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How do you "treat" yourself if you don't use food?

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BridlingtonSand Thu 14-Mar-19 09:10:30

I don't smoke, drink or do drugs. If I'm having a tough day I use chocolate or Diet Coke to 'treat' myself. I have, once again, quit Diet Coke.

I don't want to turn to either of these again, so what do you healthy, sorted people do when you're having a tough day at work? Or your train is delayed and you're cold and tired and want to be at home? Or you're feeling sad?

BridlingtonSand Thu 14-Mar-19 09:11:26

I find it helps if I think something like, "Well I'm tired and sad, and if I eat this I'll still feel tired and sad but I'll also have eaten something bad for me". But sometimes I forget to do that, or I think, "sod it".

auniverseofbeaches Thu 14-Mar-19 09:11:45

Watching this one closely as I wonder the same!

MaidofKent78 Thu 14-Mar-19 09:12:04

Reading. Buying new yarn: relatively inexpensive and it makes me happy planning what to do with it. House porn on rightmove

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Thu 14-Mar-19 09:13:53

Such a good question - I have often wondered this.

Shookethtothecore Thu 14-Mar-19 09:14:32

Beauty products. A new nice shampoo or lipstick. Nail varnish. Doesn’t have to be an expensive treat, some cheap make up and creams I have bought have been really good!

gamerchick Thu 14-Mar-19 09:15:52

I pencil in time for myself to do exactly what I want and usually make it happen the unexpected aside. Life has a way of pulling you about, we tend to put ourselves last or go for quick sticking plasters.

Shookethtothecore Thu 14-Mar-19 09:16:03

I also was treated for years for an eating disorder. Part of my therapy was do disassociate food with feelings. I can honestly say i don’t treat myself with food. Food is an essential and I eat a balanced diet, it’s an important lesson to learn I think

EatsFartsAndLeaves Thu 14-Mar-19 09:16:35

In the case of a delayed train I'd probably buy myself a cup of tea on the station - normally too expensive so would feel like an indulgence.

Time to sit and read a book or crochet while listening to the radio is a good treat for me.

Rainatnight Thu 14-Mar-19 09:18:13

It's a really good question. I'm dieting and cutting down on booze at the moment so asking myself the same thing.

Reading helps, and you have to be organised to have a good book on the go and take it with you eg on train. And speaking to people is a nice treat for me - ringing up a friend, etc.

I'm not so bothered about baths, etc. I like spas (not treatments, but sitting around in saunas etc) but that's obviously a bit of a mission.

Interested in what others say.

Rainatnight Thu 14-Mar-19 09:19:21

Oh and podcasts! Got wireless headphones for Christmas and have been listening to podcasts when sad/worried/doing something boring. Works wonders.

Theknacktoflying Thu 14-Mar-19 09:20:22

recognising that I am having a bad moment and that too shall pass?

It is a very slippery slope trying to find a substitute spend ...

enjoyingscience Thu 14-Mar-19 09:21:16

Make up or stationary. Or embroidery stuff (that I rarely use but is ultra pretty).

Podcasts or a really good album are good too.

lastqueenofscotland Thu 14-Mar-19 09:22:09

Buying a book.
Painting my nails
A nice soft drink like an elderflower

BridlingtonSand Thu 14-Mar-19 09:31:25

The comments about books, and substitute spending, are interesting. Last month I spent over £100 on books. That's not sustainable, and one of the motivations for starting this thread. Carrying around a great book that I'm dying to dip in to is a good idea though, as it meets that, "just for me" need and feels like a real luxury when I sneak in a few pages reading during the day.

BridlingtonSand Thu 14-Mar-19 09:32:04

Mindfulness definitely, definitely helps, but it's a work in progress for me.

beeyourself Thu 14-Mar-19 09:42:33

I'm not great about this, but trying! Mindfulness, I have a kindle and get the daily offer email so have bought loads of books on offer at 99p, so that might help your book habit, listening to music/podcast/TED talk etc all helps.

I put my food into MyFitnessPal as I'm trying to make sure I hit my fibre target and it helps remind my of the lack of nutrition in junk food

Mildmanneredmum Thu 14-Mar-19 09:45:48

A lovely home face mask, home pedicure, and clean my teeth really thoroughly! The clean mouth takes away the chocolate treat urge (a bit).

EstelleLauder Thu 14-Mar-19 09:50:08

Sleep. I promise myself some extra kip and a large glass of water with some lemon in it - half the time I’m craving sugar/food it’s because I’m knackered and I need to remember that. So an early night and some extra hydration is actually helping to fix it rather than making the cycle worse.

FurryDogMother Thu 14-Mar-19 10:05:03

A Lush bath bomb (although I've now started making my own as it works out cheaper!) and a long, long bath smile

BridlingtonSand Thu 14-Mar-19 10:08:10

Yes, a hot bath (especially in a hotel that work is paying for) is a treat, and I’ve moved to buying bath bombs rather than chocolate bars!

Redrupunzle Thu 14-Mar-19 10:09:07

Choose some pretty flowers

chillychicken Thu 14-Mar-19 10:09:21

Small bag of sweet and salty popcorn - tesco and propercorn do mini bags
Fevertree tonic with a slice of lemon & lime
Paint my nails
A hot bubble bath
Cup of decaf tea and a rich tea biscuit

and sometimes I go up to bed very early, have a good stretch out and then meditate for half an hour. That's probably the best pick me up out of the lot of them tbh smile

chillychicken Thu 14-Mar-19 10:10:44

Oh yes and flowers!
I spent 80p on a bunch of daffodils on Monday, I smile every time I look at them.
I also like a good candle and low lighting, especially if I'm snuggled up reading a book.

Didiusfalco Thu 14-Mar-19 10:12:39

I’m another one who has moved from buying junk food to bath bombs. I was never a bath person but I take a book in with me and find it so relaxing. It’s not a particularly cheap option but it’s certainly better for you than junk food/fags/booze, all of which I’m trying to avoid.

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