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Beyond mortified, please help! TMI

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Beyondmort Thu 25-Apr-19 20:32:38

I'm so so embarrassed about this and have obviously name changed.

I seem to have the world's most persistent case of threadworms and I don't know what else to try. I can't bring myself to see the Gp - I'm in my 50's and feel so ashamed sad. I've followed all online advice and have taken 6 ovex tablets over the course of the last 3 or 4 months - which is how long I've had them for. blush

I shower twice daily. I change my underwear twice daily. I wash towels/bedding/nightwear at least twice a week. I wash my hand thoroughly after using the toilet. I wipe the toilet and flush button after each use. I don't share towels. I'm the only person who uses my en suite.

I have no idea where I can have picked them up from. My youngest dc is 15, I don't work with children and I've no partner.

Please can anyone suggest anything other than the Gp? Could it be something other than threadworm? It's getting me seriously down sad. Very grateful for any suggestions.

Coldhandscoldheart Thu 25-Apr-19 20:37:52

Is it persistent itchy bottom? Or do you actually see worms? Cos it could be something else, could be a fungal infection, or an anal fissure or piles?

MrsMozartMkII Thu 25-Apr-19 20:37:55

It sounds like you really do need to see the GP.

It's been going on way too long and will not be doing you any good.

Beyondmort Thu 25-Apr-19 20:42:39

Cold itchy and I see them. God I'm embarrassed even writing that.

MrsM I'm a bit worried about lasting effects.

Thank you both for replying.

Bethanyg25 Thu 25-Apr-19 20:43:27

Just go to the GP. Threadworm is so so common

Beyondmort Thu 25-Apr-19 20:45:28

In families with little ones but at my age? I'm just so mortified.

TheBigFatMermaid Thu 25-Apr-19 20:46:16

The GP will not bat an eyelid at this, I promise you.

Well done for telling us about it, but we can't help, the GP, who will not be phased, can!

WE are not phased by this, so why do you think the GP will be?

MrsMozartMkII Thu 25-Apr-19 20:49:02

TheBigFatMermaid is right. We don't care and the vast number of us aren't medical. The GP won't be bothered either. S/he'll possibly say why didn't you go sooner and then give you whatever is needed to fix it.

MrsMozartMkII Thu 25-Apr-19 20:49:57

As in were don't care what the subject matter is. It's just something to get sorted soonest.

99calmbeforethestorm Thu 25-Apr-19 20:50:05

Are you treating everyone in the household?

user1474894224 Thu 25-Apr-19 20:50:26

You can get them by touching anything with the eggs on. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Have you treated everyone in the house? That can help to clear them. Although it sounds like yours might now be resistant to the pesticide in the tablet. Your GP can probably provide something else.

Mrbay Thu 25-Apr-19 20:50:46

Are you sure it's worms and not toilet roll?

I don't have kids and I've managed to pick up thread worm twice in adult hood, which I swear had been from mushrooms

JuniperNarni Thu 25-Apr-19 20:51:14

Definitely see the GP, they won't be phased at all. You've had to live with this for far too long already.
I'm sure you have but just checking you're treating your son at the same time as yourself?
If you really can't bring yourself to see the GP could you perhaps ask for a telephone appointment if that would make it easier for you to speak about.
Noone on here is batting an eyelid, it happens to so many people. You can absolutely get this sorted.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Thu 25-Apr-19 20:51:20

I know that your dc is a teen but have you treated then too?
It could be that they have them and are to embarrassed to say and so are just passing them back to you.

Coldhandscoldheart Thu 25-Apr-19 20:51:43

Yeah, then as above, what you’re doing is clearly not working, go & see the GP. They may want to examine you, but honestly it’s just another bum. They might ask you to hand in a stool sample. Let us know smile

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Thu 25-Apr-19 20:51:45

Gosh yes just go. What the alternative? Literally the second you say it your embarrassment will be gone when you realise what a non-reaction you get. Good luck!

Beyondmort Thu 25-Apr-19 20:53:09

Oh god, thank you for replying everyone.

Mrbay - mushrooms?!

MrsBertBibby Thu 25-Apr-19 20:53:58

Are your kids also taking the meds?

Beyondmort Thu 25-Apr-19 20:55:36

I haven't told any of the dc so no I'm not treating everyone. Nobody's said anything though and they're not nearly as repressed as me! I'm going to have to bite the bullet aren't I?

MrsMozartMkII Thu 25-Apr-19 20:57:54

Yes! Bite away. Then you'll be free of the blighters.

PickwickThePlockingDodo Thu 25-Apr-19 20:58:03

Yes you need to treat everyone and blitz the whole house. My teen had them, it's not embarrassing just get it sorted 👍

Poppins2016 Thu 25-Apr-19 20:58:32

*I know that your dc is a teen but have you treated then too?
It could be that they have them and are to embarrassed to say and so are just passing them back to you.*

^ I was going to say exactly the same thing.

OP, you must treat everyone in your household in order to ensure complete eradication/no cross contamination.

Beyondmort Thu 25-Apr-19 20:59:22

Ok - I'll try and pluck up the courage tomorrow to ring Gp. Thank you all for the sensible advice.

PickwickThePlockingDodo Thu 25-Apr-19 21:01:04

If you haven't treated your dc you may not need the GP though. Just go to the chemist and get enough for everyone this time.

Poppins2016 Thu 25-Apr-19 21:01:10

Also... You can almost guarantee that none of your dc will be as scrupulous about hygiene as you are. My bet is that they're the source of the problem.

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