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Nvq loan

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Madhousemam Fri 22-Feb-19 03:10:35

Hi I have been offered a massive nvq in my job it will mean I can go up to management if I would like to go down that path my employment are willing to pay for the nvq itself but to be able to do that I need text books and a new laptop I was wondering if I can get a learning type loan for it I will be earning a wage I have looked online to try and answer the question but I can't see anything has anyone managed to get one

MsCupcake Fri 22-Feb-19 06:55:24

Would your employer be prepared to provide these for you? Or if not, they may be able to offer a loan which may be cheaper than regular banks.
There might also be a charity local to you that may offer assistance in certain educational circumstances but are often so low-key that they are hard to find.
Good luck with your studies

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