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Friend over sharing about her children

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Kel801 Sun 03-Mar-19 00:33:15

I have a friend who has started a what’s app group about her child! She is over sharing, very boring and I’m not sure how I can bring this up with her without damaging the friendship! Any ideas ?

PurpleDaisies Sun 03-Mar-19 00:34:25

Is it just boring or do you mean inappropriate?

I’d just scroll past if it’s only boring.

needthisthread Sun 03-Mar-19 00:36:26

You don't need to bring it up, just ignore

SleepingStandingUp Sun 03-Mar-19 00:36:43

If its just bleurgg boring why do I care then mute the conversation and periodically scroll through wjne you feel like it.

If it's inappropriate then privately message her and tell her.

Fwiw we have Watts app groups set up for the the family kids. Started when we were in hospital with new DS who was critically ill and had spread from there. It makes updating people easier

Redskyandrainbows67 Sun 03-Mar-19 00:38:52

I’d just message her back with twice as many pics of your kids - she’ll soon get the hint!

CinammonPorridge Sun 03-Mar-19 00:39:59

I would mute the group.

SilverBirchTree Sun 03-Mar-19 01:12:01

If it's just boring I'd mute the group. If it's boring and you want to make a point to her (not sure why you'd care to) then I'd leave the group and send her a message saying you'd rather get updates/see her DC in real life.

If you think she's doing the wrong thing by her child (invading their privacy, disclosing personal info, humiliating them) then I think you should take her for coffee and share your concerns in the kindest way you can. But you'd be doing this on behalf of the child whose rights are being overlooked, not on your own behalf because you find your friend annoying.

Which is it?

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