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Re:PPI- how can you find old bank account numbers?

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Miljah Fri 24-May-19 20:02:46

I am looking at 39 years ago! I know the bank, but no idea of my account details! Because any possible compensation isn't large, I don't want to pay anyone to do it.

And idea how I can find that account number? (Barclays).


KnifeAngel Fri 24-May-19 20:31:13

I applied without the numbers. I just gave the information I could remember and they found my account from that.

Likethebattle Fri 24-May-19 20:37:34

Don’t give ana count number just your details, in the space on the form for an account number write ‘all’. I did this and got an extra £300 ad I had a credit card too I forgot about with the same bank. If you write an account number the company is only obliged to check the one account.

Miljah Fri 24-May-19 20:44:44

Where do you write it? The MoneySavingExpert site has a proforma, but it seems it's something you send to each potential lender. Given, like many, it's almost 40 years ago, I can't recall!

Unless you're going through private claims companies?

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 24-May-19 22:13:53

I did it all online, no account numbers. I just left them blank or ticked can’t remember.

If your credit report goes back far enough that might have n7mbers. Good luck.

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 24-May-19 22:16:21

I tried this with one bank but the form I got sent back was so lengthy and detailed I gave up (I don't think I actually did have PPI but I can't be sure as it was so long ago).

Livingthedream12345 Sat 25-May-19 06:43:28

I just filled in the form on the banks website. Just had to put old addresses and my previous name too.
The cheque has just arrived!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 25-May-19 07:45:15

Dh has NEVER had ppi, always refused it because at the time he thought it was a scam. He got £2k back.

They’d been adding it anyway.

Miljah Sat 25-May-19 20:29:06

So the bank you think you took a loan out with back in the day has a site you just put your details in?

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 25-May-19 21:05:44

Yep, pretty much.

Dh went to a ppi company at first 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 and I intercepted the forms for him to fill in, they basically write to the most common lenders & take 50% of your ppi. I did it all online, took about 3 hours.

A colleague of dhs got £18k.

Rememberallball Sun 26-May-19 06:33:59

I filled in a form on the Which! website and just chose the banks I knew I’d had accounts with. One replied saying they had no corresponding accounts with relevant products attached (I wasn’t sure with that account) but the other bank wrote back saying the accounts they had ‘possibly’ matched to me had some specific differences to the details I’d given them (I’ve both moved and changed surname since my time as their customer). I was given a list of documents to produce in branch and then received a letter with an offer for 4 products on an account plus a credit card. Took a while to get the money (once I’d accepted their offer they decided that the ID provided was ‘unreadable’ (because the person copying it had made poor copies) so I needed to prove once again who I was which I duly did. By delaying by over 2 months because of this I ended up with a bit more interest and a goodwill gesture payment for the inconvenience!!

TarragonSauce Sun 26-May-19 06:42:59

I got over £1k back on an AA loan I had in 1996. I had no paperwork st all, just a vague memory. I filled in the from as far as I could and explained I had totally forgotten about the loan until the summer of 2018 when my mil reminded me. I said I knew I wouldn't have willingly taken out PPI as the reason we took the loan out was because we were skint.
Got the cheque about a week later.
Give it a go, however hazy your recollections!

ExpletiveDelighted Sun 26-May-19 08:52:06

I'm puzzled as to how it seems to be so easy for other people. I filled in the online enquiry form from a bank where I had my first mortgage, the address of that house, approximate dates etc. I don't know whether I had PPI with it or not. They sent me by post a form which was pages and pages long all about the specifics of the claim, on what basis I thought it was mis-sold etc when all I wanted to know was whether I even had the PPI in the first place. Does this sound wrong?

Thistles24 Sun 26-May-19 09:22:44

I used the resolver tool on MoneySavingExpert. Took about 20 minutes (if that!). Have heard from my bank that they’re investigating my claim and I’ll hear before the end of June 🤞🏼

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 26-May-19 09:24:53

No, but you can write can’t remember if you can’t remember specifics.

They’re just trying to put you off.

ExpletiveDelighted Sun 26-May-19 09:42:24

I really can't remember much, it was a long time ago. I might try again, thanks.

stuckasachild Sun 26-May-19 09:46:54

I had a mortgage way back in a previous name with a building society that no longer exists. Am I better to use a company do you think? I wouldn't know where to send a pro forma letter. Thanks

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 26-May-19 09:52:39

Nooo, don’t do that! Which mortgage provider was it? It’s probably been taken over by a different bank and their responsible.

Those companies just send out template letters to the most popular lenders.

stuckasachild Sun 26-May-19 09:54:25

Thanks. It was Bradford and Bingley.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 26-May-19 10:06:52

Forms on this page, deadlines August 29th. Just fill in what you can.

stuckasachild Sun 26-May-19 10:27:36

Brilliant, thanks for your help smile

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 26-May-19 11:58:51

Don’t thank me, thank google

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