Page 3 | Help me settle a debate please. What colour are my daughters eyes?

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puma84 Sat 11-May-19 12:18:35

Dh says grey/blue.

I think green.

What colour would you say they are?

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instaflum Sat 11-May-19 17:26:11

grey green!

DrFoxtrot Sat 11-May-19 17:27:58

My two DDs have eyes like this, they are stunning. Greeny grey hazel grin

badtime Sat 11-May-19 17:32:09

Mine are similar, and I describe them as grey-hazel. Other people describe them as green.

PlinkPlink Sat 11-May-19 17:35:08

Mostly grey with a hint of green

Beautiful 😍

WoollyMummoth Sat 11-May-19 17:36:19

I have eyes just like your daughter,right down to the dark blue outer ring. Mine change colour depending on what I’m wearing. They look very grey next to grey or silver tops, a dusky blue next to any shade of blue and dark green next to green. They look very green when I cry.

It’s great they change naturally -would cost a fortune if you had to buy coloured contacts to accessorise your eyes to your outfit!

Zakana Sat 11-May-19 17:52:14

Blue/grey, your daughter has the most stunning eyes and eyelashes, she’ll be a complete heartbreaker when she’s older, you must be very proud indeed!

ThatCurlyGirl Sat 11-May-19 18:12:24

Eye colour was noted on application forms for things like dance auditions or panto castings when I was little - albeit about 25 years ago!

We also ourselves used to use it in writing practice "my eyes are..." my hair is "..." etc.

Your DD's eyes really are particularly stunning OP!

dotty12345 Sat 11-May-19 18:21:43

My daughters eyes are the same (she’s 30 now) They can be brown/green/grey depending on mood. My mum used to say they were “the colour of a rats fart!”

Calixtine Sat 11-May-19 18:26:49

They are beautiful! I’d say green/hazel.

My DS has similar but his are definitely closer to hazel, whereas these look more green, especially in that second pic. Lucky girl!

Ribeebie Sat 11-May-19 18:29:24

Hazel/green. Mine are like this. Became greener over time.

drspouse Sat 11-May-19 18:30:08

Mine are like this - colour depends on what I'm wearing.
I say they are hazel.

puma84 Sat 11-May-19 18:41:36

Thanks guys for your help.

And thanks for the compliments 😊 she's a lucky girl indeed.

I wonder if they'll stay like this or change as she gets older. She's 2 now so time will tell.

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LynetteScavo Sat 11-May-19 19:07:30

Mine are similar . I'd say they're blue, green and hazel.

If I'm asked what colour my eyes are I say greenish., but there's more blue and brow. confused

JenMumma Sat 11-May-19 19:18:57

They're dark green.
My niece has different colour eyes and she's PHENOMENALLY beautiful xx

IncrediblySadToo Sat 11-May-19 19:22:59

Mine were very blue until I was in my 20’s, they have changed a lot and can look blue/green/grey with brown flecks.

I used to stress over what colour to put, but for several years now I’ve just put mixed/variable and not had any problems.

TornBetween Sat 11-May-19 22:01:54

Hazel (Greeny brown)

thaegumathteth Sun 12-May-19 17:20:02

These are my eyes today - i day blue but not sure they are

youarenotkiddingme Sun 12-May-19 17:47:43


Look hazel or blue with a grey tint depending on the light.

And I have authority on that as mine are the same grin

Roomba Sun 12-May-19 17:52:24

My son has exactly the same coloured eyes, though he has more of a goldenish ring just round his pupil. Doesn't help that on some days/in some lights they look more green, blue or gray!

Let me know if a consensus is reached grin

SirVixofVixHall Sun 12-May-19 18:05:05

Hazel eyes have more yellow, her eyes are green with grey/blue tones.

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