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Congratulations!! You just won a million ...

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Moneymanifestor Tue 19-Mar-19 19:32:07

What do you do first?

I'd take myself and DH off to ski for a week in Val d'Isère. Lots of après ski massages and hot tub time in our private chalet whilst we sip prosecco and plan the unexpected early retirement grin

Singlenotsingle Tue 19-Mar-19 19:37:40

Pay off ds2's mortgage and get a van and a flat for ds1. Give other family members £10K each, then we go off on lots of holidays.

Applesbananaspears Tue 19-Mar-19 19:39:11

clear mortgage, invest the rest for income. It’s not enough to live off forever but a nice supplement to every day life

Lwmommy Tue 19-Mar-19 19:41:36

Pay off mortgage, take a 6 month sabbatical from work, 2 weeks somewhere warm with a beach and history probably greece, £20,000 on house improvements, the rest into savings with a yearly holiday allowance.

LEDadjacent Tue 19-Mar-19 19:42:09

I’d invest it for income. That would be enough for me for life. Not a lavish lifestyle but no money worries.

elvislives2012 Tue 19-Mar-19 19:43:34

I'd stick it all into breast cancer research so that my friend might get a cure 🙁

MonkeyfaceThereturn Tue 19-Mar-19 19:44:34

Leave DH.

MonkeyfaceThereturn Tue 19-Mar-19 19:45:50

But id pay off this mortgage first so I didn't feel like a total cow. Then I'd leave quietly and buy a modest house cash for me and the kids.

And then buy wine and register for tinder and cry about being single 🙈

BarkandCheese Tue 19-Mar-19 19:45:52

Buy or rent a bungalow for the DHs parents in their original home village that they’re desperate to move back to but can’t afford to live in. Then make the woman next door a very reasonable offer for her house, so we could knock through and double the size of our house.

BornInAThunderstorm Tue 19-Mar-19 19:46:56

Buy a house. Do a road trip around USA because DS is obsessed with america. When we got back I’d get DS a dog, because he’s desperate for one but can’t have pets in our rented flat.

ahtellthee Tue 19-Mar-19 19:48:25

Tell my sister she can afford more ivf if she wants to try again

PH03b3 Tue 19-Mar-19 19:51:28

At my age it wouldn't give us enough to last for life - it would allow us flexibility for my dh to go contracting and earn more money, and allow me to train to do something which the thought of spending the next 30 years doing doesnt fill me with dread. Mortgage gone any little debts gone and just breathing space.

Smileymoon Tue 19-Mar-19 19:57:24

100K trust fund for each DC - £300K
25K each for my siblings, DH's siblings - £100K
New car for me - 25K
1K a month for nearly 40 years to supplement our income for a very comfortable lifestyle with only one of us having to work at any one time.

That was good fun.

Ellabella989 Tue 19-Mar-19 20:01:26

First thing i’d do is book into a luxurious spa hotel and spend a week eating amazing room service food and having massages whilst I worked out how to spend it all. I’d then probably pay off the mortgage, buy a small holiday home somewhere, help immediate family members out and then head off on a round the world cruise

GerryblewuptheER Tue 19-Mar-19 20:04:12

Buy a house. Nothing hugely fancy just something nice .

Put money in kids bank accounts. Then a massive book and clothes and shoe shop. Pick up everything we need.

PhilomenaButterfly Tue 19-Mar-19 20:05:49

Buy a house. Buy a car. Put away a couple of thousand for when they find a cure for CF for DS1. Go to Disney World.

formerbabe Tue 19-Mar-19 20:06:06

Pay off mortgage
Re furbish house
2 new cars

Earthmoon Tue 19-Mar-19 20:21:54

1) Buy a house near a good secondary school. That's all the money spent

ChiaraRimini Tue 19-Mar-19 20:22:07

Get the operation I am waiting for on NHS done privately.

DragonMamma Tue 19-Mar-19 20:24:27

Pay off my mortgage as well as my mum’s. Buy a new car for me and DH. Get the extension I’ve always dreamed of.

Next, I would take the whole family on holidays (there’s almost 20 of us). We go most years but I’d love to do a fancier villa with a chef and cleaners.

Jsmith99 Tue 19-Mar-19 20:25:07


ComeOnGordon Tue 19-Mar-19 20:25:27

I’d be able to stop ex H controlling me financially.
I’d buy a house/flat whatever for the kids and I and give some money to my sister. And then the future would just seem so much easier

Moneymanifestor Tue 19-Mar-19 20:25:40

Week @earthmoon maybe you've won 2, what would you do with the other million then?

Moneymanifestor Tue 19-Mar-19 20:26:14

That's was supposed to say Eeek hmm

iklboo Tue 19-Mar-19 20:31:07

Resign. And tell my boss exactly what she's done to me over the past year and what I think of her.

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