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Anyone want to keep me company whilst I’m in A&E?

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Chocaholic96 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:26:04

Anyone still up? I’m sat waiting to be seen in A&E and I’m bored out of my mind!

PurpleDaisies Thu 21-Feb-19 23:26:51

What are you there for? I drank too much coffee earlier and now I can’t sleep.

tessiegirl Thu 21-Feb-19 23:27:18

I'm here op.
How come you are at A&E?

smilingelizabeth Thu 21-Feb-19 23:28:02

Oh no! That's not a nice place to be hanging about at night.
Will be heading to bed soon but just wanted to wish you well.

PeanuttyButter Thu 21-Feb-19 23:28:43

I had a GA and procedure earlier in hospital and now I can't sleep. DH is snoring and making his lips pop (no idea how he's doing this) and it's so annoying I want to squeeze his lips and hold his nose at the same time!!

Hope it's nothing too serious OP

Chocaholic96 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:29:07

I fell down the stairs. There was a pile of books at the top and I tripped confused. Pretty sure my ankle is broken as it’s a bit of a funny shape.
Oh I would love a cup of coffee right now!

Chocaholic96 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:29:48

Thank you smile. I’m hoping to get seen to soon so that I can espace!
I hope you’ve all had a lovely day.

Candidsugar Thu 21-Feb-19 23:30:13

Ouch OP that sounds painful! Did they give an indication of when you might be seen ?

Chocaholic96 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:30:33

PeanuttyButter - fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for you.

Chocaholic96 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:31:28

No, and I’ve been sat here for 90 minutes already. It’s sooo cold and I just want to sleep!

Rafabella8 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:32:07

What are you there for?

PeanuttyButter Thu 21-Feb-19 23:33:42

Hopefully it's just a bad sprain but saying that they can be just as painful as a break with less sympathy! Hope they get to you soon and fingers crossed it's easily mended. flowers

Rafabella8 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:33:42

Sorry - just flipped the conversation (duh)! You fell downstairs - painful. Has the local drink turned up yet to whack next week out of the vending machine?

Candidsugar Thu 21-Feb-19 23:33:55

Ah poor you. You’re probably feeling colder too because of your condition. I hope you get seen soon flowers

tessiegirl Thu 21-Feb-19 23:34:32

Oh no!! sad hope you get seen soon.
Is it busy there?

Homebird8 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:35:12

Poor you Choc, I bet that’s sore. I’m in NZ so it’s daytime here. I need to get some work done so am hoping that my current state of drowsiness (fancy a nana-nap) passes soon.

TokyoSushi Thu 21-Feb-19 23:36:31

Oh no! Hope you're sorted soon! thanks

Rafabella8 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:36:36

What do they do for a broken ankle now? Plaster or set in one of those large hard shell boots? Either way, make sure they set it straight.

EssentialHummus Thu 21-Feb-19 23:37:20

Hey OP, I’m in paediatric a&e with toddler dd - she’s (thank god) managing to sleep but it’s so damn loud. I’m sorry you’re here too. I hope you’re home soon.

Miljah Thu 21-Feb-19 23:37:48

Hope you get soon, but you must photograph your ankle so we can save the doctor time in diagnosing! 😏

Chocaholic96 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:40:29

Thank you everyone. You’re all being lovely flowers. I hope it’s just a sprain but looking at it I think it’s quite unlikely! I’m not sure what they do to it.. I was assuming a plaster cast but I guess I’ll find out! I haven’t broken anything before so I’m clueless. It’s sooo busy and there’s quite a few drunk people, i did a lot of ‘people watching’ for the first hour which kept me entertained for a while but the novelty of that has worn off now.

Chocaholic96 Thu 21-Feb-19 23:41:44

EssentialHummus - thank you. I hope your DD is okay and that you get home soon too.

PeanuttyButter Thu 21-Feb-19 23:43:09

When I sprained my ankle they didn't even X ray it. The Dr pressed my foot in different places and where the pain was in relation to my malleolus meant it probably wasn't broken. I think anterior meant sprain and posterior break...but I'm not an expert.. and the doctor was quite fit grin

EssentialHummus Thu 21-Feb-19 23:44:14

I’m reading longform articles to keep me going op - try the longform and longreads websites if of interest flowers. We’re in until morning unfortunately as dd needs observing. I’m mightily impressed with her sleeping in these conditions though!

ATowelAndAPotato Thu 21-Feb-19 23:46:40

Another one up to keep you company! I’ve got a cold at the moment and had a 6 hour “nap” earlier and for some reason I’m not tired now!
Ouch! Re. your ankle, they are painful whether it’s a sprain or a break.
Have you been triaged yet?

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