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Small gift for 5y/o boy?

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Dinosauraddict Thu 21-Feb-19 18:19:09

I want to buy a small gift for my friend’s son - he’s 5 and I’ve only met him a few times, i don’t know his interests etc (nor do I know any other children that age) - any ideas what I could get?

IWantMyHatBack Thu 21-Feb-19 18:20:59

How much do you want to spend?

Small lego set, or maybe one of the Playmobil carry case sets.
Colouring book and some pens?
Little stuffed toy?

ValleyoftheHorses Thu 21-Feb-19 18:24:22

Sticker/ activity book- I would go Lego maybe Star Wars or Ninjago

hidinginthenightgarden Thu 21-Feb-19 18:25:25

How small? smashers are about £2 and a hit with DS.
These are sets of them. You can buy single ones in sainsburys.

Michaelbaubles Thu 21-Feb-19 18:25:50

Pot of slime every time here!

BlueMerchant Thu 21-Feb-19 18:30:20

Agree slime or putty would be a hit ( maybe not with the parents though!)
My son liked small collectable things like grossery gang that he could keep collecting.

Cheerybigbottom Thu 21-Feb-19 18:32:06

Something like play doh or a book ?

4point2fleet Thu 21-Feb-19 18:33:45

Depends on budget?

Junior lego set

InDubiousBattle Thu 21-Feb-19 18:36:27

Slime, lego, anything in a blind bag.

4point2fleet Thu 21-Feb-19 18:36:36

I reckon this would go down well.

Dinosauraddict Thu 21-Feb-19 20:28:38

Thank you - those are some fab ideas! I’m thinking around £10 budget?

MadameJosephine Thu 21-Feb-19 20:34:40

I’d go for either a slime lab set or one of these 3 in 1 Lego sets

PhilomenaButterfly Thu 21-Feb-19 20:35:37


JenFromTheGlen Thu 21-Feb-19 20:35:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IWantMyHatBack Thu 21-Feb-19 20:40:09

Second the Galt slime lab.

Mooey89 Thu 21-Feb-19 20:40:16

Get to home bargains!
I bought my son a box of ninja turtle Lego figures for about £2!
Or small boxes of Lego/playmobil for under a tenner
My son is very into transformers that they sell in there for £7.99
He also LOVES to get a comic, the kind that come with plastic shite on the front and cost the amount of a small house

Mooey89 Thu 21-Feb-19 20:40:41

If you bought my son slime you wouldn’t be welcome in my house again 😂😂

Dinosauraddict Thu 21-Feb-19 20:57:26

Agree with @Mooey - I don’t think my friend will thank me for slime!

Also really appreciate @Jen’a comment - don’t want him to think I’m buying anything babyish.

Taking inspiration from your ideas would this be ok for a 4/5 y/o?

LEGO UK - 31071 Creator Drone Explorer Building Toy

anniehm Thu 21-Feb-19 20:59:31

Lego, can't go wrong with it

YetAnotherThing Thu 21-Feb-19 21:00:13

That looks a bit complex for a 4/5 year old (instructions say 6-12 on box). If his parents are into building they can do it together

Hobbes39 Thu 21-Feb-19 21:04:53

My 5yr old DS would love that and quite happily build it himself - I always think on wee sets of Lego the age guide doesn't matter so much - it's the big sets with massive big instruction books that are a bit daunting for younger kids.

GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Thu 21-Feb-19 21:05:52

I usually buy board games. Guess who, ker plunk etc the entertainer/smyths are really good for games

IWantMyHatBack Thu 21-Feb-19 21:06:03

My 5yo would love that

WhatNow40 Thu 21-Feb-19 21:44:26

Another vote for slime. You literally cannot go wrong!

LadyPeach Fri 22-Feb-19 10:00:08

My 5yo would love that. Lives for Lego!!

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