Apparently I'm too old!!

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watfordmummy Wed 20-Mar-19 19:17:24

So last night I was on FB and saw a decorate a post saying there were still places available on a cookie decorating workshop.

Well I love that crap, and sent a PM to say interested. The lady came back to me to say to reserve place I should pay. I duly did, and thought would introduce myself further.

The group was called first mummies club, but I assumed it was like Mumsnet so ALL mums welcome. Boy was I wrong.

"Normally, First Mummies' Club is aimed at Mums of primary school aged children and below.

When other Mums have approached me before who have older children, I've suggested alternative groups that may be more suitable."

Really?? I'm not welcome to do crafts as I have older children??

As you've paid me, I'd be happy to have you on this occasion.

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wowfudge Wed 20-Mar-19 19:20:21

I'd ask her to refund my money pronto and go somewhere else. What is wrong with some people?

watfordmummy Wed 20-Mar-19 19:27:24

I've gone back and said I'd provide my bank details so I wouldn't affect the integrity of her group!!!

I am however hopping mad as I really wanted to do this, love a bit of crafts, and can't believe that she is so ageist. I think it's the first time I've been discriminated against due to my age!!

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TheFaerieQueene Wed 20-Mar-19 19:30:55

The name of the club is so grim and they are ageist too. Hideous.

watfordmummy Wed 20-Mar-19 19:48:20

Requested my money back and suggested that she read the Equality Act 2010!

I've also left feedback on the page to say I wouldn't recommend as I wasn't allowed to attend due to my age.

Don't mess with a menopausal woman grin

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BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 20-Mar-19 19:53:42

Good for you! WTF has the age of your kids got to do with cookie decorating??

RJnomore1 Wed 20-Mar-19 19:54:57

Are you supppsed to take your kids to it?


ssd Wed 20-Mar-19 19:55:50

This really doesn't seem fair at all but I wouldn't want to go now as I wouldn't feel welcome

Cismyfatarse1 Wed 20-Mar-19 19:57:10

Happy to sign up too, with a link. Am old, grumpy and love a decorated biscuit. Both children are late teens and I have a headache.

Bring it on.

ssd Wed 20-Mar-19 19:57:39

Mind you First Mummies Club is nauseating, makes you wonder how long you'd stand it anyway.

PTPTPTPTPTPT Wed 20-Mar-19 20:02:59

i may... be having a conversation with you D! wink

watfordmummy Wed 20-Mar-19 20:16:58

I think you are 🤣🤣@PTPTPTPTPTPT

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watfordmummy Wed 20-Mar-19 20:18:08

Link to Facebook site

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watfordmummy Wed 20-Mar-19 20:22:04

I only wanted to decorate a bloody biscuit!

and no, your weren't expected to bring children along.

Off to start my own club!! Any suggestions what to call it?? smile

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VelvetPineapple Wed 20-Mar-19 20:23:50

I wasn't allowed to attend due to my age
It isn’t to do with your age though. It’s to do with your children’s age. Presumably there could be mums in their 30s whose DC are older than primary school age, and mums in their 40s (like me) whose DC haven’t even started primary school yet.

ssd Wed 20-Mar-19 20:24:33

Those wee biscuits are nice but the focus on mummydom is all a bit wanky for me

icelollycraving Wed 20-Mar-19 20:25:28

You do realise I assume that we can see your name etc on fb now?

VelvetPineapple Wed 20-Mar-19 20:25:29

If there was a requirement to have primary age DC she should have checked before taking your money though!

ssd Wed 20-Mar-19 20:25:54

Menopausal Mummies Club

H0wt0kn0w Wed 20-Mar-19 20:27:52

It sounds awful OP.

I went to a dressmaking course at my local night school and it was a great mix of women, of all ages.

anniehm Wed 20-Mar-19 20:27:52

I'll join your club! I'm getting annoyed too that when people realise I have grown kids I'm not welcome yet (because I had kids young) I'm the same age as them and certainly not ready to join the old folks coffee club! Not sure how in this day and age you can legally discriminate when it's an exercise class or craft group (child free)

WhiteDust Wed 20-Mar-19 20:29:22


It's a club for first time Mummies to meet other first time Mummies and to discuss the highs and lows of being a first time Mummy. (Whilst decorating biscuits and having some much needed Mummy me time).

I hope you get your money back.

Namechangeforthiscancershit Wed 20-Mar-19 20:29:57

How weird. It's biscuit decorating and the kids won't be there so why does it matter?

Imagine if I turned up...I have never reproduced. Think that might blow her mind!

ssd Wed 20-Mar-19 20:30:29

Lot of mummy's there White 😁😁

WhiteDust Wed 20-Mar-19 20:30:29

If you can't tell from my post above YANBU at all.

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