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Birthday Treats

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Cakeoff Tue 26-Mar-19 17:54:41

I've recently joined a new workplace and it'll be my birthday soon. I don't know colleagues well enough to have mentioned it and (as far as I'm aware) nobody else's has taken place while I've been there. Should I provide cake or something at lunchtime? We work in isolation for most of the day, so would need to send an email, which almost seems like too grand an announcement really, but I'd feel weird keeping it a secret, as I feel like it would come up in future! Probably over thinking this, but would like some advice.

BackforGood Wed 27-Mar-19 00:35:11

I think if you don't actually work with them, then it would be a bit odd.
I've worked in places where people leave a tub of celebrations or something on the table in the staffroom with a note to say 'help yourself, love Cakeoff'.
Somehow a cake seems a bit more personal, and, lovely if that is the tradition, but a big 'grand' if it isn't, IYSWIM ?

FinallyHere Sun 31-Mar-19 09:04:24

I think this is a lovely idea.

Is there anyone you can ask about what is usually done? Worst case you are being generous., best case you are setting a new tradition.

We do this to celebrate things like birthdays and/or say thank you for extra efforts. Leave them on top of a low cupboard. People ask, when helping themselves, what are we celebrating and we all get to know each other a tiny bit better. Expect some people to just enjoy the idea rather than actually eat anything.

I have learned to bring individually wrapped things though, twix do 16 individually wrapped fingers which are very popular or ting bags of haribo rather than say a cake which left out may not be so appetising.

Hope it goes well

BlueMerchant Sun 31-Mar-19 09:11:14

I think you are going to look a bit grandiose if it isn't office tradition.You've just started working there and you email everyone to announce your Birthday and order them to meet for cake.blush

FinallyHere Sun 31-Mar-19 15:33:00

I'm sure the email would be to invite people to help themselves to treats which have been left out <location>

Without this, people might not know they were invited to help themselves or where the treats are located.

Hope OP goes with this and is not put off by the suggestion they are throwing their weight around.

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