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Sex drive

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user1481834539 Thu 16-May-19 11:34:08

Hi guys, I have always been
On the pill since giving birth nearly 4 years ago. Me and the OH used to do you know what, I’d say once a month, once every two weeks sometimes. Fair
Do’s whatever, couldn’t be bothered half the time.
I came off the pill in March (cerazette), we would like another
Child so that’s why. Now say 2 maybe 3 weeks coming off it I found myself like legit checking him out every time he walked into a room. Now we’ve been together 13 years so we’re like an old
Married couple who don’t even sit in the same room most of the time, never mind the same
So anyway I’m checking him out like ermmmm HELLO.
He’s like erm hello what you looking at 😒.
Sooo I tell him like I’ve been checking him out for 2 days straight he doesn’t
Know what’s hit him we do the deed. Two days later. Checking him out yet again. I explain yeah I don’t know what’s up with me maybe
Because I’ve come
Off the pill no
Time goes on etc etc I get my first period I’m
Thinking ‘ ffs why did I even come
Off the pill for this, kill
Me now’.
Period over.
Back to checking him out.
Now the point
I’m making is... does not having the pill do this or has done this to any of you? Because I’m starting to think I’m acting like a teenage lad. Like they say guys think about it all the time, well that is me at the
Minute. Even when he’s not here and he’s
At work I’m legit thinking, right wait till later on, oh yeah.
He’s thinking wtf is going on. I walked past him yesterday and just touched his back he’s like ‘ ohhhh check you out again you got the horn again’. Fml.
Does is calm down because tbh I’m sick of
Thinking about it. I feel like a dog
On heat fs.
I tried on with him last night and
Got turned down, because he fell asleep selfish 😂

Hope I’ve gave you a laugh being a little horn dog at the
Minute 👌🏻😁

Notjudesmum Thu 16-May-19 11:38:41

Why would you want it to stop? I’d spend all day every day in bed with my DP if I could. I can’t get enough of him and thankfully hes always been the same! Nothing unusual for us to fit in a couple of quickies during the day and then take a bit longer when we go to bed. I haven’t been on the pill for quite a while so not sure if it’s anything to do with that....but enjoy it!

user1481834539 Thu 16-May-19 12:01:07

Not stop. Just chill out a bit lol.

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