, and they were so practical. It stopped gloves being dropped and lost.

OhioOhioOhio Sun 09-Jun-19 00:20:54

Decent sized car park spaces.

wowfudge Sun 09-Jun-19 00:23:15

The dryers in hairdressers that people used to sit under with their rollers in, in rows.

CurtainsAndCords Sun 09-Jun-19 00:23:37

Sheets and blankets. So rare not to have a duvet now.

wowfudge Sun 09-Jun-19 00:25:12

The brown, furry lined zip up bootees older women would wear if it snowed. It's all wellies, snow boots or walking shoes these days.

pastaparadise Sun 09-Jun-19 00:25:19

Dc both have gloves with strings, courtesy of my mil. A friend mentioned strangling risk so maybe that's why they've fallen out of favour but they are so handy!

RJnomore1 Sun 09-Jun-19 00:25:33

My 14 year old is desperate for a rain hood
Flat caps are trendy
Garden bars are totally in

I reckon these things are on the way back op!

wowfudge Sun 09-Jun-19 00:25:36

Candlewick bedspreads.

InterchangeableEmma Sun 09-Jun-19 00:26:56

Thunder flys. Used to be plague like in summer, not seen one for years

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