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Fading checkered it possible?

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Tumblefluff Thu 16-May-19 10:05:04

Help! So I've bought DD red check summer dresses for school, and it turns out that she needs pink check ones.

I can't return them to get replacements for a while and she is really excited about wearing them.

Is it a completely insane idea to chuck some diluted bleach in the wash? Will this work or ruin them?

Anyone have any other ideas?

HennyPennyHorror Thu 16-May-19 10:23:30

I would try it for sure. But only a very little in a full wash...a capful and wash them on hot.

MadSweeney Thu 16-May-19 10:32:17

Rinse in lemon juice water and peg out in the sun maybe?

Size14 Thu 16-May-19 11:43:23

Can't you just tell her they're dark pink? Im sure they'll fade in the wash/line drying.

Tumblefluff Thu 16-May-19 12:43:30

It's not really sunny enough today. It's DD that will want to wear it but I'm not entirely sure the school will allow it, the check is very dark.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Thu 16-May-19 13:23:22

May as well try it out with one of the dresses.

Poundland sell Ace laundry bleach, which is meant for keeping whites white, but I imagine it also has an effect on the coloured bits.

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