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Is it me or is this not a normal play date activity?

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ButterflyBitch Thu 16-May-19 20:15:31

My son has been on a play date recently where he and his friend where sucking helium out of birthday balloons. He’s not quite 10.
Is it me or if this odd?
I’ve googled and think it won’t cause harm but it’s not ideal is it? Just a bit baffled that on a normal after school play date this was one of the things they did.
I don’t know whether to mention to the mum or not that I’m not overly happy about it. confused

Aprillygirl Fri 17-May-19 05:25:50

Me and a bunch of other adults (including the bride) and kids,(including mine) were doing this at a wedding reception back in the good old days before the experts decided to tell us it was dangerous.We are all still alive and kicking and it was THE best fun grin

kateandme Fri 17-May-19 08:27:12

me mum and dad did it when i was about that age with leftoever birthday balloon.really fun!

kateandme Fri 17-May-19 08:28:25

i dont think its a deff danger as such.but something one the off chance can go your are putting yourself in a bit of risk.

Rangeloaf Fri 17-May-19 08:35:07

I’m just perplexed at all the posters declaring it THE BEST FUN and such. Surely it’s just mildly amusing for 20 seconds? You need more real fun in your lives!!

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