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How often do you take the kids away on holidays?

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Shopperami Wed 17-Apr-19 16:20:24

How often do you take the kids away on holidays?

And where do you go?

Milly90 Wed 17-Apr-19 16:21:30

Usually 2x a year and the last couple of years its bee mainland Europe like Spain/France and then somewhere else like Cyprus and Turkey
This year is Spain (may half term) and Turkey in August

RomanyQueen1 Wed 17-Apr-19 16:22:36

Our kids are 27. 24 and 15. We have had two holidays in this country Devon and Cornwall and 3 abroad. Not really into holidays.

needsleepzzz Wed 17-Apr-19 16:26:02

1 child, 3 holidays a year, 1 long haul, 2 Europe. Not in school yet though

notacooldad Wed 17-Apr-19 16:26:05

When the boys were small I would take them skiing in Feb half term, we would go camping in France as a family in May .
Dp would take them away for two weeks in July/August, usually camping in Scotland. I would ask them to Spain in August and we would go to a European city or town in October.
I said on a thread the other day I don't know why I bothered because they claim they can't remember most of the trips!!

AnxiousMcAnxiousFace Wed 17-Apr-19 16:29:08

We love holidays so tend to go on 5 a year but they are cheap caravan holidays. And probably come to about 2.5k in total including food and drink.

Dothehappydance Wed 17-Apr-19 16:29:28

At least once a year for a week, then every other year we have been having an additional week away in a favourite haunt (here right now)

Until the eldest started school we came every year to this one too (though used to come late November)

QueenofLouisiana Wed 17-Apr-19 16:39:31

We go away 2 or 3 times a year- Christmas is a warm holiday: the Canaries usually; summer is camping in the south of France. Roughly every other year we go away at Easter: Spain, Portugal or similar.

We travel a lot due to DS’s sports competitions, so we have about 8 weekends away over the season. Mainly near towns, not always places I’d really want to visit!

sleepstealer Wed 17-Apr-19 16:41:17

1 child, nearly 3 years old. Four holidays a year, two Dorset, two Europe either Italy or Spain.

notacooldad Wed 17-Apr-19 16:41:46

I'm really missing the kids holidays!!!
The " they grow up so quick" comment is such a cliche but it's true.

VanessaShanessaJenkins Wed 17-Apr-19 16:45:39

Once a year abroad and a few camping weekends throughout the summer for the past 5 years.
Depends what you can afford surely confused
From when dh and I got married until we had dd we went 5 years without going away for more than a weekend in the UK.

I've got friends and relatives who have never been abroad and some who go multiple times a year.

ScatteredMama82 Wed 17-Apr-19 16:46:36

We usually do 2 a year. A fortnight in the summer, we’ve done Central Europe, France, Italy, Canada. This summer it’s Czech Republic and Austria. We went skiing in February, but pricing it for next year when we need to do half-term is eye wateringly expensive. We’ll probably do a late autumn week somewhere instead.

Mydollymolly Wed 17-Apr-19 16:48:00

Upto the kids becoming adults, we used to take them away twice a year. One holiday would be abroad, the other one camping in Europe. A couple of times a year we would also take them to the UK to visit their grandparents, who live on the coast, so quite often really.

thaegumathteth Wed 17-Apr-19 16:48:12

Usually 2 weeks in summer and 4/5 nights in Easter and October. Also long weekend in May and sometimes the odd weekend here and there if we’ve time. Kids are 12 and 8.

Slippershoes Wed 17-Apr-19 16:50:19

We've been to a caravan in the Highlands. We are pretty skint though and saving for a deposit, hopefully something more exciting in a few years. Dd is 3.

thaegumathteth Wed 17-Apr-19 16:51:07

Forgot to say usually the only one abroad is the summer one - Northern Europe.

Next year we are planning 3 weeks in Florida at the end of the year so not sure what else we’ll do as will need to think about annual leave.

Pascha Wed 17-Apr-19 16:51:42

2 or 3 long weekends per year is typical, uk only so far.

ChoccyJules Wed 17-Apr-19 16:52:21

Yeah it depends on budget and if you like going away.

We have two children and have a week in a caravan on the same site every year, to tie in with a local carnival week. They adore the beach and go in the sea twice a day if they can. Every couple of years we go to Europe and self-cater, once we pushed the boat out (literally) and did a cruise.

But we don’t seem to go away as often or as expensive as friends. We must spend our money on food or wine, I dunno! We also don’t get a lot of joint annual leave as we have to take turns for childcare (one child can’t go to holiday club).

NotMyUsualTopBilling Wed 17-Apr-19 16:52:58

We've never really had enough disposable income for holidays but do take a 4 hour drive to stay with family once or twice a year for a long weekend/week.

My kids are 6 and 12 and have been abroad once, we spent 10 days in Spain last year after scrimping for 2 years!

DrCoconut Wed 17-Apr-19 16:53:36

We went on a caravan holiday last week through the local paper. That will likely be our main holiday this year as funds are tight. I might do another night or two away if I can.

madeyemoodysmum Wed 17-Apr-19 16:53:46

We usually do a blow out holiday every 3 years USA or a tropical island

Every other year we might do Europe plus a cheap week in uk. Maybe a weekend away too

The last year we will ski and do a week in uk and poss a cheap Europe self cater if I can get a good price.

sawyersfishbiscuits Wed 17-Apr-19 16:55:23

2-3 uk mini breaks and if we're lucky a trip to Europe. So far we've done Greece, Sardinia and France with the kids but not every year as sometimes money/jobs/car dramas don't allow it! This year we're hoping to move house so might just be holidays in the UK. If nothing abroad I'm hoping to treat us to a Centerparcs break at Christmas.

Cheekyfeckery Wed 17-Apr-19 16:56:28

Once a year. 4 teen DCs. This year will be a week all inclusive.

Last year I saved hard and took them to NYC.

Now I’m skint, but I want to have a week off and enjoy them while I can.

SimonJT Wed 17-Apr-19 16:56:35

I take my son on a few long weekends away each year, I think a week would be too long for him at the minute. We’re going back to Disney Paris at the end of May with a friend, so we’re looking forward to that.

notacooldad Wed 17-Apr-19 17:01:54

We went skiing in February, but pricing it for next year when we need to do half-term is eye wateringly expensive
Are you booking it as a package or do you source it yourself. I found that was much cheaper.
You are probably very skilled skils and have your favourite places but when I was cutting back with money I took the lads to less fashionable countryside and resorts.
I hope im not teaching you to suck eggs but I liked to keep the skiing going even when we couodnt afford the full package to places were we used to go to.

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